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Leela as in The Invisible Enemy


Played by: Louise Jameson
Tenure 1 January 19776 November 1977
First appearance
The Face of Evil (regular)
Last appearance The Invasion Of Time (regular)
Last appearance Dimensions in Time (guest)
Number of series 1
Appearances 10 stories


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Leela was the daughter of Sole. (The Face of Evil) She was named after the greatest warrior in Sevateem history. (The Catalyst)

As a child, Leela saw her mother struck down and killed by an animal on Mount Kremnon while protecting her. She stayed with her body until sunrise in order to protect her soul from evil spirits.

During her childhood, she and her friend Tomas often went hunting together. (Empathy Games)


Leela was one of the Sevateem (the name was a corruption of “survey team”) descended from the Mordee expion. For weapons, Leela favoured janis thorns, which caused paralysis and death, and a knife.

Leela profaned the Sevateem’s supposed god, Xoanon. Her father died undertaking the ritual test of the Horda on her behalf. She faced exile when she met the Fourth Doctor, who resembled the Sevateem’s mythic figure, the Evil One. He had earlier visited Leela’s world, repaired the Mordee expion’s computer, Xoanon, and neglected to remove his own personality from it. The conflict between Xoanon and the Doctor’s personality drove Xoanon mad, splitting it in two. It conducted a long-term eugenics experiment that resulted in two tribes: the Sevateem and their enemies, the Tesh. The Doctor restored Xoanon’s sanity. As he prepared to leave the planet, Leela asked to travel with him. He refused, but she darted into the TARDIS and they set off together after Leela triggered the TARDIS’ dematerialisation by accident. (The Face of Evil)


Leela was primitive but intelligent and perceptive. Despite the Doctor’s efforts to “civilise” and educate her, she kept her savage ways. She translated advanced ideas into terms she could understand. She usually dressed in animal skins and armed herself with a knife and janis thorns. She did not hesitate to use them, despite the Doctor’s disapproval. With the Doctor, she fought Taren Capel. (The Robots Of Death)

As part of the Doctor’s efforts to teach Leela about her ancestors, he brought her to Victorian London. There, they encountered and defeated the 51st century villain Magnus Greel. (The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

After this, her and the Doctor were alerted by an interstellar distress signal emanating from an English manor house. Landing outside the house during a midnight thunderstorm they discover the aftermath of a pitched battle between Lord Jack Corrigan’s troops and the peaceful alien Drellerans, the last survivor of whom warns them of the dire consequences should the humans escape with the alien star ship.

From there, they chased the alien spaceship a millennium into the future, to the newly constructed Space Dock Nerva, which was orbiting around Jupiter. Lord Jack arrived on the Beacon through the spaceship, and with him he brought along a disease. Before long, almost everyone on the ship was infected. Lord Jack had planned to conquer the galaxy in the name of the British Empire, which would of radically change the future of the human race. (Destination: Nerva)

Continuing his education of Leela, the Doctor took her to the famous Morovanian Museum on Moravania Minor. But instead they found themselves landing in an English village full of academics. There they met the enigmatic collector Reginald Harcourt and his family.

(The Renaissance Man)

After those events, the Doctor decides to bring Leela to ancient Norfolk at the height of Roman occupation in order to teach her about her ancestors. He unfortunately took her right At the time of Boudica’s rebellion. The Doctor was torn as Leela wanted to help Boudica in her rebellion, and the doctor ultimately knew he could not, as that would alter history. (The Wrath of the Iceni)

The Doctor and Leela then arrived in London in the year 2025, after the Doctor detected some unusual power readings there. There they find that a huge satellite dish has been fitted on top of the National Gallery, along with a base and giant solar panels on The Moon. The GlobeSphere Corporation was making limitless supplies of energy avaliable to the people of Britain – but at a price. Caught up in a demonstration in Trafalgar Square the Doctor and Leela were swiftly separated and, as the Doctor falled in with affable protester Jack Coulsen, Leela found herself captured and at the mercy of the Daleks. (Energy Of The Daleks)

