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Bill Rory
Twice Upon A Time

Clara as in Twice upon a Time




Played by:
Jenna Coleman
Tenure 1st September 2012–25 December 2017
First appearance Asylum Of The Daleks (guest)
Last appearance Twice Upon A Time (guest)
Number of series 3


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Oswin Oswald is introduced in the first episode of the seventh series, “Asylum Of The Daleks“. She is the sole survivor of the Starship Alaska, which crashed on the Asylum, a prison planet for insane Daleks, evil cyborg aliens. The Doctor plans on rescuing her, but discovers she has been converted into a Dalek, and has coped by retreating into a fantasy of her own survival. Oswin assists the Doctor and his travelling companions in escaping the planet unharmed, but at the cost of her own life. Later, after the loss of his two companions, the character is reintroduced as Clara in the 2012 Christmas special “The Snowmen“. Clara is a barmaid and a governess who is invited to become the Doctor’s newest companion after he saves her from an attack by snowmen brought to life by the evil Great Intelligence. Clara falls to her death shortly after being shown the TARDIS, the Doctor’s time and space machine, and her tombstone reveals her full name to be Clara Oswin Oswald.

The Doctor realises she is the same woman as Oswin from the Asylum, and intrigued by a woman who has lived and died twice in different periods of history, he begins searching across time for another Clara. The episode ends with a contemporary young woman (Coleman) walking through the graveyard and pausing by Clara Oswin Oswald’s tomb. In “The Bells of Saint John“, the 21st century Clara meets the Doctor in contemporary London, and he takes her on as a companion with a view to solving the mystery of the impossible girl. “The Rings of Akhaten” explores Clara’s backstory as the Doctor searches for clues to the mystery of her identity, but after surveying her parents and her childhood is puzzled to discover nothing out of the ordinary.

The episode reveals that she had lost her mother as a teenager.

In “Hide”, the Doctor travels to the haunted mansion not because of the ghost but to ask its resident psychic about Clara, who confirms Clara is just an ordinary girl. “Hide” and “Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS” also reveal that the TARDIS does not like Clara. In the latter episode, in an averted timeline, the Doctor confronts Clara about the two previous versions of her he had met, but she does not know what he is talking about. The mystery surrounding

Clara is revealed in “The Name of the Doctor ” when she sacrifices her existence in time to undo the harm the Great Intelligence has done to the Doctor’s timestream.

As a result, incarnations of herself are scattered throughout the Doctor’s history, appearing to every known face of the Doctor and saving his life in numerous ways—for the most part unnoticed—and even ensures that the First Doctor (William Hartnell) picks the right TARDIS on his home planet, prior to the show’s first episode. Lost in the Doctor’s timestream, she is eventually rescued and brought back into existence by the Eleventh Doctor, Clara also appears in a short prequel to “The Bells of Saint John” as a child who talks to the Doctor at a playground. The Doctor does not realise her identity, which is revealed to the viewer. Coleman later played Clara in “He Said, She Said“, the online prequel to “The Name of the Doctor“. Clara also features alongside the Eleventh Doctor in the New Series Adventures novel Shroud of Sorrow, published April 2013. She will appear in IDW Publishing’s comic story Deadwood. In The Day of the Doctor Clara appeared at the beginning teaching at Coal Hill School, a nod to An Unearthly Child source : en wikipedia

Travels with the Twelfth Doctor

Clara continued to travel with the Doctor after he regenerated and looked after him in Deep Breath, she continued travelling with him despite her doubts he was the same man after hearing the sound of the TARDIS and Vastra telling her.

She went inside the Dalek with the Doctor and began a relationship with Danny Pink She was the first companion to use the telepathic circuits of the TARDIS

Clara is the only character other than the Doctor to be billed first and have her face appear in the title sequence.

Clara has been said to have seen every incarnation of the Doctor throughout her various lives. Actual meetings have been depicted on screen with the First Doctor, War Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Twelfth Doctor. She is also shown to have caught the Third Doctor’s attention, and to have been in close proximity to the Second Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Eighth Doctor and Tenth Doctor, not to mention manifestations of all past incarnations while in the Doctor’s time stream.

Clara Oswald said that Alec Palmer’s love for Emma Grayling stuck out like a big chin. This was reflected by Oswin, who commented that the Doctor had a big chin.

Clara’s features included her long brunette hair that she usually kept down, but occasionally tied up in a ponytail or bun. She also adopted a bob haircut briefly at one point (Mummy on the Orient Express).

She also had big, round, brown eyes. She appeared to wear very little makeup; the Twelfth Doctor was very confused when she had put some on for a date with Danny Pink, asking why she had coloured her face. (Time Heist) She wore a variety of jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Dresses were her main item of clothing, along with tights, jackets and skirts. She regularly carried around a red bag that sometimes held her keepsake book that used to belong to her mother.

