Arc of Infinity


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Arc of Infinity

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First Transmitted

22 March 1982

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Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa)

Guest Cast

Leonard Sachs (Lord President Borusa), Michael Gough (Councillor Hedin) [1-3], Ian Collier (The Renegade / Omega)*, Colin Baker (Commander Maxil) [1-3], Paul Jerricho (The Castellan), Neil Daglish (Damon), Elspet Gray (Chancellor Thalia), Max Harvey (Cardinal Zorac), Andrew Boxer (Robin Stuart), Alastair Cumming (Colin Frazer), John D. Collins (Talor) [1], Maya Woolfe [1, 4] (Hotel Receptionists), Malcolm Harvey (The Ergon), Guy Groen (Second Receptionist) [4].


Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Ron Jones
Produced by John Nathan Turner


Shielded by a collapsed star, lurks a malevolent presence, an alien consisting of pure anti-matter. Its intention? To bond with a Time Lord and so cross over into this dimension through the Arc of Infinity – the gateway to all dimensions. Suddenly, The Doctor finds himself under attack and the TARDIS recalled to Gallifrey where he is put under sentence of death by the High Council of Time Lords.

For the bonding must be prevented at all costs. Once there, the mystery deepens. How could the alien have gained the vital biodata extract necessary to carry out the bonding? Is there a traitor amidst the Time Lords? What is the link between the alien and Tegan’s cousin’s disappearance in Amsterdam? Just what is the identity of the shadowy alien – have he and the Doctor met before?

The Doctor must find the answers – and quickly. It is not just his life at risk. If the bonding is completed, it could cause the collision of matter and anti-matter and the destruction of all dimensions…


  • Tegan has lost her job as an air stewardess and was hoping that meeting Colin Frazer, her favourite cousin, would cheer her up.
  • Nyssa and Tegan spent several days on holiday in Amsterdam in 1983 (The Elite) while The Doctor was dealing with Omega in the Sector of Forgotten Souls (Omega).
  • Tegan is the first companion to have rejoined the Fifth Doctor on his travels after having departed (although other companions/recurring characters had previously left The Doctor’s company then reappeared), though she only departed in the previous story. (Time-Flight)
  • Leela has married Andred, whom she left the Fourth Doctor to be with. (The Invasion of Time)
  • Omega in fact survives his encounter with Fifth Doctor, and is next seen in the Big Finish audio Omega
  • Although it is made clear that The Fifth Doctor and Damon know each other from the past, we have yet to learn exactly when they first met, however, some fans theorise that Damon may have worked with the Second Doctor during Season 6B, given that he appears a bit inexperienced to have been at the Academy with The Doctor and the Deca (See Divided Loyalties).
  • The working titles for this story were The Time of Neman and The Time of Omega.
  • For Parts One and Two, the character of Omega was credits as “The Renegade” on the end credits.
  • John Horsley was a contender for the role of President Borusa.
  • John Nathan Turner appears on screen in part four trying to persuade a passer by not to get into shot.
  • Distinguished actor Michael Gough, who had previously played the Celestial Toymaker in the story of the same name (The Celestial Toymaker) and been married to Anneke Wills, appears here as the misguided traitor, Hedin.
  • Colin Baker (who would later succeed Peter Davison as the Sixth Doctor) appeared in the serial as Commander Maxil. It was his performance in this role (which, according to Baker, producer John Nathan-Turner repeatedly told him to “tone down”) that first brought him to the attention of the production office. Baker reprised the role of Maxil as an uncredited cameo in the 2006 Big Finish Productions audio play Appropriation.
  • Ian Collier takes on the role of Omega, originally played by Stephen Thorne in The Three Doctors. Collier had appeared once before in the series, as Stuart Hyde in The Time Monster.
  • Leonard Sachs, previously seen as Admiral de Coligny in The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve, plays the latest incarnation of Borusa, now elevated to the position of Lord President.

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