“Nonsense, child, retorted The Doctor.“Grandfather indeed! I’ve never seen you before in my life!”

All is not well on Gallifrey. Chris Cwej is having someone else’s nightmares. Ace is talking to herself. So is K9. Leela has stumbled on a murderous family conspiracy. And the beleaguered Lady President, Romanadvoratrelundar, foresees one of the most tumultuous events in her planet’s history.

at the root of all is an ancient and terrible place, the House of Lungbarrow in the southern mountains of Gallifrey. Something momentous is happening there. But the House has inexplicably gone missing.

673 years ago The Doctor left his family in that forgotten House. Abandoned, disgraced and resentful, they have waited. And now he’s home at last.

In this, the Seventh Doctor’s final New Adventure, he faces a threat that could uncover the greatest secret of them all.


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  • Lungbarrow was an original Doctor Who novel written by Marc Platt. Published in Virgin Books’ New Adventures range, it was the last of that range to feature the Seventh Doctor.
  • The Doctor was nicknamed “Snail” and “Wormhole” by his cousins (because he has a bellybutton).
  • Before leaving Gallifrey The Doctor worked in the Bureau of Possible Events as a Scrutationary Archivist.
  • The Doctor departs Gallifrey for a final mission to Skaro as requested by Romana.
  • Leela, now also known as Leelandredloomsagwinaechegesima, is pair bonded to Andred and is pregnant.
  • K9 Mark I learns Andred’s security codes.
  • Lord Ferain is part of the CIA.
  • The CIA kill Ace for twenty minutes and upload her memories to the Matrix.
  • Andred belongs to House of the Redlooms.
  • Rodan is Leela’s friend. She has recently been sent on a cross-cultural liaison course.
  • Susan’s mother died as Pythia cursed Gallifrey.
  • President Romana is negotiating with the Tharils and it is going well.
  • The claim that Time Lords are born fully mature, never having a physical childhood, is contradicted in The Sound of Drums, when The Master is shown as a child in a Time Lord ritual. The End of Time reuses footage from Drums while The Master’s childhood is discussed
  • Before losing their license to BBC Books, it had been announced that the Seventh Doctor’s adventures would have continued in periodic Missing Adventures releases, with The Doctor taking over the NA line. Ultimately, only one Eighth Doctor novel was published and the MA line came to an end before any.
  • The Eleventh Doctor has a cot, seen in A Good Man Goes To War, which he claims to have once slept in, and his original incarnation is shown as a young boy in the television story Listen, in which he is described by a Gallifreyan man as “that boy”.
  • In The Girl in the Fireplace, Reinette describes The Doctor as having a “lonely childhood” and being”[s]uch a lonely little boy” while she looks inside the Tenth Doctor’s mind. In The Empty Child, the Ninth Doctor himself similarly remarks that he knows what it’s like to be the “only child left out in the cold”.
  • In The Witch’s Familiar, Missy mentions a daughter from”the olden days on Gallifrey”. In Hell Bent, the Twelfth Doctor mentions how The Doctor “stole” the moon and the President’s wife, before correcting himself to say that was a lie from the Shobogans, and she was actually the President’s daughter, and the moon was lost.
  • The Sisterhood of Karn first appeared in The Brain of Morbius. They would later be responsible for the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration. (The Night of the Doctor)

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