Arc of Infinity Novel


Arc of InfinityArc of Infinity


Pages 117
ISBN 0-426-19342-3
Publication Date 20 October 1983


When the The Doctor returns to Gallifrey, he learns that his bio data extract has been stolen from the Time Lords‘ master computer known as the Matrix.

The bio data extract is a detailed description of the Doctor’ molecular structure-and this information, in the wrong hands, could be exploited with disastrous effect.

The Gallifreyan high Council believe that anti-matter will be infiltrated into the universe as a result of the theft. In order to render the information useless, they decide The Doctor must die…




  1. Deadly Meeting
  2. The Horror in the Crypt
  3. Recall
  4. Death Sentence
  5. The Prisoner
  6. Termination
  7. The Matrix
  8. The Traitor
  9. Unmasked
  10. Hunt for Omega
  11. Transference
  12. Omega’s Freedom


  • Many of the story’s scenes have been truncated together, including The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan’s final pursuit of Omega through the streets of Amsterdam.
  • The Ergon is described as a “giant walking lizard”.
  • The Matrix Crown on Gallifrey is explained as only to be used in strict emergencies as direct consultation with the “strange combination of group-mind and race-memory” is extremely dangerous and stressful to the wearer.
  • The High Council’s intention to execute The Doctor are made clear far earlier than in the televised story.
  • On The Doctor’s first encounter with Maxil, he remains unconscious after shot until he’s returned to the TARDIS for recuperation.
  • It’s clarified that Nyssa uses her staser to stun the guards outside the Place of Termination. However, she resets the weapon to kill before challenging the High Council. Later, she again uses non-lethal force against an attacking guard en route to the Presidential Chambers.
  • When attacked by the Ergon, rather than dodging on his own, as per the televised story, Nyssa shoves The Doctor out of the way. Omega’s convulsive cry is clarified to be the result of his servant’s disintegration, rather than a side-effect of the ongoing transformation.
  • During The Doctor’s escape from Gallifrey, he and Borusa communicate via the TARDIS scanner.

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