The Magician’s Apprentice


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The Magician’s Apprentice

Series 9

Episode 1

First Transmitted

19 September 2015

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The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
The Magician's Apprentice
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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara)

Guest Cast

Michelle Gomez (Missy), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Jullian Bleach (Davros), Jami Reid-Quarrell (Colony Sarff), Jaye Griffiths (Jac), Harki Bhambra (Mike), Daniel H offmann-Gill (Bors), Joey Price (Boy), Benjamin Cawley (Kanzo), Aaron Neil (Mr Dunlop), Clare Higgins (Ohila), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks), Kelly Hunter (Shadow Architect), Alison (India Ria Amarteifio), Dasharn Anderson (Ryan), Stefan Adegbol (Newsreader), Shin-Fei Chen (Newsreader), Lucy Newman-Williams (Newsreader), Demi Papaminas (School Girl), Barnaby Edwards (Dalek), Nicholas Pegg (Dalek), Jonathan Ojinnaka (Soldie)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Hettie MacDonald
Produced by Peter Bennett


‘Where is The Doctor?’ When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is The Doctor, and what is he hiding from? As past deeds come back to haunt him, old enemies will come face to face, and for The Doctor and Clara, survival seems impossible.


  • The Magician’s Apprentice was the first episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who
  • Whilst playing the electric guitar, the Twelfth Doctor gets a crowd in medieval England to chant the word “dude”, most likely a reference to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. In the film, the two rock musician protagonists often use the word”dude”, and also use a time machine disguised as a phonebox to visit medieval England.
  • The Doctor also gets the crowd to complete the phrase”all the young dudes”, the title of a song written by David Bowie, originally recorded and released as a single by Mott the Hoople in 1972.
  • To keep Davros’s return a surprise, Julian Bleach went uncredited until the episode’s release.
  • In Welsh, “Sarff” means”serpent”.
  • This was the first series opener since Doctor Who returned in 2005 to be directed by a woman.
  • The episode’s credited list the creators of the Kahler, Skullions, Hath, Blowfish, Ood, and Sycorax, all of whom were present when Colony Sarff was searching for The Doctor. This is the Skullions’ first appearance on Doctor Who, having previously appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • This is the first time a Special Weapons Dalek has been shown to talk on-screen, and also reveals that the gold square windows encircling its dome actually light up. This trait was subject to debate andspeculation ever since the Special Weapons Dalek model first appeared in Remembrance of the Daleks, because that particular Dalek was never shown speaking, nor was the one seen in Asylum of the Daleks.
  • Clara points out The Doctor has gone Scottish. (The Time of the Doctor etc.)
  • Missy reintroduces herself to UNIT on their computer screens with her song “Hey Missy”. (Death in Heaven)
  • Missy throws her return, not being dead, away as no big deal, and Clara also asks how she can be alive, having been shot by a Cyberman. (Death in Heaven)
  • Clara mentions that it happens now and then that The Doctor is not to be found anywhere.
  • Clara still consider herself The Doctor’s best friend. (Death in Heaven)
  • Missy somehow gained her device back. (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)
  • Missy kills people with her device again. (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)
  • Missy tells Clara to “say something nice”, or else she kills everyone else. (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)
  • Missy says a Time Lord is supposed to die after meditation, in which it shows acceptance of it. (Prologue, The Doctor’s Meditation)
  • Clara says Missy constantly try to kill The Doctor and she says he keeps trying to kill her. (Terror of the Autons etc.)
  • Missy is wearing a Vortex manipulator. (The Empty Child etc.)
  • Missy asks Clara about Danny Pink, asking if he’s still dead. (Dark Water / Death in Heaven)
  • Clara mentions that The Doctor is not the person to party. (Deep Breath etc.)
  • The Doctor hugs Clara and tells her how he previously said that it’s just a way to hide your face. (Death in Heaven)
  • The Doctor mentions that he helped Bors and his men to dig a well. (The Doctor’s Meditation)
  • The Prime minister is mentioned.
  • Bors calls The Doctor a magician. (Time Heist, Last Christmas, The Doctor’s Meditation)
  • When The Doctor says he’s been there all day, Bors says he’s been there for three weeks. (The Doctor’s Meditation)
  • The Sisterhood of Karn appears. (The Brain of Morbius, The Night of the Doctor)
  • The Shadow Proclamation reappears as well as the Shadow Architect. (Journey’s End)
  • A Judoon also appears. (Smith and Jones etc.)
  • The Maldovarium reappears. (A Good Man Goes To War)
  • Davros replays footage to The Doctor of theirearlier confrontations featuring his previous incarnations:

    • The Fourth Doctor (Genesis of the Daleks)
    • The Fifth Doctor (Resurrection of the Daleks)
    • The Sixth Doctor (Revelation of the Daleks)
    • The Seventh Doctor (Remembrance of the Daleks)
    • The Tenth Doctor (The Stolen Earth).

  • The congregation of Daleks that Clara and Missy meet on Skaro include:

    • The silver/blue model used from The Daleks to The Space Museum.
    • The Emperor Dalek’s personal guard from The Evil of the Daleks.
    • The grey/black model used from Day of the Daleks to Remembrance of the Daleks.
    • The Special Weapons Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks.
    • A black Dalek resembling Dalek Sec, who maintained a presence in the series from: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday to Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.
    • The Supreme Dalek model from The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End.
    • The incumbent bronze model that has been in use since Dalek.

  • Clara is still teaching classes about Jane Austen, only this time she seems to have met her. (The Caretaker)
  • The Doctor had previously contemplated his death on a battlefield, at Trenzalore (The Time of the Doctor)
  • As UNIT tracks locations that The Doctor has visited in the past across the globe in an attempt to deduce where he could have gone for his last destination, Jac notes San Martino, (The Masque of Mandragora), Troy (The Myth Makers), multiple visits to New York (The Chase, Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks, The Angels Take Manhattan,  The Monsters from the Past, Time Bomb, Dinosaurs in New York!, The Greed of the Gavulav, The Doctor and the Nurse,  Cat’s Cradle: Warhead, Christmas on a Rational Planet, Presence, Best Seller, Femme Fatale, Beautiful Chaos, The Forgotten Army, Blackout, Invaders from Mars), and three possible versions of Atlantis. (The Underwater Menace, The Dæmons, The Time Monster,  Transit,  Antidote to Oblivion, Scavenger)
  • The Doctor invented the word”dude”.
  • The Doctor jokes about having bought his tank online from his fish, meaning fish-tank. Saying it will be hilarious in a few centuries.
  • Clara says The Doctor will “go Scottish” if UNIT doesn’t have a reason for calling him. (Deep Breath)
  • Missy says a Time Lord is supposed to die after meditation, in which they show their acceptance of it. Prologue, The Doctor’s Meditation)

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