Olivia Colasanto

Olivia as in The End of the RoadOlivia as in The End of the Road



Olivia Colasanto

Played By

Nana Visitor

First Appearance:

Immortal Sins

Last Appearance:

The End of the Road

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Olivia Colasanto, [69] portrayed by Nana Visitor, is the granddaughter of Angelo Colasanto, who first appears in the episode “Immortal Sins”. Olivia is involved in the plot to kidnap Gwen Cooper’s family to force her to hand over Captain Jack Harkness. Upon Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond foiling her appropriation of Jack, and Sergeant Davidson rescuing Gwen’s family, Olivia reveals her trump card – that Jack will still come with her as she can bring him to Angelo and thus enlighten him to how the Miracle started.[37] Episode eight, “End of the Road” begins with Olivia bringing Jack and his Torchwood associates to the Colorado mansion where she lives with her grandfather Angelo, now a decrepit old man in a semi-vegetative state. Olivia states that although Angelo loved his wife, he never forgot about Jack, and would often tell stories about him.

She also reveals that a disharmony arose between Angelo and the families because of Angelo’s relationship with Jack, and makes clear the connection of the three families to the Miracle. After agent Shapiro arrives and places the rogue contingent of the CIA under arrest Olivia is also arrested and placed in a SUV vehicle ready for transportation. However, she is blown up by controller Brian Friedkin after he detonates an explosive device as he was ordered to do by the families.

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