Meeting with the Doctor, Clara nearly told him about what happened with Danny when the Doctor assumed he returned and she would be ending her adventures with him for a life with Danny. However, she stopped herself when he told her he found Gallifrey. Clara said goodbye to the Doctor and watched him depart once more as she didn’t want to spoil his happiness. (Death in Heaven)

Santa’s elves made a crack about her height being about the same as their dwarven size after she accidentally said something they interpreted as a racist remark. (Last Christmas)

Jenna Coleman allegedly had a “change of heart” on whether she wanted to stay on Doctor Who and is going to appear in the ninth series. This change required the Christmas special to be rewritten; “When it came to Clara, they had to tear them up and start again,” the source said. “In the original draft of the script, she became an old woman who then died with the Doctor at her side. But after they were rewritten, she will now be seen returning to the Tardis, hand in hand with the Doctor.” That source said she would appear in the first half of the series, however a newer source confirm her for the full series 9

The announcement ‘The Doctor and Clara wil return in – The Magician’s Apprentice appears at the end of this episode. The title of the series 9 premiere was confirmed by Steven Moffat a week prior to this special’s broadcast. Shona likened the Doctor to a magician several times during the episode, and Santa made a passing mention of the very same nature.

The Doctor and Clara travelled to a galactic auction in Earth’s orbit where unclaimed storage was being bidded on. One of the storage pods belonged to the reclusive collector Hyphen T Hyphen. When the pod was opened, a mother Rigellan Hyper-Kraken emerged and began killing everyone. Her eggs were jolted after being transported with the station’s dimensional shunt and began to hatch. Clara helped distract the Hyper-Kraken along with the station’s auctioneer as the Doctor safely transported the Hyper-Kraken, her eggs and the storage pods to a backwater world. (Space Invaders!)

The Doctor and Clara went on a tour of Snowcap University in Antarctica in 2048. While taking a helicopter ride, they learnt that one of the students, Polly Evans, had stayed behind at the end of term to join the classified Project Sub-Zero. When another student, Quinn Norton, who also a part of Project Sub-Zero, was killed in a helicopter crash the Doctor and Clara narrowly avoided being on along with Polly’s father George, they returned to Snowcap U to investigate. Clara met a research graduate called Winnie Clarence, short for “Oswin Clarence”. Winnie looked exactly like Clara and recalled dreams of living a thousand lives in a thousand places. Winnie overheard a discussion between the Doctor and Clara over whether or not this meant she was one of her splinters who was born to die based on a decision Clara made and ran off on a snowmobile. Clara tried following after Winnie but the two fell down a crevasse into an ice cavern where the missing students had been experimented on, engineered by Dr Patricia Audley to survive in extreme cold. Along with the spy Paul South, Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity.

The Doctor transmitted a signal with his sonic causing Dr Audley’s animals to go wild. After feigning betrayal of the two, Winnie threw the Doctor the key to free the hybrid subjects from their cells, and saved the Doctor’s life by pulling Dr Audley into a vat of liquid ice after Audley pulled a gun on him. Dr Audley was killed, but Winnie survived when she unwittingly had a syringe of Dr Audley’s experimental blue blood serum injected into her, allowing her to live inside the ice. Clara realised that this meant that not all of the splinters died saving the Doctor, and several of them had lives of their own. (Blood and Ice)

Clara joined the Doctor in a mission to help Mr Hitch recover the sentient superweapon the Hadax Ura. The Hadax Ura shot down the landing craft the team were inside, revealing the weapon’s location on the planet Unnamed BX-4, but the team were able to escape using jetpacks. While piloting a jetpack, Clara got separated from the team when she was attacked by pterosaurs, causing her to fall into the Jungle.

Clara met the Jungle’s organic avatar, who took the form of Danny in an attempt to get Clara to trust him. Although this didn’t work, the Doctor found Clara and the organic avatar, and the avatar told them that the Hadax Ura had been “devouring” the Jungle, and turning its indigenous life into an army, and asked them either to destroy the weapon, or to take it elsewhere. The Doctor realised that this meant it intended to end the war between the Hub Alliance and the Axis Worlds, and the Hadax Ura began augmenting the crew to become its footsoldiers. Believing it had augmented Clara as well, the Hadax Ura had actually linked the Jungle’s computer systems to its own after augmenting the avatar. The avatar appeared to shut down the Hadax Ura and its augmented soldiers, but in fact, the Hadax Ura had tricked Hitch’s team to bring it on board the lander as a means of escape for the Hadax Ura. With Clara surrounded by the converted Gela and Wiremu and about to be killed by them, the avatar saved her life by destroying them with the entire Jungle’s wildlife. When the Doctor returned, Clara kissed goodbye the Danny avatar, who told her he would always be in her memories. When she left the planet, she asked to never reaturn (Spirits of the Jungle)

When all the planes of Earth were frozen, UNIT requested Clara’s help. they eventually discovered that Missy was behind the planes. Missy proposed a meeting with Clara. However, she would not reveal how she was still alive. Clara and Missy managed to track the Doctor down to Essex in 1138.

