Spearhead from Space




Biological Type:

Plastic automatons

Place of Origin:


Notable Individuals:

Dominique Delacroix
Graham Winslet
Alisha Hammerson
Mickey Smith
Jason Taylor
Sally Taylor
Rory Williams

First Seen In:

Spearhead from Space

Other Appearances:

Terror of the Autons
Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion
Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang
Auton 2: Sentinel
Auton 3: Awakening
The Nightmare of Black Island
Business Unusual
Dr. Ninth
The Auton Infinity
Brave New Town
The Unwilling Assassin
I, Rorius
The Once and Future Nurse
The Glowing Warrior
The Last King of Camelot
Black Friday
Risk Assessment
Return of the Autons
Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing
Strangers in the Outland
Pandoric’s Box
Baby Sleepy Face
The Heist
Revenge of the Nestene
He’s Behind You
Business as Usual
Happy Deathday
The Age of Ice
Plastic Millenium
The Forgotten
Official Secrets
Breakfast at Tyranny’s
Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth
A Little Help from My Friends
Where’s The Doctor?


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The Autons were robots that looked like plastic shop-window mannequins, they were energized by the Nestene Consciousness as an infantry. Despite the fact that they were not by any means the only manifestations of the Nestenes, they were the most effectively recognisable and were used amid each Earth attack.


Each Auton was a piece of the Consciousness, since it existed in all that it controlled, with Autons really containing a bit of Nestene knowledge (Brave New Town, Autonomy) to energize them, though still constrained by a focal Nestene mind. Bigger parts were given to copies to permit replicating of mind examples and recollections, and at times like the Swarm Leader Channing a huge bit of the Nestene could be given to an Auton with the goal that it could nearly be individual, having something likened to sentiments and having the option to legitimately control different Autons. (Specialist Who and the Auton Invasion) although normally coordinated by the Consciousness, if its indication was harmed or confused, Autons units could progress toward becoming rebel and act autonomous. This could likewise happen with Autons left over from attacks that were haphazardly actuated. (Daring New Town, Autonomy)

The run of the mill Auton did not look especially similar. It looked like a mannequin, was mechanical in its developments and quiet, in spite of the fact that the Nestenes may talk through an Auton pioneer, creating an automated voice. (Fear of the Autons) Autons were fundamentally noted for the covered wrist-weapon inside their hands, which could murder or vaporise their objectives utilising clairvoyant projections. (Synthespians™) These were ground-breaking enough to briefly debilitate a debilitated Dalek. (The Big Bang. Some could likewise shoot a traquilizing gas from their hands. (Plastic Millenium)

Regardless of their strong appearance, some Autons were transformative and could change the state of their highlights and appendages. (Rose) they were additionally amazing trackers, ready to discover different animals by their cerebrum wave examples, (Synthespians™) and gathered the vitality units of a swarm after it landed.

Autons were amazingly seemingly perpetual, with one unit existing for just about two thousand years with no obvious indications of wear, even with the connection to the Consciousness broken. While shots had no impact on them, (Spearhead from Space) they could be influenced by radio flag (The Big Bang) and upset by sub-etheric pillars, which went through the clairvoyance measurement and meddled with the Nestene/Auton correspondence on the astral plane. (Synthespians™) they were defenseless against exceptional warmth, as this made them liquefy, and they would likewise be deactivated if the controlling Nestene appearance on a planet was demolished. (Lead from Space, Terror of the Autons)


Notwithstanding the fundamental Auton, progressively lithe and flexibility models were made as copies of people. The Swarm Leader had the option to make the body of a planet’s local living thing without any preparation. The first Auton made, Channing’s human appearance enabled him to penetrate Auto Plastics and sort out the Nestene invasion. (Spearhead from Space)

Increasingly refined Autons could be made to duplicate and imitate explicit people. The firsts should have been kept alive to keep up the duplicate, despite the fact that these were at times blemished, looking and acting human with the exception of a slight yellowing sheen or flash to the skin and a level sounding voice. Whenever demolished, the copies returned to the presence of an essential Auton, in some cases spilling Nestene blood. (Lead from Space) occasionally if duplicate wasn’t essential and an Auton basically expected to seem human, it could wear a plastic cover. (Fear of the Autons)

