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A favourite of the Doctor

Earth, also known as the Earth (The Beginning) and Planet Earth, (World War Three, The Long Game) was a planet in the solar system whose native sapient species were primarily homo sapiens and homo reptilia, though they were by no means the only intelligent species to develop there. The twin planet of Mondas, it was the third planet from its sun and therefore also known as Sol III, though mainly to extra-terrestrial cultures.

It was a planet in which The Doctor had a “particular interest” (The War Games) and may even have been the origin of some of the Doctor’s DNA. (The TV Movie) Certainly, it was the planet from which The Doctor drew most of his travelling companions. It was also a planet about whose complete history The Doctor had demonstrated expertise, often knowing minutiae about it and being able to sense which points in its history were able to be altered, and which not.

It attracted many alien invasion attempts throughout its multi-billion year history. Indeed it owed its very existence to a species that hadn’t originated there. Its core was formed around a Racnoss webstar, which provided the necessary gravitational pull to coalesce the planet from nearby matter. (The Runaway Bride)

Still, it was not a planet that was merely ripe for invasion. Its history included long periods of time where it was a formidable player in inter-galactic politics. At the height of its influence, Earth was the centre of several massive empires and confederations, and its DNA was flung to the furthest reaches of the universe. (Frontier in Space, The Monster of Peladon, Utopia, The Long Game, Planet of the Ood)

Earth was located in Sector 8023 of the Third Quadrant. (Logopolis) It was the third planet in the Sol systemat one point the planet was transported to the Medusa Cascade by the Daleks, and was subsequently towed back to its normal orbit in the Solar system by the TARDIS. (The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End) It was later shifted two light years from this position by the Time Lords and renamed Ravolox circa 2, 000, 000 AD. (The Mysterious Planet)

Around 2018, Earth had a population of 7 billion. (The Lie of the Land, The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

In one potential future, societal environmental irresponsibility caused it to degenerate into an orphan planet, and it became known as Orphan 55. (Orphan 55)


For most of its history, Earth had one moon, usually referred to simply as the Moon, a rogue planet which entered the Solar system and was captured in Earth’s gravitational field millions of years before the 20th century. (Doctor Who and the Silurians) By the time of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire, fourother moons had been added to the Terran system. (The Long Game)


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