After finding out that the Doctor had been having a 3 week party there, they were captured by Colony Sarff who takes them to what the Doctor assumes is a space hospital. The Doctor tells Clara about Davros. After the Doctor is taken from his cell, Missy and Clara discover that they aren’t in space, but realise that they are really on Skaro, which reveals itself. Clara and Missy are then captured by a Dalek and taken to the Supreme Dalek who orders for their “Extermination”. Clara disappeared as she is shot.
(The Magician’s Apprentice). Despite the appearance that she had been killed, Clara ended up far away from the Dalek City with Missy. The latter led them into a Dalek burial ground, where she attacked and killed a Dalek. She told Clara to get in it, and so she obliged, leading Missy through the city as her “prisoner”. When she was found by the Doctor, Missy attempted to convince him that the Dalek that in fact was Clara had in fact murdered Clara. The Doctor told her to open the Dalek casing, and found Clara in it and told Missy to run. Later on Clara stood with the Doctor and watched the Dalek city burn. (The Witch’s Familiar)

She travelled with the Doctor to the Drum, an underwater mining base in Scotland, in the year 2119, where they were met with a group of murderous ghosts, who had been repeating coordinates to the location of a stasis pod inside a nearby church. After the ghosts were captured inside a Faraday cage, the pod was brought inside. Meanwhile, the ghosts’ meddling with the Drum’s day-night cycle caused the base to be flooded, and cutting Clara off from the Doctor. As the Doctor travelled back to before the nearby town was flooded, Clara saw a ghostly Doctor outside in the water, (Under the Lake) who was actually a hologram created by the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses, and gave the Doctor the idea to hide in the stasis pod in 1980 to be released that night, which the Doctor told his ghostly doppelganger to do so because he was told via Clara’s phone that the ghost was saying, “The chamber will open,” a bootstrap paradox. The Doctor saved Clara and the Drum’s crewmembers Lunn and Cass by once again drawing the ghosts into the Faraday cage with his ghostly hologram. The Doctor informed the survivors that UNIT would cut away and dispose of the cage with the ghosts inside. Meanwhile, the TARDIS was also returned to the Doctor and Clara using Security Protocol 712. (Before the Flood)

On another adventure with the Doctor, she spent too long in the Spider Mines and ended up with a Love Sprite crawling up her spacesuit. She was rescued by the Doctor, and they landed on Earth where they were captured by Vikings and brought to their village. Clara met Ashildr, a Viking girl, and they were transported to the spaceship of the Mire, where Ashildr foolishly declared war on the Mire and their leader, who was disguised as Odin. The Doctor trained the Vikings to fight against the Mire, and used Clara’s phone to record their humiliation and retreat. After returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor revealed that the Viking girl he saved, Ashildr, may have become immortal. (The Girl Who Died)

In her apartment building, she checked her iPhone and saw that she had missed 127 calls from the Doctor. At the top of the building’s stairs, she met Sandeep, a child who lived in the building. Sandeep was sad because he couldn’t find his mummy and daddy. Entering his apartment, Clara found his “mum”, who was actually a Zygon. She was then attacked by the aliens and replaced with Bonnie. (The Zygon Invasion)

Although his trust in her had been damaged by her attempted blackmail and imagined attempt at destroying the TARDIS keys following the death of Danny, at some point the Doctor entrusted Clara with her own TARDIS key which she wore around her neck. (Sleep No More)

Clara left the TARDIS and the Doctor when she sacrificed herself for Rigsy. She took the Chronolock from Rigsy and was subsequently killed after The Raven attacked her. Rigsy was later seen painting a memorial for her on the TARDIS doors (Face the Raven)

After Clara’s death, the Twelfth Doctor continued to speak to her and ask her what she would do while he was inside his confession dial. He had hallucinations of writings on the TARDIS blackboard writing on its own respond and briefly, an apparition of Clara herself. She told the Doctor to “Get up off your arse, and win.” A “very old” painting of Clara also appeared inside the tower in the Doctor’s confession dial. (Heaven Sent)

However, Clara was extracted from her own timeline by the Doctor using a Gallifreyan extraction chamber. She lost all physical qualities such as breathing, a pulse and even ageing, being stuck “between one heartbeat and the next”. The Doctor then stole a TARDIS and escaped Gallifrey, travelling to the end of the universe in an attempt to fully bring Clara back. This however proved to be ineffective, so the Doctor planned to wipe Clara’s memory of ever travelling with him. Instead, Clara wiped all of his memories of ever travelling with her. She then stole the other TARDIS, and used it to travel around the universe with Ashildr for company (Hell Bent)

Winnie Clarence

Another life of Clara’s was Winnie Clarence, a student, later a research graduate, at Snowcap University in Antarctica by 2048. Her name was short for “Oswin Clarence”. When she was eighteen, Winnie came to Antarctica because she wanted to explore.