The Doctor and Leela then arrived in 1970s England again, where they are put on the trail of the White Worm. It seems that some kind of giant worm has been eating local cattle, and now it’s taken a girl. The legend of the White Worm dated back to Roman times, and said that a great White Worm, as wide as a man, slithered out of the rocks of the Dark Peak Gap to take animals, sometimes even children, for its food. they both soon discover that the legend of the Worm is very much alive — even in 1979. It turned out that The Master was there also searching for the White Worm. (Trail of the White Worm)

The Master was working with the Kraalls, and he gave the Doctor over to them as prisoner. The Kraals then started their invasion of Earth led by Marshal Grinmal. The Kraals also eventually arrested the Master. Their plan, using the help of Colonel Spindleton, was that the Kraal army and their legions of androids would attack a small village to get UNIT to respond, then destroy them, thus leaving the way clear for them to take over. (The Oseidon Adventure)

In 5000, the Swarm brought the Doctor to the Bi-Al Foundation, which they took over. As the Doctor fell into a self-induced coma to fight off the influence of the Nucleus, he sent a shrunken clone of Leela and himself inside his brain to fight the infection. Absorbing Leela’s clone unleashed her antibodies into the Doctor’s system, saving him.

With the help of K9, Leela killed some of the Titan Base who were infected with the Swarm. She urged the Doctor to blow up the hatchling Swarm, which the Doctor finally agreed to. Leela begged him to accept Professor Marius’ offer of K9 as a gift. K9 entered the TARDIS of his own accord, joining them on their journeys. (The Invisible Enemy)

On Pluto, Leela was rescued from the steamer moments from death and took part in theCitizens’ Revolution that overthrew the Company. (The Sun Makers)

When they visited the home of the Doctor’s former companion Joshua Douglas and his family, Leela met the imprisoned emperor of the Z’nai, whom the Doctor had contained long before. He hoped to find an antidote for the plague which Douglas had released to destroy his people. Douglas’ daughter freed the emperor, sparking a resurgence of the Z’nai empire. For an unknown reason, Leela became the virus’ vector, infecting the Z’nai with it. She wiped out the Z’nai except for the emperor, whom the Doctor imprisoned again. (The Catalyst)

The Doctor, now seemingly power-mad, returned to Gallifrey and claimed his right to become Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords. Banished from the Capitol, Leela joined the Outsiders, outcast Gallifreyans led by Nesbin. She helped in the Doctor’s plan to repel invading Sontarans. She also fell in love with Andred of the Chancellory Guard. She stayed on Gallifrey with K9. The Doctor had a second K9 to take with him. (The Invasion Of Time)


She spent the next decades in the Capitol. Andred and Leela conceived a child, the first born on Gallifrey for millennia. (Pythia had long ago made the Gallifreyans a sterile race.) (Lungbarrow) There were hints that the Doctor was really her son; this was covered up by family, politics and paradox-avoiding paranoia.

Andred vanished, and Leela served as bodyguard and confidante to President Romana, another former companion of the Doctor. (Weapon of Choice) She was drawn into Time Lord politics and conspiracies while working on Presidential missions with Celestial Intervention Agency operatives Torvald and Coordinator Narvin. (Square OneA Blind Eye) She discovered that Torvald had caused Andred’s death, but later that Torvald was really a regenerated Andred. (A Blind Eye) Leela had not forgiven Andred for his deceit when he died soon afterwards. During the troubled time that followed, Leela’s most trusted friend, K9, was destroyed in an explosion aimed at off-world students of the Time Lord Academy. Bitter at the loss of her last link with the Doctor, Leela refused a replacement.

(Imperiatrix) In the Time Lord civil war, Leela fought on Romana’s side and was temporarily blinded by a bomb. (Fractures)


After her sight returned, Leela survived the destruction of Gallifrey in the Last Great Time War. She ended up a prisoner of the Z’Nai, who had returned to power. While Leela lived on Gallifrey, the Time Lords had allowed her to retain her youth for a greatly extended time. This was no longer so. While the Z’nai tortured Leela for information about Gallifrey and the Time Lords, she aged physically, one year for each day.

