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Doctor Who World has been bringing you the latest news and information on the show since 1999. There are over 900 pages, these have been split into different sections to make it easy to find the information you need.

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Companions of the Doctor


Name: Lorrayn Place of Origin: Olleril Appearance: Tragedy Day Lorrayn...

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Name: Coyolxauhqui Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Brother: Huitzilin...

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Name: Babs Species: Human Place of Origin: Cantus Appearance: The...

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Emily Beckett

Name: Emily Beckett Species: Chuldur Afflicted With: Chuldur family Appearance:...

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Name: Housekeeper Job: Housekeeper Affiliated With: Duchess of Pemberton Place...

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Lord Barton

Name: Lord Barton Appearance: Rogue Main Actor: Paul Forman click...

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Name: Rogue Species: Humanoid Job: Bounty hunter First Appearance: Rogue...

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Name: Jan Species: Human Place of Origin: England Appearance: The...

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Name: Neeka Grandparents: Tremas Lucina Mother: Nyssa Father: Lasarti Brother:...

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Name: Koreelya Species: Tranquelan Place of Origin: Tranquela Appearance: The...

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Name: Larles Species: Grigori Place of Origin: Grigori Affiliated With:...

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Name: Abesse Species: Human Appearance: The Blood Cell Major Abesse,...

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Ruby Red

Ruby Red Cover blurb: “What a coming-of-age ritual: throw a...

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Name: Tan Species: Luceat Place of Origin: London Appearance: Iron...

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Name: Ummi Place of Origin: Syria Children: Amira Yana Appearance:...

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Name: Christie Species: Human Appearance: Zamper Christie was a hostess...

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