In 2048, Winnie rescued the Twelfth Doctor and the original Clara after they narrowly escaped a helicopter crash near Snowcap, not recognising

Clara’s appearance underneath her heavy snow gear. When Clara entered inside Winnie’s room to clean up and get changed, the two got out of their uncomfortable snow gear and they realised that they were doppelgangers of one another. Later, after overhearing the Doctor and Clara discuss that Winnie was born to die so that the Doctor might live because of Clara splintering herself throughout time and space, Winnie, upset by what they were saying, ran off on a snowmobile. Clara tried following after Winnie but the two fell down a crevasse into an ice cavern where the missing students had been experimented on, engineered by Dr Patricia Audley to survive in extreme cold. Along with the spy Paul South, Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity after Clara allowed herself to be captured while posing as Winnie, causing Dr Audley to drop her guard as she didn’t know about the two of them.

Winnie pretended to side with Dr Audley and betray the Doctor and Clara by letting the Doctor die, and instead tricked Dr Audley into showing the Doctor the signal that caused the animals to go wild. The Doctor transmitted this signal with his sonic screwdriver, and in the confusion, Winnie threw the Doctor the key so he could rescue the remaining prisoners from their cells, stopping Dr Audley’s plans. Winnie saved the Doctor’s life by pulling Dr Audley into a vat of liquid ice after Audley pulled a gun on him. Dr Audley was killed, but Winnie survived when she unwittingly had a syringe of Dr Audley’s experimental blue blood serum injected into her, allowing her to live inside the ice. Winnie’s roommate Marianne pulled her out of the ice, where she reunited with her mother, Mabel. Clara realised that this meant that not all of the splinters died saving the Doctor, and several of them had lives of their own. Winnie, thus, became the first splinter to meet Clara “prime” and be made aware of her purpose. (Blood and Ice)


Clara was a very feisty, brave, clever and warm-hearted woman with a sharp wit and a thirst for adventure. During her first encounter with the Doctor from her point of view, she was somewhat reserved and didn’t reveal her true feelings easily. Although she was noted for being very clever, she had no computer skills at first, only becoming a computer genius after being uploaded into the Wi-Fi by a Spoonhead. She was wary of the Doctor at first, believing him to be some kind of internet freak. She was also very good at looking after children. She followed Merry Galel, a small lost child, to help her find her way. This demonstrated her impulsive inclination to help children, also proved by her becoming a nanny (and later a school teacher). However, she thought things through carefully at first, as shown when she didn’t instantly agree to join the Doctor on his adventures and told him to come back the next day. Clara was also quite cautious at first and was unsure what to make of the Doctor’s bizarre personality. Clara was flirtatious, but during her first adventure with the Doctor she seemed to react to situations rather than initiate them, unlike her other more proactive incarnations. She seemed touched that the Doctor was guarding her, although she was unsure what the danger was. As time went on, however, and she adapted to life with the Doctor, she developed a reckless streak; when the Doctor told her that that anything could happen to her when travelling with him, she merely replied “That’s what I’m counting on.” She also became more curious, as shown when she opened a door with an explosion, which she admitted to herself was a bad decision. (The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten, Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS)

Clara had close relationships with her mother and father, and kept the leaf that had started their relationship for many years after her mother’s death. Clara had a great strength of character and was very brave and selfless, even more so than the Doctor at times. She was easily willing to give up things extremely important in order to save people she hardly knew. Although she was frightened of Akhaten, she showed great courage by standing up to it and helping the Doctor defeat it. She gave up both her leaf and her mother’s ring in order to defeat The Old God, although she later got the ring back. Clara’s selfless and loyal nature led her to make a huge sacrifice for the Doctor by jumping into his time stream to save him from the wrath of the Great Intelligence, even after River Song told her that her real self would die, leaving only echoes. The Doctor shortly thereafter jumped in to save her. Her selflessness was reflected by her echoes, especially her Dalek-self who brought down the shields of the Asylum, allowing the Doctor to complete his mission of destroying it and escaping with Amy and Rory. (Asylum Of The Daleks, The Rings of Akhaten, The Name of the Doctor)

Clara was also very caring and compassionate. She felt genuinely sorry for the Ice Warrior Skaldak when she was told about the death of his daughter and later managed to convince him not to destroy the Earth by reminding him of how many daughters he would kill. She was also disgusted by Winifred Gillyflower’s abuse of her daughter, Ada and comforted Porridge when he said he felt like a monster. She also assured Robin Hood that he would be reunited with his love, an instinct that turned out to be correct. (Cold War, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare In Silver, Robot of Sherwood)

