The Invasion of Time




Main Aliases:



Time Lord



Affiliated With:

Chancellery Guard

Place of Origin:




First Seen In:

The Invasion of Time


Weapon of Choice
The Inquiry
A Blind Eye
Arbitration (alternative Gallifrey)
Extermination (alternative Gallifrey)
Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time

Main Actor:

Christopher Tranchell

Main Voice Actor:

Andy Coleman


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Andredaselus (Andred for short) was a Time Lord of Gallifrey and the husband of Leela. Later, he took on the identity of Celestial Intervention Agency agent Torvald.


Andredaselus (Insurgency) came from the Gallifreyan Great House known either as the House of Redlooms (Lungbarrow) or the House of Deeptree. (Lies)

Like all Time Lords, Andred was taken from his family at the age of eight for the selection process in the Drylands. Starring into the Untempered Schism as part of a Time Lord initiation, Andred was inspired by what he saw in the Schism. (A Brief History of Time Lords)


Andred was a Commanderof the Chancellery Guard. He organised the Time Lords opposed to The Doctor’s presidency after he had helped the Vardans invade. He attempted to kill him as a traitor but later aided him once his true intentions became apparent. Leela fell in love with Andred and stayed on Gallifrey with him, accompanied by K9 Mark I. (The Invasion of Time)


Most accounts agreed that Andred was eventually made Castellan. (Lungbarrow, Pandora)
At some point, he and Leela got married. (Arc of Infinity) One account also stated that Leela then became pregnant by him, (Lungbarrow) While several others contradicted this. (Gallifrey)

Following an incident in the Death Zone, Andred led a clean up with K9 Mark I in order to dispose of what creatures remained there. (Time in Office)

After spending many years with Leela, Andred became suspicious of certain activities by the Celestial Intervention Agency, and in particular suspected Coordinator Narvin of violent anti-Alien tendencies, in contradiction to President Romana’s new policies. He made attempted overtures towards Narvin, claiming that his wife Leela had shown him the incompatibility of off-worlders living on Gallifrey. Narvin easily saw through Andred’s ruse, and when Andred invited Narvin to meet him in the Citadel catacombs, he guessed that Andred might try to assassinate him. He sent his most trusted agent, Commander Torvald, in his place.

In the confrontation, Andred and Torvald shot each other. Torvald was killed outright While Andred was forced to regenerate. Sensing an opportunity, Andred changed clothes with the unrecognisable corpse of Torvald and claimed his identity when found by guards. Believing Andred killed, Narvin covered up the incident and denied all knowledge of why Andred had suddenly disappeared, before eventually telling Leela that he had been killed by Torvald. Andred, meanwhile, continued to act as Narvin’s loyal henchman in the hopes of uncovering any plot, sometimes working with Presidential bodyguard Leela. (A Blind Eye)

He was sent to the third moon of Kikrit to investigate a potential source of weapons-grade chronons before they were stolen by Nepenthe. He was sent by Narvin with Leela to Gryben to find Nepenthe and the Timonic Fusion Device. On Gryben, he met with Mephistopheles Arkadian who know of Torvald. This blew their cover. Shortly afterwards he went to the human enclave and begged Nepenthe for his life. (Weapon of Choice)

He was tasked in retrieving the Timonic Fusion device from Gryben whilst Leela was observing. After returning to Gallifrey, he was then told to arrest Braxiatel for his illegal interference in Time. (The Inquiry)

He came with Narvin to investigate a temporal anomaly in 1939. When Narvin asked him to escort Romana to her presidential TARDIS, he shot him to try and keep his secret. He finally revealed the truth to Leela, Narvin and Romana when they went back in time and confronted the real Torvald on one of his missions at a point before his death. (A Blind Eye)

Andred was arrested and imprisoned for his deception and earned the hatred of Leela for letting her believe he was dead. In his cell, he was visited by Inquisitor Darkel who conspired with him. She allowed him to escape, and after Andred visited the Archivist to collect evidence, Darkel had the Archivist murdered and Narvin framed Andred for the crime, forcing Andred to go on the run for some time, hunted by Leela. (Lies) While in hiding, Andred caught one of the off-world students, Gillestes, about to introduce a Free Time virus to the water supply of the citadel. He handed herover to Wynter, Andred’s successor as Castellan following his original disappearance, in return for a pardon. After Wynter was attacked by the Pandora creature and mistakenly drank the quarantined Free Time virus, Lord Chancellor Braxiatel appointed Leela as his interim replacement. (Pandora)

After Braxiatel’s exile, Darkel returned Andred to the post of Castellan. He spent his time capturing students at the academy accusing them to be terrorist. He warned Taylor Addison that he needed to choose his battles well. He helped Neeloc after he was attacked by his fellows Time Lords. He explained to Leela that he was trying to become the man she once loved again. Not long afterwards, Taylor tried to locate the Key of Rassilon. While trying to prevent him, Andred was stabbed through both hearts by Romana, acting under the influence of Pandora. Leela once again grieved for her husband, who was buried outside of the city walls and began to wish that she could join him in death. (Insurgency)

Before his death, he taught Leela how to operate a staser. (Extermination)


In an alternative timeline in which it was standard policy for the Time Lords to sell their temporal technology to the highest bidder and regenerations could be extracted and sold, Andred married Romana, who never travelled with The Doctor, and they had a son named Antonin. After his death, his widow resided in her ancestral home, the House of Heartshaven. (Reborn)
In another alternative timeline in which the Time Lords regularly altered history through the Temporal Intervention Agency, Andred served as the commanderof the Chancellery Guard under Lady President Romana. (Disassembled)

In another alternative timeline, he fought against The Daleks and evacuated the capitol but was exterminated in the process. (Extermination)

In a parallel universe where the Sixth Doctor led Gallifrey in the War, Andred was Castellan Captain of the Glorious Aspect of Omega and the Sacred Might of Gallifrey. Empowered by newfound temporal mutation abilities, the enemy was able to destroy the ships. (the Quantum Archangel)

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