Olivia Colasanto

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Olivia Colasanto



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Immortal Sins

Last Appearance:

The End of the Road

Main Actor:

Nana Visitor

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Olivia Colasanto worked for her grandfather Angelo Colasanto.

In 2011, he assigned her the task of protecting his ex-lover, Captain Jack Harkness, after the miracle made Jack the only mortal man on Earth. Colasanto’s men kidnapped Torchwood agent Gwen Cooper’s family, to blackmail her into surrendering Jack to their custody.

Despite travelling with two armed guards, Colasanto was overpowered by Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond, who had tracked the rendezvous. She told Jack that he would still be going with her, and that she would take him to see Angelo, who was somehow still alive. (Immortal Sins)

At Angelo’s mansion, she explained to Jack that Angelo has monitored him for decades and kept himself artificially alive in an attempt to be immortal like Jack. Olivia explained that when he was captured and had his blood drained in Little Italy in 1928, he was purchased by the Families — three influential families who sought to acquire Jack’s immortality for themselves — and though Angelo did not collaborate with them, he knew that they had acquired the Blessing in 1998 and were behind the present-day phenomenon. Olivia was arrested (illegally) by the Central Intelligence Agency along with traitors within the CIA. She became a category one when corrupt CIA Deputy Director Brian Friedkin set off a suicide bomb after he let down the Families. (The End of the Road)

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