Clara was willing to stand up to people to defend her rights and disliked being seen as anything less than a person. When the Doctor later revealed that she reminded him of a “friend” who had died (actually the Victorian-era version of Clara herself), Clara told him that she would be happy to travel with him, but not if she were viewed as a ghost of someone else. She said that she was a separate, unique individual, and wanted to be treated as such. (The Rings of Akhaten) Clara again showed her dislike of being seen as a “ghost” by the Doctor when the two travelled throughout the Earth’s history, and the Doctor compared life in the TARDIS to being outside of time. She felt rather emotional about seeing the entire life cycle of Earth and wondered if her body was in the ground somewhere. (Hide) Her willingness to defend her rights was also shown when she scolded the Twelfth Doctor for abandoning her and forcing her to make an extremely difficult decision about whether or not to let the creature that emerged from the Moon live, especially since he knew all along that the creature was harmless. She claimed that it wasn’t his right to patronize humanity and that, since he breathed their air, it was his responsibility to help them out when they needed it. This shows that she was willing to be blunt towards a friend when she felt that they had crossed a line.(Kill the Moon)

Clara initially disliked the TARDIS, calling her a “grumpy old cow”, in reaction to the TARDIS’ apparent dislike of her. (The Rings of Akhaten)

Clara once confided to the Doctor that she felt the TARDIS was looking at her. However, she did try to be civil to the TARDIS, unless she was frustrated or desperate like when the Doctor was trapped in a pocket universe, and apologised when she shook water all over her floor from her umbrella. (Hide) She later kissed the TARDIS console when she thought that the TARDIS had brought her to the control room. (Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS) After sacrificing herself for the Doctor on Trenzalore, (The Name of the Doctor) Clara finally managed to earn the TARDIS’ respect, being the only person apart from the Doctor known to be able to open and close her doors with a snap of her fingers. (The Day of the Doctor) The TARDIS also extended its shields to protect her when she hung on to return to the Doctor, despite the fact that doing so slowed the TARDIS’ travel severely. (The Time Of The Doctor)

Clara was quite observant, being the first person to notice that the ghost in Caliburn House was always in the same position and easily recognising a romantic attraction between two people, saying that Alec Palmer’s feelings for Emma Grayling stuck out like “a big chin”. Clara’s keen sense of observation made her the first person to realise that Sweetville had a chimney that didn’t blow smoke. She was also very resourceful and could use anything to her advantage, as shown by her use of a chair to smash Winifed Gillyflower’s machine. He resourcefulness was even enough to impress the Doctor, who remarked that ‘chairs are useful’. Clara also had a knack for playing politics, as shown when she reminded Skaldak that he listened to her when she begged him to spare Grisenko’s life and convinced the Half-Face Man that killing her would not help it in the slightest. (Cold War, Hide, The Crimson Horror, Deep Breath)

Clara was happy to try alien food in the Festival of Offerings, though she didn’t like it. (The Rings of Akhaten) She could frequently be found making and drinking tea, (The Bells of Saint John, The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor) but considered whiskey to be “the eleventh most disgusting thing ever invented”. (Hide)

When alone, Clara would sometimes talk to herself. Her curiosity even led her to learn the Doctor’s true name, although she forgot it when the Doctor rewrote time. Clara was terrified when she was cornered by a mysterious zombie creature, and after the Doctor rescued her she punched him on the arm. She was shocked and devastated when she realised the burning zombie that had chased her was herself from an alternate reality. (Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS)

When left in charge of a group of soldiers by the Doctor, Clara showed that she was a natural leader, adapting to the situation very quickly and keeping the soldiers in line. However, she did seem unprepared for the possibility of someone disobeying her. She was a good strategist and could use anything available to her advantage, using a cable to electrocute the Cybermen in a moat, although this idea failed due to the Cybermen’s ability to upgrade their defences on the spot. Clara was very protective of Angie and Artie Maitland and at one point even referred to them as “my children”, suggesting that she considered them to be her daughter and son, despite Angie constantly pointing out that she wasn’t their mother. Clara was also humble and had no interest in being queen of the universe, gently refusing Porridge’s offer of marriage. (Nightmare In Silver)

Despite their rather uneasy start, Clara and the Eleventh Doctor formed a strong bond very quickly.

