Hell Bent


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Hell Bent

Series 9

Episode 12

First Transmitted

5 December 2015

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Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
Hell Bent
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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor)

Guest Cast

T’Nia Miller (Female General), Malachi Kirby (Gastron), Clare Higgins (Ohila), Linda Broughton (The Woman), Martin T. Sherman (Man), Ken Bones (The General), Maisie Williams (Ashildir), Donald Sumpter (The President), Jenna Coleman (Clara), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Dalek), Jami Reid-Quarrell, Nick Ash, Ross Mullan (Wraiths)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay 
Produced by Peter Bennett


If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts… how far might the Twelfth Doctor go?

Returning to Gallifrey, the Twelfth Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is Twelfth Doctor’s confession?


  1. A Dalek invasion of the Matrix occurred in Ascension.
  2. Before the Twelfth Doctor shoots the General, he asks Regeneration?. He replies Tenth, similar to the First Doctor when meeting his fifth incarnation. (The Five Doctors)
  3. Charlotte Pollard had previously wiped the Sixth Doctor’s memory so that he forgot travelling with him and went on other adventures afterwards with in her case the Viyrans. (Blue Forgotten Planet)
  4. The Doctor’s TARDIS provides him with a new sonic screwdriver. (The Eleventh Hour)
    Clara and Ashildir have not been able to get their TARDIS‘ chameleon circuit working, leaving its outer shell stuck in one shape just like Twelfth Doctor’s. (An Unearthly Child) It stays in the form of an American diner that the Twelfth Doctor recalls visiting with Amy Pond and Rory Williams. (The Impossible Astronaut)
  5. The Doctor’s TARDIS still has Rigsy’s Clara memorial graffiti on it. (Face the Raven)
  6. When the Twelfth Doctor first walks into the diner, Don’t Stop Me Now as performed by Foxes can be heard in the background. (Mummy on the Orient Express)
  7. The Doctor yet again plays his guitar. (The Magician’s Apprentice)
  8. The Doctor returns to the barn where he nearly detonated the Moment, (The Day of the Doctor) and briefly lies on the bed where Clara spoke to his first incarnation in a dream during his childhood. (Listen)
  9. The Doctor still has his confession dial. (The Magician’s Apprentice)
  10. The Doctor once again states that he came to Gallifreythe long way around. (The Day of the Doctor, Heaven Sent) He also finds himself once more at the end of the universe. (Utopia, Forest of the Dead, Listen)
  11. When threatening to kill the Twelfth Doctor, Rassilon inquires into the number of regenerations granted to the Twelfth Doctor as part of his new cycle, but no answer is given. (The Time of the Doctor) Indeed, it is uncertain if even the Twelfth Doctor knows the answer to this question, as he has previously speculated that he may be able to regenerate indefinitely. (Kill the Moon)
  12. The Doctor refers to the Cloister Wars and the night he apparently stole the moon and the President’s wife, (The Magician’s Apprentice) although he crs the latter as being a rumour spread by the Shobogans. (The Deadly Assassin)
  13. A Time Lord soldier refers to The Doctor of War, while the General refers to the Twelfth Doctor as the man who won the Time War. (The Day of the Doctor)
  14. A Time Lord changes gender. (Interference – Book One, Interference – Book Two, Harvest of Time, Deep Breath)
  15. A Time Lord changes skin tone. (Planet of the Spiders, Let’s Kill Hitler)
  16. The Doctor assumes the title of Lord President of Gallifrey once more. (The Invasion of Time, The Five Doctors)
  17. As with his fifth incarnation, he vacates the position by running away from Gallifrey. (The Five Doctors)
  18. The Doctor is able to close the TARDIS doors with a snap of his fingers once more. (Forest of the Dead, The Eleventh Hour. Day of the Moon, The Caretaker)
  19. Clara‘s affinity for TARDIS controls is yet again demonstrated, (Listen, The Woman Who Lived) being being able to fly her TARDIS without guidance from the Twelfth Doctor like she had previously required or a manual like Ashildir.
  20. Clara states that she is going to return to Gallifrey the long way around, the same way the Twelfth Doctor described his own journey home. (The Day of the Doctor, Heaven Sent)
  21. Its revealed that the Twelfth Doctor meant Ashildir when he stated that the Hybrid was Me. (Heaven Sent)
  22. Its revealed that the Hybrid is in fact the Twelfth Doctor and Clara together as they are willing to fracture time itself to save each other.
  23. The Doctor once more displays his ability to defeat enemies by standing his ground and not resorting to force. River Songonce mentioned how her Doctor could do things like this when talking about him.
  24. Clara and Ashildir‘s TARDIS has a similar desktop theme to the First Doctor’s TARDIS, and its exterior is the same as the original exterior of Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS when he first stole it. (The Name of the Doctor)
  25. Notably the first Doctor Who television story to feature a regeneration from a male body to a female, there have been references to this happening with the Corsair in The Doctor’s Wife and The Master in Dark Water/Death in Heaven and it was one of the options The Doctor recieved in The Night of the Doctor but it has never been televised, in this case the General from his tenth to her eleventh incarnation.
  26. The Doctor plays the first note of the theme song on his guitar, leading into the title sequence.


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