The Z’nai had abandoned their ancient custom of leaving their chests bare. Just before the Z’nai interrogating her was to kill her, she gave him a choice – stop the killing or be killed. He laughed, but she infected him with the plague that had wiped out the Z’nai originally. The entire race died, leaving Leela and the other prisoners at first joyful, then terrified as they realised they were trapped and abandoned. Leela remained bound, without the strength to free herself, reminiscing about her days with the Doctor as she waited to die. (The Catalyst)

Exploring alternate realities 

When Braxiatel took her to the Axis she explored alternative Gallifreys. The first she visited was a Gallifrey where the alternate version of herself searched for the Key to Time. Chancellor Dondequest wanted to install her as a puppet President of this Gallifrey so she could have ultimate power. (Reborn)

In another Gallifrey she met an alternative version of herself where she was the interrogator General of Gallifrey. She was tortured by her alternative self and forced to relive her memories. (Disassembled)

She started to age being away from the prime Gallifrey. On a Gallifrey where the Vampire war still went on, Leela’s sight and youth were restored by drinking vampire blood as part of Borusa‘s hound creation process. (Annihilation)

On another Gallifrey where there were slaves, she freed the slaves and joined them in a revolt against the Regenerators of Gallifrey. (Forever)

She then set up many townships for the freed slaves with her as the head of one and Sura another. She spoke with Allora about mining rights near her township. There was an assassination attempt on her, which was later discovered to be Valyes under Allora’s orders. (Emancipation)

A fellow outcast, Maris, led Leela to an abandoned research facility where she met Hector and Taine who were running the experimental side of Jonias’ research. (Evolution). She captured Lord Zakar to put him on trial for the murder of 237 slaves. (Arbitration)

Leela tried to defend this Gallifrey when the Daleks from the prime universe invaded. She knew all the secret passages through this Capitol which allowed, Romana, Narvin, Lukas and herself to manoeuvre around without the Daleks knowing. On returning to the Axis she killed the Dalek Overseer of the Axis. (Extermination)

Returning to Gallifrey

Leela and Narvin were held in a Chronic Hysteresis and couldn’t immediately get to Gallifrey from the Axis. After Romana agreed on a deal with her future incarnation, Leela escaped from the Hysteresis. She didn’t like her new rooms and argued with Romana about it. Leela also could see Romana’s watcher before anyone else could. Lady Tre still valued her friendship after thousands of years not seeing her. She wanted to leave Gallifrey when Romana was exiled by her future self. She could see a haze behind her. She was worried about Romana when the Eye of Harmony started to break down. (Renaissance)

When Romana mysteriously disappeared, she was anxious about what happened. She spotted Coordinator Tallan in the corridors and in the archives, and recognised he was like someone she met on one of the alternate Gallifrey. When Tallan turned out to be K9, she was excited. It turned out this Gallifrey on which she thought they were was a Matrix construct. She escaped the Matrix, but after doing so, Slyne released the Daleks from the Matrix. She tried to stop Romana from sealing herself in the Matrix with the Daleks. She watched the Data Pocket containing the artificial Gallifrey close and collapse. In fact Romana wasn’t trapped in the Matrix, and Leela was amazed at this. (Ascension)

Death and rebirth 

Leela survived the destruction of Gallifrey. She ended up a prisoner of the Z’Nai, who had returned to power. While Leela lived on Gallifrey, the Time Lords had allowed her to retain her youth for a greatly extended time. This was no longer so. While the Z’nai tortured Leela for information about Gallifrey and the Time Lords, she aged physically, one year for each day.