She also showed great trust in the Doctor, even after Emma Grayling warned her that he had “a sliver of ice in his heart”.(Hide) She viewed him as her best and most trusted friend, even going so far to sacrifice her own life for his safety. (The Name of the Doctor) Throughout their adventures, Clara and the Doctor apparently never discussed the Doctor’s attraction to Clara, and she appeared to appreciate the signs of affection he occasionally showed her, (Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, The Crimson Horror) although she once said in one of their earlier adventures that she didn’t see the Doctor as a love interest. (Hide) However, over the course of their adventures together, they developed something akin to a relationship. Clara also once remarked that she really enjoyed hugging the Doctor. (Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS) The idea of personal space was constantly forgotten between the two of them. After the events that transpired at his tomb at Trenzalore, Clara and the Eleventh Doctor apparently grew much closer and trusting to each other, with the latter showing an enormous amount of trust in Clara. Although Clara was aware that he had wiped out his own people and the Daleks to end the Time War, she had never been able to picture his eleventh incarnation doing it, and persuaded him to reconsider the decision he made that day. (The Day of the Doctor) She often poked fun at the Doctor with a flirtatious undertone, rather enjoying seeing him squirm. (Shroud of Sorrow, The Bells of Saint John) Clara later admitted she fancied the Doctor while under the influence of a Truth Field, and refused to accept his impending death. Her pleading to the Time Lords to help caused them to intervene and save the Doctor by granting him more regenerations. However, his regeneration saddened her deeply, as she had formed a strong bond with this particular incarnation of the Doctor and the idea of the Eleventh Doctor dying distressed her greatly. Before he changed, she reached out for him and begged him not to change. (The Time Of The Doctor) The Twelfth Doctor later indicated that the Eleventh Doctor thought of himself as Clara’s boyfriend as the Twelfth Doctor clarified to Clara that “I’m not your boyfriend” and that it wasn’t her mistake he was referring to when he said that. At the same time, Clara told him that she never thought the Doctor was. (Deep Breath)

According to Strax‘ medical evaluation, Clara had travelled with the Eleventh Doctor for approximately three years; by the time of the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration, she was 27 years old. She viewed this particular incarnation as “her” Doctor and shared a strong bond with him. However, this later transpired as a problem when his next incarnation proved to be vastly different than his predecessor. Clara appeared to be in slight denial of his regeneration and struggled for a while with losing “her” Doctor. She also appeared to have been ready to stop travelling with the Doctor after his regeneration and first adventure, claiming that she “[wasn’t] sure who the Doctor [was] any more”. However, the Eleventh Doctor phoned Clara, reassured her about his next incarnation and said his goodbyes to her. This led to Clara finally accepting the new Doctor and agreeing to stay on with him. (Deep Breath)

Although River stated that her echoes were not the real Clara, each of them still possessed similar personalities, notably her quick witted, intelligent, selfless, brave and flirtatious nature, her dedication to helping children and anyone else in need, and her love of soufflés. However, there were some subtle differences in each incarnation. (The Name of the Doctor)

She wasn’t a fan of boy bands in spite of Linda claiming that everyone her age was. (The Time Of The Doctor) In fact, she had had a poster of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius on her bedroom wall when she was fifteen. (Deep Breath)

Clara implied that her feistiness was partly due to her home town being Blackpool. When questioned by Sheriff of Nottingham in 1190, she told him that “you can take the girl out of Blackpool”. (Robot of Sherwood)

Clara loved Sunday School, but hated snakes. (Into the Nowhere) She also enjoyed reading books, as various tabletops in her room were covered with them. One of her favourite books was 101 Places to See, a keepsake book that previously belonged to her mother. (The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten) She was also an admirer of the children’s novel Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (unaware that it was written by a former companion of the Doctor’s). She had a keen interest to travel, as that was what she intended to do after her brief visit to the Maitlands, although after the children’s mother died, she decided to stay and help look after the children in return. (The Bells of Saint John) Clara enjoyed baking too, determined to master her mother’s soufflé frequently, although the results never turned out how she planned. She insisted that she would be “soufflé girl” and that “the soufflé [wasn’t] the soufflé; the soufflé [was] the recipe”, something that she had learnt from her mother, to which Angie Maitland reacted saying that she thought her mother was “deep on puddings”. (The Name of the Doctor) That love of soufflés carried over to her Oswin Oswald echo and proved pivotal to forcing her to remember what had happened to her and, to a lesser extent, her Clara Oswin Oswald echo. Likewise, she had trouble cooking a Christmas turkey for her family, and had to call the Doctor for help. (The Time Of The Doctor)

Clara showed an interest in the life of the pilot Amy Johnson, and her knowledge that Johnson’s body had never been found allowed the Doctor to rescue her as she drowned. (A Wing and a Prayer)

Despite her compassion and strong morals, her travels with the Doctor changed her, numbing her in a way to the requirements and challenges of a normal human life, such as when she declared Danny’s death to be boring, (Dark Water) or when she eagerly jumped on the TARDIS to witness the solar storm, forgetting her duties to her students.
(In the Forest of the Night) Some of the Doctor’s inhuman traits rubbed off on her, especially in moments where she took on the role of the Doctor. She told Rigsy to forget George when he was taken by the Boneless. (Flatline) When Clara used Rudy Zoom’s mind and its absence of self-loathing as a weapon against the Umbra, she didn’t know for certain if the plan would have worked, but knew it was at least worth a try. The Twelfth Doctor, claiming that Clara wasn’t aware of this, pointed out that she was “definitely” starting to think like him. (The Eye of Torment) Her grief over Danny’s death drove her to the limits of her loyalty and enabled her to betray the Doctor’s trust for her own selfish reasons. In the end, she resembled the Doctor at his darkest, using her clever mind in a ruthless manner, though this is lessened somewhat by the fact that she blamed herself for Danny’s death. Furthermore, she immediately regretted her decision afterwards, believing that she had betrayed the Doctor which he acknowledged although he assured her that it didn’t make a difference. After this incident, she made a vow to never compromise her kindness and honesty to others ever again. (Dark Water)


