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Kelsey Hooper

Kelsey Hooper Name: Kelsey Hooper Played by:Porsha Lawrence-Mavour First appearance Invasion...

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Fortitude Rowena Cooper (Queen Victoria), Paul Bazely (Maharaja Duleep Singh),...

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Dark Universe

  Dark Universe Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Mark Bonnar (The...

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Name: Rodrick Species: Human Appearances: Bad Wolf / The Parting...

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Name: Timmin Appearance: The Caves Of Androzani Main actor: Barbara...

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Name: Timanov Appearance: Planet Of Fire Main actor: Peter Wyngarde...

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Name: Areta Appearance: Vengeance On Varos Main actor: Geraldine Alexander...

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Name: Jondar Appearance: Vengeance On Varos Main actor: Jason Connery...

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Name: Euterpians Biological type: Humanoid Affiliated with: Greld Notable individuals:...

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Name: Vogans Biological type: Humanoid Place of origin: Voga Notable...

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Name: Shrieves Appearance: The Ribos Operation Shrieves or shrieves-at-arms were...

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Name: Chedaki Appearance: The Android Invasion Main actor: Roy Skelton...

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Name: Borad Appearance: Timelash / The Taking Of Planet 5...

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Name: Vena Appearance: Timelash Main actor: Jeananne Crowley click on...

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Name: Maren Appearance: The Brain Of Morbius Main actor: Cynthia...

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Name: Ohica Appearance: The Brain Of Morbius Main actor: Gilly...

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