The Auton Invasion

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The Auton Invasion The Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton InvasionThe Auton Invasion


Pages 156
ISBN 0-426-10313-0
Publication Date 17 January 1974


You will be exiled to Earth in the Twentieth Century Time Zone. You will remain there for as long as we think proper. And for that time the secret of the TARDIS will be taken from you.”

Found guilty by his fellow Time Lords of interference in the affairs of other planets, The Doctor  is forced to undergo his second regeneration and is exiled to Earth.

But strange meteorites are landing in Essex and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT has reason to believe that they were deliberately aimed at the Earth‘s surface. In order to avert a possible catastrophie The Doctor joins forces with UNIT and battles with the sinister Autons – creatures whose murderous behaviour is directed by the Nestene Consciousness, a hideous entity of cosmic proportions.

This story was written by Robert Holmes and broadcast under the title The Spearhead from Space. It was the first programme to feature Jon Pertwee in the role of the Doctor and marks the beginning of his Earth-bound adventures.

Doctor Who – The Spearhead from Space has recently been broadcast on BSB television.



  1. Prologue: Exiled to Earth
  2. The Mystery of the Meteorites
  3. The Man from Space
  4. The Faceless Kidnappers
  5. The Hunting Auton
  6. The Doctor Disappears
  7. The Horror in the Factory
  8. The Auton Attacks
  9. The Creatures in the Waxworks
  10. The Final Battle


  • The novel opens at the end of The War Games with the Second Doctor being judged and pronounced guilty by a Council of Time Lords, led by a President of the Court. Eventually, and after rejecting the offered regeneration forms, The Doctor grasped by a force-field and is sent on his exile to the 20th century on Earth.
  • When the The Doctor stumbles out of the TARDIS in the episode, he is still wearing the Second Doctor’s clothes. However, the illustration of the scene below shows him wearing the Second Doctor’s trousers, but the First Doctor’s coat, waistcoat and cravat.
  • A flashback sequence features Jamie and Zoe.
  • The Nestene spheres are green.
  • Hibbert is given more backstory.
  • Sam Seely survives the story and seeks to get rich.
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