Occasionally, Clara would have a bad case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, uttering an offensive joke or remark when in the heat of a good moment. (Listen, The Magician’s Apprentice)


Both Oswin and Clara Oswald were notable for their brilliant hacking skills. Clara gained the ability from being uploaded by a Spoonhead. Oswin’s hacking abilities were so great that she even managed to hack into the pathweb of the Daleks and erase every memory of the Doctor from every Dalek in the universe, something that even the Time Lord himself was unable to do. Clara’s hacking skills also enabled her to quickly and successfully use Jack Harkness’ vortex manipulator to escape from the Zygons, despite having no prior knowledge of the 51st century device. (Asylum Of The Daleks, The Bells of Saint John, The Day of the Doctor)

Clara’s various incarnations were very good at looking after children. Her Victorian incarnation could change her accent easily and was able to play the part of both a London barmaid and a governess.

Victorian Clara’s fake accent would only slip when she was shocked or frightened, such as when the Ice Governess barged into the Latimer children’s bedroom. (The Snowmen)

Clara quickly mastered the ability to pilot an unfamiliar alien vehicle, having previously only watched the Doctor piloting it. She demonstrated the ability to ride a Moped (The Rings of Akhaten), and later obtained a motorbike. (The Day of the Doctor)

Clara was skilled at using guns and was a good strategist. She could use anything around her to her advantage – such as when she suggested lowering an electric cable into a moat — but when she tried to attack a Cyberman with a mace, it just wrenched it out of her hands. (Nightmare In Silver)

At some point, Clara gained the ability to operate the TARDIS doors by snapping her fingers, an ability previously demonstrated only by the Doctor. (The Day of the Doctor, The Caretaker) She also learned how to pilot the TARDIS using its telepathic interface, becoming the first known companion to do so, though without the Doctor guiding her she wasn’t accurate in her destinations (Listen). She later used the circuits again to pilot the TARDIS to a specific location in Paris in 1923, and managed pinpoint accuracy, though it would seem the TARDIS assisted her. (Four Doctors)

At some point during her encounters with the Paternoster Gang, Clara learned the art of lockpicking from Jenny Flint. (The Crawling Terror). During her time with the Doctor, learned self defense skills, as demonstrated when she used her fencing skills to defeat a robot possessed by Rann-Korr, (Terrorformer) and when she stated that she had been learning tae kwon do after school, though she had little opportunity to display her skills. (Robot of Sherwood/The Hyperion Empire). She was later said to be aiding her students in learning the martial art (The Woman Who Lived) but fiddle with settings on the control console (The Zygon Inversion).

At some point after assisting the War, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in stopping a Zygon incursion in UNIT’s Black Archive (The Day of the Doctor), Clara, in her capacity as the Doctor’s companion, was given considerable authority for a civilian within UNIT. This included being given authority to act on behalf of the Doctor and later command of a team of UNIT snipers in an encounter with Missy (The Magician’s Apprentice, and she was also one of only four individuals known to have access to the so-called “Osgood Box”, which also led to her being given authority to enter the Black Archive at will (The Zygon Inversion), a privilege at one point even denied the Doctor.(The Day of the Doctor)

Clara was one of the few human companions known to have become proficient in the use of the sonic screwdriver, as she used several of its functions, including scanning and influencing objects such as lights and other equipment. (The Caretaker, Flatline). She later similarly became versed in the use of the sonic sunglasses (The Girl Who Died, Face the Raven). She was shown to be able to use them simply by turning them on and voicing a command. (Hell Bent)


Clara was a young woman with big, brown eyes and long brunette hair that she usually kept down, but occasionally tied up in a ponytail or bun. She also adopted a bob haircut briefly at one point. (Mummy on the Orient Express) Clara’s appearance attracted the attention of Latimer and Porridge. Kizlet and Emma Grayling also referred to her as pretty and the Eleventh Doctor himself noted she was beautiful and showed that he was attracted to her when he said, “A mystery wrapped in an enigma squeezed into a skirt that’s just a little too … tight” and smiled happily afterwards. (Nightmare In Silver)

She also had big, round, brown eyes. She appeared to wear very little makeup; the Twelfth Doctor was very confused when she had put some on for a date with Danny Pink, asking why she had coloured her face. (Time Heist) She wore a variety of jewellery including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Dresses were her main item of clothing, along with tights, jackets and skirts. She regularly carried around a red bag that sometimes held her keepsake book that used to belong to her mother.

