Sonic Sunglasses

The sonic sunglasses were a device the Twelfth Doctor used to replace his sonic screwdriverafter he abandoned it. They were worn as normal, black sunglasses with no visible difference to non-sonic versions. He used them to recall the TARDIS after it had been dispersed by the HADS”dispersal” function. He expressed concern that, whilst in the possession of Davros, they might have become scratched. (The Witch’s Familiar)

He wore them during his three week visit to Essex, 1138. He referred to them as “wearable technology”. (The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar)

The Doctorused them again in the underwater base the Drum in the year 2119 to connect to the base’s Wi-Fi to allow the base crew to view the trapped ghosts from his position. He also appeared to use them to scan the markings on the wall in an alien spaceship. (Under the Lake). He later used them to project a hologram of himself and to erase the markings from everyone’s minds. (Before the Flood)

The Twelfth Doctor also attempted to use them to scare a group of Vikings, only for the leader to snap them in half. Clara later recovered half of them and used them the trick the Mireinto believing her to be a threat to avoid, though they declared war regardless. (The Girl Who Died)

However, it would appear the Twelfth Doctor either had a spare pairof sonic sunglasses or he created replacements at some unseen point. (The Woman Who Lived)

He used them to unlock Osgood’s chains in the early 21st century and on board his plane he showed them off. (The Zygon Invasion)

After Osgood’s glasses broke in half, Twelfth Doctor The Doctor lent her his sonic sunglasses for a while. (The Zygon Inversion)

Twelfth DoctorHe used them to distract the Sandmen and observe the CC in Sleep No More

Used to scan Rigsys mark, and decision to help him following the unusal behaviour, Clara wore them to scan hanging outside the TARDIS (Face The Raven)

When the Twelfth Doctor was trapped in his confession dial (Heaven Sent) over the of four and a half billion years, (Hell Bent) he used the sonic sunglasses to examine a crystalline structure blocking the exit home only to discover it was Azbantium. He then put them on when returning to Gallifrey and proclaimed “the Hybrid is me”. (Heaven Sent)

When confronting Rassilon, military reinforcements arrive and Rassilon believes the General sent for them. However, the Twelfth Doctor puts on the sonic sunglasses which are beeping and states that the General didn’t, he did. He wears them as Rassilon is overthrown, apparently using the sunglasses to broadcast the whole event to the Time Lords.(Hell Bent)

Clara later used them to spy on the Twelfth Doctor and Me talking about the hybrid at the end of time. Afterwards she used them on the neural memory block the Twelfth Doctor stole from the Time Lords to reverse the settings to cause it to erase his own memory. Before losing his memory of her, Clara tucks the sunglasses into the lining of Twelfth Doctor’s jacket. Later, while searching for Clara by reconstructing the gaps in his memory, the Twelfth Doctor used the sonic sunglasses to connect his guitar to a radio, making it act like an amplifier. (Hell Bent)

The sonic sunglasses left the Twelfth Doctor’s possession unbeknownst to him after Me and Clara’s TARDIS diner dematerialised, taking them with it. The TARDIS later gifted The Doctor with a new sonic screwdriver after they are reunited. It is unknown if he has another pairof the glasses. (Hell Bent)

The Twelfth Doctor used them again in an attempt to scan the Testimony. The First Doctor criticized his future self for wearing sunglasses indoors and didn’t understand their purpose or that of the sonic screwdriver. The  First Doctor threw the sunglasses on the floor, suggesting that the Twelfth Doctor would see better without them. The Twelfth Doctor retrieved them before fleeing the ship, to his past self’s disgust.  The Twelfth Doctor used the sonic sunglasses to change the view screen on the First Doctor’s TARDIS before placing them on his predecessor’s face. The First Doctor was confused about why he must wear the sonic sunglasses, leading his future self to state that it was “because I love it! Never take those off.” After the First Doctor questioned what browser history was, the Twelfth Doctor quickly took the sonic sunglasses back. (Twice Upon a Time)

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