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Time Lord

First Seen In:

The Deadly Assassin

Main Actor:

Paul Jerricho


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The Castellan of the Chancellery Guard, (The Deadly Assassin) also known simply as the Castellan, was a high-ranking Time Lord who oversaw the Chancellery Guard.


The commanders of the Chancellery Guard reported to the Castellan. As the Guard were responsible for security within the Capitol and the personal security of the President, the Castellan was often in direct conflict with the Coordinatorof the CIA whose remit was external threats to the planet or to the integrity of the timeline. (Pandora) The Castellan was the Capitol equivalent of a Chief of Police. (The Eight Doctors)

President Borusa raised the position of Castellan to one that sat on the High Council, with the first to do so being Jerricho (A Brief History of Time Lords) who also went on to sit in the Inner Council. (The Five Doctors) In Spandrell’s time, the Castellan’s duties involved him more frequently with the “plebeian classes” of Gallifrey than with suspect Time Lords. (The Deadly Assassin) Castellan Kelner, by contrast, was second in line to the Presidency, after the Chancellor. (The Invasion of Time)

The position was mandated by some of the most ancient and powerful Gallifreyan laws. (Lies) Even so, the laws of Gallifrey apparently gave the Presidency wide discretion in deciding which matters were handled by the Castellan, and which by the Coordinator. Lady President Romana II, for instance, once simply chose which of the two she wanted to handle a matter. (Pandora)

The Castellan was outranked by the Coordinatorof the Celestial Intervention Agency. (Enemy Lines)


Each chapter had a Chapter Castellan. Often the Castellans of the Chancellery Guard had served in the Guard prior to their elevation. Both Maxil and Andred served in this way. Others appear to have been political appointments, like Kelner  (The Invasion of Time) and Wynter. (Lies, Pandora, Lungbarrow)

Nine of one Castellan’s strike force were killed by members of the Order of the Black Sun during the Black Sun War. (4-D War)

The rogue Time Agent Scott Thrower took the alias of “Castellan Bond” on Helion in an attempt to use the solstice of Pajaro to rejuvenate himself, accompanied by a group of Gizou mercenaries disguised as Chancellery Guards. (Time Fraud)

In her position as the caretakerof House Ixion and leader of the Order of the Weal, Thessalia claimed the title Chatelaine, the feminine equivalent of “castellan “. (The Book of the War)

After President Rassilon dissolved the Chancellery Guard, the position of Castellan was redundant and its incumbent, Castellan Bovari, was reassigned to the Archives as an administrator. (Havoc)


Castellans throughout Gallifreyan history included Rannex, (Divided Loyalties) Lode, (Love and War) and Voran. (The Infinity Doctors)

Marnal was Castellan before The Doctor left Gallifrey. (The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Spandrell was Castellan when the President was assassinated by Goth. (The Deadly Assassin)

Kelner was Castellan at the time that the Fourth Doctor returned to Gallifrey to claim the office of Lord President when the planet was invaded by the Vardans and later the Sontarans. (The Invasion of Time)

Jerricho was Castellan for sometime during the life of the Doctor’s fifth incarnation. He was killed trying to escape the mind probe by Gallifreyan Guards. (Arc of Infinity, The Five Doctors)

According to one account, Andred was made Castellan by President Romana. (Lungbarrow) According to others, however, he remained commander until, after his regeneration, Darkel promoted him. (Insurgency)

Leela was acting Castellan at one time. Pandora)

Maxil was promoted to Castellan shortly after the supposed death of Andred. (Lies, Imperiatrix) After siding with Pandora and Inquisitor Darkel in the Gallifreyan Civil War, he was demoted back to Commander. (Appropriation, Warfare)

Annos was acting Castellan at one time. (Mindbomb)

K9 Mark II was Castellan in an alternate timeline. (Reborn)

A male Castellan held office when the Eleven escaped. (The Eleven)

Bovari was Castellan during the early months of the Last Great Time War. She was humiliated by being reassigned to work as an administrator in the Archives after President Rassilon dissolved the Chancellery Guard. (Havoc)

Yet another held office during the Last Great Time War.  (Engines of War)

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