The Infinity Doctors

The Infinity Doctors
The Infinity Doctors


“Sing about the past again, and sting that same old song. Tell me what you know, so I can tell you that you’re wrong.”

Gallifrey. The Doctor’s home planet. For twenty thousand centuries the Gallifreyans have been the most powerful race in the cosmos. They have circumnavigated infinity and eternity, harnessed science and conquered death. They are the Lords of Time, and have used their powers carefully.

But now a new force is unleashed, one that is literally capable of anything. It is enough to give even the Time Lords nightmares. More than that: it is enough to destroy them.

It is one of their own. Waiting for them at the end of the universe.

Featuring The Doctor, this adventure celebrates the thirty-fifth anniversary of Doctor Who.


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  • The Infinity Doctors was the seventeenth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel, marketed as a novel to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Doctor Who. It does not state explicitly which incarnation of the Doctorfeatures in the novel. Set primarily (though not completely) on Gallifrey, it also has within its narrative references to Gallifrey gleaned from all other previous appearances and references to Gallifrey.
  • The Doctor thinks to himself that his father’s name definitely wasn’t Ulysses, and that he might be a professor at Berkeley.
  • Which Doctor and precisely when this story takes place is difficult to place. Assumptions can be made based on information given throughout the novel, but much of it is contradictory.
  • The Doctor thinks that his father’s name definitely wasn’t Ulysses. In several of the early 1990s proposed TV movies of Doctor Who, Ulysses was the name of the Doctor’s father.
  • The Doctor uses a Transmat to copy himself.

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