The Z’nai had abandoned their ancient custom of leaving their chests bare. Just before the Z’nai interrogating her was to kill her, she gave him a choice — stop the killing or be killed. He laughed, but she infected him with the plague that had wiped out the Z’nai originally. The entire race died, leaving Leela and the other prisoners at first joyful, then terrified as they realised they were trapped and abandoned. Leela remained bound, without the strength to free herself, reminiscing about her days with the Doctor as she waited to die. (The Catalyst)

After the Z’nai had all died and all torture had stopped, the machines used to torture Leela and her fellow prisoners kept them alive. Leela told a fellow prisoner who was crying a story about when she saw the Doctor being afraid. (Empathy Games) Leela eventually died in the Z’nai prison. (The Time Vampire)

Leela’s soul was reborn as a young girl named Emily. Leela recounted many of her adventures with the Doctor to Emily. (The Child)


Summoned to Gallifrey because of the Omega plots, the Fifth Doctor asked about Leela and was told by Damon that she was “well and very happy”. He was sorry to have missed her wedding. (Arc of Infinity)

The Doctor commented on the fact that Leela’s child would be half-Gallifreyan and half-human. He told Leela to name the child after him. (Lungbarrow)

After seeing Richard Harries’ experiments with rats, the Eighth Doctor recalled the episode in the London Sewers when Leela had been attacked by a giant rat. (The Banquo Legacy)

At some point, Leela was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken, she met Sergeant Benton there. Leela’s memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (The Day Of The Doctor)


  • When a Rutan ship exploded above Fang Rock, pigmentation dispersal caused Leela’s eye colour to change permanently from brown to blue. (Horror of Fang Rock)
  • Leela wrote with her left hand, but threw her knife and performed other actions with her right, suggesting some degree of ambidexterity (The Invisible Enemy).
  • The Doctor commented on the fact that Leela’s child would be half-Gallifreyan and half-human. He told Leela to name the child after him. (Lungbarrow)
This raises the possibility that Leela’s child actually became the Other (although it is not known the Other was half-human), making Leela, in a way, the Doctor’s mother.
  • Leela never used contractions when speaking — for example, she always said “do not” instead of “don’t”.
  • After she stopped travelling with the Doctor, one of her skins remained in the TARDIS wardrobe. The Fifth Doctor‘s companion Peri considered wearing it on one occasion. (No Place Like Home)


  • In an alternative timeline in which it was standard policy for the Time Lords to sell their temporal technology in the highest bidder and regenerations could be extracted and sold, Leela and K9 Mark I accompanied the Doctor on his search for the Key to Time. She was the only human to hold the Key to Time in her hands. Consequently, when her counterpart from the proper timeline visited this alternative Gallifrey, she was appointed Lady President. (Reborn)
  • In another timeline in which the Time Lords regularly altered history through the Temporal Intervention Agency, Leela was brought to Gallifrey to amuse the then Lord President. She subsequently murdered Interrogator General Narvin and assumed his position under Lady President Romana. When her blind counterpart from the proper timeline visited this alternative Gallifrey, she took great pleasure in torturing her. (Disassembled)



Leela was first conceived by producer Philip Hinchcliffe and script or Robert Holmes. they wanted someone in the mould of Eliza Doolittle from George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion: a bright but unsophisticated primitive who would learn from the Doctor. Writer Chris Boucher had submitted a story proposal entitled The Mentor Conspiracy. It featured a character named Leela which fit Hinchcliffe and Holmes’s ideas.

Although The Mentor Conspiracy was not produced, Boucher reused the character of Leela for The Day God Went Mad (later renamed The Face of Evil), seeing her as a mixture of Emma Peel from The Avengers and Leila Khaled. Boucher was asked to write two endings to the story, in one, Leela left with the Doctor and in the other she stayed behind. The decision to have Leela become a companion was made soon after.

Initially, Leela was to have only appeared in three stories. It was decided later she would stay for the remainder of Season 15. One consequence of this decision was a plot contrivance added to Horror of Fang Rock to allow the character’s eye colour to change, so actress Louise Jameson would not have to wear uncomfortable coloured contact lenses.

