Brian Friedkin



Brian Friedkin



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Other Appearances:

Dead of Night
End of the Road

Main Actor:

Wayne Knight


Brian Friedkin was a high ranking member of the Central Intelligence Agency, and a reluctant servant of the Three Families.

For years, Friedkin had been aware of the Families and resisted their offers until they threatened his family. He subsequently received instructions from the Families on a single phone. (End of the Road) Shortly after Miracle Day, he was ordered to have the surviving members of Torchwood and anyone with knowledge of the organisation “removed”. He had one of his loyal CIA subordinates, Lyn Peterfield, escort agent Rex Matheson and his prisoners, Gwen Cooper, and Captain Jack Harkness, on their flight to the United States. At some point, Friedkin learned that Miracle Day had made Harkness mortal, and ordered Peterfield to poison him; however, Harkness was given an antidote and survived. Upon arrival on US soil, Friedkin’s plan to frame Matheson and agent Esther Drummond for taking bribes to betray the CIA was discovered and thwarted. (Rendition) Matheson later confronted Friedkin at gunpoint about the betrayal. Friedken handed over the phone used by the Families to contact him and revealed some details, but did not mention the Families. Matheson fired a shot close to Friedkin’s ear, temporarily deafening him. (Dead of Night)

Some time later, Friedkin and several CIA agents who also may have been working for the Families captured the Torchwood survivors, Drummond and Matheson, who had formed a new Torchwood group, at Angelo Colasanto’s home. Friedkin handcuffed Matheson and mocked Matheson’s interrogation of him. Friedkin admitted his crimes to Matheson, not knowing Matheson was using Eye-5 lenses to broadcast his words. A legitimate CIA team led by Allen Shapiro moved in and detained Friedkin and his followers as traitors. Waiting with Olivia Colasanto and one of his people inside an SUV, Friedkin claimed he could stop the Families from time to time by refusing their orders. Knowing the Families would punish him through his family, Friedkin triggered an explosive device in his sleeve, destroying the vehicle and all inside. (End of the Road) Presumably, he died when the Miracle was negated. (The Blood Line)

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