Allen Shapiro

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Allen Shapiro



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Central Intelligence Agency

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First Seen In:

End of the Road

Last Appearance:

The Blood Line

Main Actor:

John Delancie

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Allen Shapiro was a high ranking member of the CIA.

In 2011, Shapiro led an armed CIA team to Angelo Colasanto’s house. He viewed evidence gathered with eye-5 contact lenses that Brian Friedkin was working for the Three Families and had framed Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond. Shapiro detained Friedkin and Colasanto’s granddaughter, Olivia Colasanto, but Friedkin blew up the vehicle Olivia and he were in, making them both category ones. After Angelo became the first human on the planet to die since Miracle Day, Shapiro made it a priority to learn how it happened. He recognised that Matheson and Drummond’s partners, Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, would be useful to the investigation, but he was openly suspicious of them. An alien device was eventually discovered under the floor where Angelo’s bed had been. Shapiro sensed that Harkness knew what the device was, and demanded that Harkness identify it.

When Harkness refused, Shapiro ordered Cooper deported to the United Kingdom. (End of the Road)

Shapiro committed CIA resources to hunting for the Three Families and the cause of Miracle Day, and placed Matheson in charge of the investigation for the next two months. He trusted Matheson’s instincts, no matter how unusual the potential lead. When Matheson and the Torchwood team concluded that the source of the Miracle lay at opposite ends of the planet, Shapiro supported Matheson’s request to travel to Buenos Aires when international travel had nearly ceased. (The Gathering)

After Matheson’s plan to converge on the source was thwarted, Shapiro recognised that the Families had placed a mole within their very directorate. He ordered agent Noah Vickers to use tracer s oftware to locate the mole. The s oftware identified Charlotte Wills as the traitor, just as Shapiro noticed a bag that she had left on a table beside them. He realised the bag held a bomb. It exploded an instant later, rendering Shapiro and everyone else in the room category one. Shapiro likely died along with the other victims when the Miracle ended. (The Blood Line)

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