Clara was five feet and one inch tall, (Deep Breath) which was nearly a foot shorter than the Eleventh Doctor (The Snowmen) and a “very similar” height to the Sontaran Strax, (Deep Breath) according to her Victorian incarnation and the Twelfth Doctor, respectively. The Eleventh Doctor referred to her as being small, (Shroud of Sorrow) while the Twelfth Doctor said that she was “sort of small and roundish” (Into The Dalek) and realised her legs were much shorter than her predecessor, Amy Pond. (Deep Breath) The Wolf made a crack about Clara’s height being about the same as one of Santa Claus’ elves when he said it was hypocritical that someone of her height would say a “racist” remark towards elves. (Last Christmas)

According to Clara, she was average height. (Shroud of Sorrow)

Clara was not oblivious to her appearance and on several occasions acknowledged that she knew she was physically attractive, at one point accusing Madame Vastra of being attracted to her “pretty face” (Deep Breath) and joking with the Doctor, after correctly surmising the origin of the Morpheus machine’s name, “Oh yeah, not just this [indicates her face]”. (Sleep No More)

Flying off, Ashildr informs Clara that their chameleon circuit is stuck and their TARDIS is stuck in the form of an American diner. Clara’s heart hasn’t restarted and she realizes that her death is a fixed point in time and she has to die to set things right. However, Clara notes that she is now effectively immortal so she has some “wiggle room.” Clara decides to return to Gallifrey to have the Time Lords return her to her death, but to go there “the long way around”, going on more adventures with Ashildr before dying. (Hell Bent)


Eventually, Clara returns to Gallifrey and is returned to the moment in time before she dies. Clara is killed by the Quantum Shade with the Doctor unaware that Clara had for a time been saved.

Rigsy later painted a memorial for her on the TARDIS doors. It was still there when Clara and Ashildr dropped off the TARDIS in Nevada for the Doctor. As the TARDIS dematerialized, the mural he painted disintegrated. (Face the Raven, Hell Bent)


Clara picked up at least two nicknames from students while teaching at Coal Hill School: “Ozzie”, of which she appeared oblivious (The Caretaker), and “Miss Oddbod”, of which she was made aware of by the Doctor and found annoying (Terrorformer).
Clara once walked past the tombstone of her 19th century self, which had been overgrown. (The Snowmen)

Clara’s memories were retained by the Testimony which later created a glass avatar of Clara. As a Christmas gift to the Doctor before his regeneration, the Clara avatar restored the Doctor’s memories of her. The Doctor was pleased to remember Clara again and before disappearing, the avatar ordered the Doctor not to forget her again. (Twice Upon a Time)


  • Victorian Clara’s headstone in 1892 states that she was born on 23 November 1866 and died 24 December 1892, meaning she not only shared the same birth date as Doctor Who itself but that she was also 26 years old when she died. This is both the same age as Doctor Who was when it was cancelled in 1989, and Jenna Coleman’s age At the time of filming.
  • Like Madame de Pompadour, Lynda Moss, Astrid Peth, Rita, and the Doctor’s daughter Jenny, the echo of Clara in Victorian London was invited to travel with the Doctor, but died before she was ever able to take her first trip. Unlike the other four characters, however, the Doctor gave her the TARDIS key.
  • In The Rings of Akhaten, Clara speaks of being a child who got separated from her mother on a bank holiday in Blackpool — the town in which Jenna Coleman was actually born.
  • Clara, along with River Song, was one of only two television companions shown to know the Doctor’s real name at some stage. However, Clara’s memory of this was erased soon after due to the Doctor rewriting the timeline. Some of Clara’s memories from Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS have returned to her, but it is unknown whether or not the memory of discovering the Doctor’s name has. In the novels, companion Samantha Jones also learns the Doctor’s true name.
  • Also like River Song, Clara is one of the few companions whose identity has been a major mystery over at least one series.
  • Clara is unusual in that, according to stories that have aired as of June 2013, she doesn’t live full-time on board the TARDIS. Instead, she is brought back to 30 Oak Street in Chiswick between adventures, just as Amelia and Rory returned to their own home between their later adventures with the Doctor. The minisode Clara and the TARDIS indicates that she does have quarters aboard the ship; however, it is indicated that her sleeping aboard was not at that point a usual occurrence.
  • Following Jack Harkness, Rory Williams and Amy Pond, Clara is yet another companion who has had multiple deaths.
  • Clara was the first companion to debut in an American comic before her first appearance in Doctor Who Magazine. Though her first global comic book appearance was in DWA 314, she appeared in IDW Publishing’s Sky Jacks, published in May 2013; her debut in DWM did not occur until July’s A Wing and a Prayer.
  • The 2013 book The Doctor: His Lives and Times includes images of Clara appearing in the background of at least one photo for every chapter related to each Doctor, sometimes directly interacting with him (in at least one photograph, she is shown to be blonde, while in another she appears identical — even in dress — to the 21st century Clara). The policy of this wiki, however, is to not treat this book as a source for in-universe biographical information.
  • Due to the events of Listen, Clara is technically the first companion the Doctor ever encountered, even before his own granddaughter Susan.

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