Jameson felt that Doctor Who‘s writers sometimes neglected to write for Leela as an individual, instead writing her as a stereotypical “Doctor Who girl.” For example, in Underworld, the script originally had Leela screaming when overwhelmed by poisonous gas. Jameson declined to do this, pointing out that it was not in character for the warrior Leela. (Underworld) In fact, Leela screamed in only one television story, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, when her leg was being gnawed by the giant rat â€” a scream which Jameson felt was justified. (The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

Leela ranks as one of the most violent companions, regularly threatening or using deadly force against other humanoids (often to the Doctor’s disgust as in The Invisible Enemy, but occasionally not as in Underworld). Although other companions sometimes killed (for example, Romana I shot a guard in The Pirate Planet), others have killed in spin-off productions (most notably Jack Harkness in Torchwood) and Ace racked up body counts in the New Adventures novels, Leela remains, to date, the only companion to be shown killing on a frequent basis.

Along with Irving Braxiatel, she is one of only two characters to play a major role in two audio spin-off series: Gallifrey and Jago and Litefoot. Leela and Braxiatel have both also appeared in the main range of Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories as a result of their guest roles in Zagreus.

Further Adventures With The Fourth Doctor

Whilst travelling through the Vortex, the Doctor and Leela came across a rip in time. they landed in Devon in 1977 where they met Charlotte Willis who told them about the mysterious grange. There they discovered a body of a priest who had died from exposure to the time rip. Finding the source of the rip, Leela and the Doctor travelled to the year 4000 where they found a dystopian earth ravaged by the Pantophagen who had been brought there by Jalnik, who was half human/half Pantoghagen. He had planed to evacuate all the remaining humans back in time not before he infected them so that they would all become like him. Leela fell through the time rip, and the Doctor thought that she was lost and would never be found. In fact, she had used the Doctor’s scarf to climb on one of the Pantophagen and rode it back to 1977, where she helped to stop the invasion from the future. (The Foe from the Future)

She was taken to be the Master’s champion in the Death Match. In the arena, she once again met Marshall when he came to find her and warned him about the fang wolves. Marshall told her that she had been missing for weeks. Without knowing that she was working for the Master, she had spent her time battling the visitors to the planet and tried to hold up the Doctor’s moral code but she wasn’t allowed to. She trusted Marshall with her life. Before the Red Knight could kill her, she managed to teleport away. This was done as the game was rigged in a way so that the champion of the owner would always be healed and stopped from being killed. When the Red Knight came after Leela and the Doctor again, she and Marshall made sure that the Doctor could finish his plans. When the Master mortally wounded Marshall, she attacked the Master and admitted that she loved Marshall. After Marshall died, she returned to travel with the Doctor. (Death Match)

The Doctor and Leela landed in 2017 where they experienced a phenomenon of Time Ruckage and lost the TARDIS. She didn’t like the smell of a gin and tonic that Belinda served. She thought something was wrong when a fog descended. When she realised that the Doctor had gone missing, she had to devise a plan to protect the party guests. After time was reset, she could remember the original timeline. (Suburban Hell)

She went with the Fourth Doctor to St Matilda’s College in 1977 to investigate a disappearance of Lynn Pickering. In the College, she helped to look after Megan Matthews. She went with her to the Old Chapel and saw three nuns without faces. Leela told Megan that they wanted her to follow them. She went with the Doctor and Emily Shaw into the crypt of the chapel. She was almost taken before the Doctor managed to stop it. She was the only one who could hear Megan as she was a young woman. To allow the Doctor to stop the explosion, he asked Leela to become one of the ship’s pilots. With Leela’s help, he rewrote the navigation computer to stop it from exploding. they then escaped the explosion in the TARDIS with Emily. (The Cloisters of Terror)

When the Doctor went to find fishing rods, she thought they were going to go fishing for food. After re-entering the console room, she noticed that it looked dirtier and different. On the console, she found a piece of Jamie McCrimmon’s tartan kilt. After arriving on Krelos, she went fishing with the Doctor. She found the city view to have some noble beauty. When they landed on Krelos again, she witnessed what she thought to be Geralk’s last words. K9 took her to Geralk’s villa. She thought the burning of Krelos City to be a horrific sight. When they got to Geralk’s villa, they were attacked by metal serpents. She wanted to defeat The invaders of Krelos but the Doctor said he couldn’t because it would alter the Web of Time. (The Fate of Krelos)

