Allistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart Victoria

The Dominators

Zoe as in The Dominators


Played by: Wendy Padbury
Tenure 27 April 1968-21 June 1969
First appearance
The Wheel in Space (regular)
Last appearance The War Games (regular)
Last appearance The Five Doctors (guest)
Number of series
Appearances 9 stories

source TARDIS Wikia


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ZoeZoeThe Wheel In SpaceThe DominatorsThe Mind RobberThe Mind RobberZoeThe InvasionThe KrotonsZoeZoeThe Seeds Of DeathThe Space PiratesThe War GamesZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeThe DominatorsZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeZoeThe Mind RobberZoeZoeZoeZoeThe Five DoctorsThe Five DoctorsThe Five Doctors



Zoe Heriot was a young scientist from the 21st century who accompanied the 2nd Doctor and Jamie in their travels aboard the TARDIS.

Zoe was taken from her family as a young child and educated in a scheme known as the Elite Programme. She later became one of its chief opponents. (The Memory Cheats)


Zoe’s home was a terrestrial city later shown to her in the White Void. (The Mind Robber) She was an astrometricist first class and astrophysicist on board Space Station W3 (a.k.a. the Wheel) when she met the Doctor and Jamie. She introduced herself to them as “astrophysicist, pure mathematics major”, to which her colleague, Dr Gemma Corwyn, added “with honours”. Zoe had a photographic memory. She was described by her colleagues as “the librarian”. She was very bad at history, as evidenced by her lack of knowledge of the Daleks, the Ice Warriors and the T-Mat fiasco. (The Wheel in Space,The Seeds of Death) Having been taught only the value of logic, her training left her emotionally underdeveloped. This lack of balance led to conflict. Some of her colleagues challenged her about her apparent lack of personal interest in the Wheel when it was about to be struck by meteorites. When she met the Doctor, Zoe was presented with a case study in how illogical, intuitive actions and instinct could be successful.


As the years passed, Zoe began to have detailed dreams of her adventures with the Doctor and Jamie. Unable to clearly remember her dreams or reconcile them with the knowledge that she had parted company with the Doctor when the TARDIS left the Wheel, she undertook psychiatric counselling. (Fear Of The Daleks)


When the Second Doctor, accompanied by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, was sent to the Death Zone on Gallifrey, Zoe and Jamie appeared to the pair in the Dark Tower and warned the Doctor against going further in the direction he had chosen because they said they were in a force field. Knowing the Time Lords had erased their memories of him, he realised that they must be an illusion. This was proven right and they both vanished. (The Five Doctors)

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