She went with the Doctor to Telos after K9 had piloted the TARDIS there. She was delighted that they could save Geralk as the Cyberman had interfered with time. She wanted to cook the fish that Geralk’s robot had caught but the implements he wanted to use had gone wrong. Shortly afterwards, she had to escape from the Cybermen after they started their invasion. After the Doctor realised that it was the dust from the TARDIS that had infected Krelos, Leela cleaned herself to get rid of the particles. When she heard the Doctor scream, she came to his aid. She tried to fight the Cybermen. After time was set back on its right course, she went fishing with the Doctor. (Return to Telos)

She had a nightmare in which her father Sole faced the Horda. Shortly afterwards, she and the Doctor arrived on a luxury space liner, the Moray Rose, and they investigated it because of its empty hold. Calvert captured them and thought they were pirates. She kept hearing strange noises and spotted the Salonu. She thought that she heard the Doctor say that Sole was dead. She was captured by the Salonu. Each time she heard that strange noise, her memory of her father changed. The Salonu took her to a new ship where she was told that she was under the employ of the Master and was known as the Evil One. The Master told her that she was to kill the Doctor. Leela then tried to assassinate the Doctor. The Master had implanted fake memories into her mind. She used a janis thorn on the Doctor. Because the Doctor had the antidote to the janis thorn, she managed to throw off the conditioning and helped the Doctor to defeat The Master. (The Evil One)

The Doctor took Leela to Colophos for a camping holiday, but she did not think that it was a place where they should holiday. She noticed that the rock was actually a destroyed building, and theorised that either the natives died out or it was attacked. She was interested in why Sutton, Hardwick and Kellaway were on the planet. Inside the building, they met with Astaroth Morax who told them of his people. She was used as a bargaining chip by Morax. She managed to escape from the clutches of Morax. On Kellaway’s ship, she helped the Doctor to track Morax. (Last of the Colophon)

The Doctor took her to Delafoss to show her a successful human colony. When she realised that something was wrong, she thought that the Doctor was mistaken about it being successful. Noticing a ship being destroyed, she theorised that there was a war going on. She wanted to help Larivan but he was becoming an infinite warrior. After the Infinite Warriors attacked she was rescued by Davent who took her to the Doctor, but she had to leave him behind against her will. She was taken to the Earth Alliance ship and met with Moorson who she told not to destroy the infinite. She gave orders to save the Alliance fleet. She devised a plan to destroy the Infinite. After the Doctor had taken the Breath of forever, she was still determined that the Doctor would help her save the humans. Boarding the ship, she used a Janis thorn on Zarith to rescue the Doctor. (Destroy the Infinite)

The Doctor was teaching Leela mathematics before he decided to visit the Point of Stillness. She was intrigued about how the TARDIS had a soul. She saw cockroaches in the console room. In the library she started to read nursery rhymes before finding the Vincent van Gogh paintings. She thought that the TARDIS wanted her to paint. She heard screaming in the TARDIS library. When the cockroaches all died, Three laughed at her and her picture started laughing and she went back to the Doctor. She thought that there were invaders in the TARDIS. When Marianna appeared in the console room, Leela discovered that Marianna created the Horda. Later she realised that Three and his compatriots were feeding of their imaginations. This involved using an illusion of her father against her. (The Abandoned)

Arriving on the leisure planet of Gorros, the Doctor and Leela found that they were there at the same time as a hunting party from the Solar Knights. She used her medical knowledge to help heal an injured bird. When Mina Challis arrived, Leela told her that the way her commander had injured the bird wasn’t in good sport. She was interrogated by Gregor Saraton and didn’t like that he would attack animals who weren’t able to attack back. She thought that the Doctor would want to stay and solve the mysteries on the planet rather than leave. Leela used her tracking instincts to get back to the hunting lodge when the Zygons attacked. She wanted to know why Mina-Zygon didn’t kill her and the Doctor. She had a plan to capture the Mina-Zygon using a cage of vines. She then suggested that the Zygons settle on Gorros instead of invading Earth. (Zygon Hunt)

She saved the Doctor from a fire within the console room. She didn’t feel comfortable on Synchronis. She later thought the Doctor was dead. She took part in the empathy games as Vilor Angell’s champion. (Empathy Games)

The Doctor was called back to Earth by UNIT to help on an expedition to the Amazon. When Leela and the Doctor became separated after a plane crash, she and Edward Perkins found the tribe of the Magor and their apparent god Godwin. She and the Doctor discovered that he was a Luron and took him back to London, where they were promptly knocked out. On recovering she found herself kidnapped and escaped through the ventilation shafts. After discovering that the Luron had duplicated her and the Doctor as well as many other humans, she helped to destroy their plans by tricking the Luron that they were their duplicates and shut down the sun with which the Luron were planning on killing the human race with. (The Valley of Death)

The TARDIS landed on E9874 where Leela was delighted at it being a warm planet. She helped Trexa to escape from a Tarl. She was impressed by the Tarls’ weapon. Leela asked the Exxilons what they were doing on the planet. She offered Ergu her knife as a sign of respect, and he gave it back out of honour. The Doctor asked her to find out more about the Exxilon beacon. She recognised the symbols on the beacon. She felt the power in the city and was attacked by it. She thought the city was evil and that the fight against the Tarl wasn’t fair. Gethal used her as a hostage. (The Exxilons)

The Doctor and Leela landed on the coast of Britain near St Michael’s Mount. they decided to visit the castle on the island. She was told the story of how Mannering Caversham died. She recognised the cause of death of one of the members of the Caversham Society. She went hunting for the beast that caused the death. She noticed that there was a quivering panel of glass. When the Shadow Demon attacked, she worked out that it wouldn’t attack when it was dark so turned off all the lights. Joseph Holman asked her to help in his show, and presented the slides which screamed. When the Demon escaped, she helped the Doctor to clean the suits of armour so that they could defeat The Demon. Oliver Mortlake wanted to keep the demon free. Leela jumped from a balcony and pushed him out through the glass. (The Darkness of Glass)

She went with the Doctor to a shopping planet and noticed a wanted poster for the Doctor. After the Doctor was taken to the Asteroid, she pretended to be the bounty hunter who had captured him. She teased Marshall that she managed to do this and not him. She would reveal how when asked. When the Master arrived to interrogate her, she managed to escape. Marshall tracked her to a deserted area of the ship, which she had booby trapped to stop the security guards from getting her. She nearly fell out of the ship when there was a hull breach but Marshall saved her, and didn’t turn her in. She admired that Marshall was questioning his loyalty to the Rocket Men, and how he reminded him of her when he killed without care. She found flying amazing and helped to stop the Rocket Men from killing the Doctor. She decided to leave the Doctor in order to teach Marshall a better way of life and change the rest of the Rocket Men to have the same views. She was then kidnapped by the Master. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)

The Last Great Time War
Leela The Lady of Obsidian

During the Time War, Leela was present at the Battle of the Pillars of Consequence. She was in charge of the retake of the city Destilation from the Daleks. At some point in the battle, she faced the Disruptor Dalek, who shot her, displacing her from time and space.

After this, Leela gained “all her memories”, being capable of remembering not only what happened to her, but also everything she could have done, and its consequences. Trying to remember what actually did happen to her caused her pain. She spent her time defending the universe from The Unlived, which came from a breach in time caused by a Dalek Temporal shift who was damaged. She allowed the Doctor to close the breach. She then went with the Doctor to Grend to stop the Daleks. The Doctor managed to heal her using the TARDIS. She could see that the War Doctor was still her Doctor. She wanted to defend Gallifrey. (The Lady of Obsidian)

On the way back to Gallifrey, she felt a sadnesss. She started to observe this enigma and thought it was sad. She saw the shadows of Daleks in the Capitol. After Lintok was affected by The Enigma, Leela helped her. She later thought that the Enigma was drawn to her. The Enigma started to talk through Leela. She could sense the Doctor’s sadness and it used that to communicate with her. (The Enigma Dimension)

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