Much increasingly exact Autons could be made, indistinguishable in appearance and activities to the firsts. These units were embedded with false recollections and really trusted themselves to be the genuine subjects they copied, being undefined. The Auton duplicate of Rory Williams was even ready to recall being eradicated from presence in the time field. (The Pandorica Opens)

Various renowned figures were copied and showed at Madame Tussauds, including General Scobie whose copy was proposed to have his spot and direction the British Army. (Lead from Space) Mickey Smith was replicated to assemble data on the Ninth Doctor. (Rose)

Roman Auton copies taken from a memory print of Amy Pond impersonated people impeccably and were utilised as sleeper operators until the Nestenes later affirmed their impact, in spite of the fact that the Rory Auton somewhat opposed this control. (The Pandorica Opens)


At the point when the Nestene Consciousness joined the Alliance, they delivered Autons masked as Roman officers in 102. These, trusting themselves to be veritable Roman warriors, deceived the Eleventh Doctor, who acknowledged past the point of no return what they were. They detained him in the Pandorica. One of these Autons, formed after the late and time-eradicated Rory Williams utilising the recollections of Amy Pond, did not have any desire to flame on her and attempted to oppose the invitation to battle. Anyway he was unfit to anticipate himself shooting her lethally. A short time later, the Auton helped The Doctor restore Amy with the Pandorica and spare the universe.

After The Doctor reset the universe and time, the Alliance Autons were deleted from presence. The genuine Rory Williams, however, reviewed the life of his Auton copy. (The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang)


In 1903, after receiving a wealth of information from the future, Grigori Rasputin foresaw, among other things, men made out of plastic. (The Wanderer)

Autons were present during Elizabeth II’s coronation, appearing behind the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler, but were defeated by Eva De Ville. (Where’s The Doctor?)

The late 20th century development of plastics by humans created opportunities for invasions of Earth. One invasion was coordinated by a Swarm Leader known as Channing. Channing took over Auto Plastics and arranged for standard Autons to be mass produced and placed in shops across Britain. Channing also obtained a contract from Madame Tussaud’s to make plastic “waxworks” of key government and military leaders. The attack was coordinated first thing in the morning. The Autons broke out of shops to attack key strategic positions whilst the facsimiles helped soften resistance.

Unfortunately for the Autons, the Third Doctor and the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce had found their base and rigged a device to destroy Autons and the Nestene.

Some months later, the Nestene made an alliance with renegade Time Lord known as The Master. Although the Nestene used standard Autons for this operation, the assault relied on deadly plastic daffodils. The Third Doctor convinced The Master to stop his alliance with the Nestene, as the Nestene would not distinguish between The Master and anyone else in their takeover, and the two worked together to fling the Nestenes back into space by “chang[ing] the polarity” whilst the transfer shift of the radio telescope that summoned the Nestene invasion force was still open. This caused the Autons to stop functioning. (Terror of the Autons)

In the 1980s, at Christmas, the Autons attacked again, but were defeated by the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. (The Christmas Trap)

In 1989, the Nestene took control of Winston Blunt. He formed the Galaxy Plastics Inc and then killed himself. In his place, an Auton named Mr Dolman controlled the company. When an industrial spy, Max Fisher, disrupted operations, Dolman attacked and later killed him. An Auton copy of Max was later created. (Business as Usual)

The same year, the Nestenes made another attempt to colonise Earth, using the computer game company SenéNet as cover and the unwitting aid of the Doctor’s old enemy, the Pale Man. Autons were again used, but the main invasion was to be carried out by the Nestene Consciousness itself, which was to be transmitted through SenéNet’s polymer cables into homes all over the world. The Nestenes also experimented on humans, converting them into Nestene replicas. The invasion was prevented by the Sixth Doctor. (Business Unusual)

Circa the 1990s a group of Autons were re-activated and attempted to colonise Earth, culminating in the Millhampton Event. (Auton, Auton 2: Sentinel, Auton 3: Awakening)

Also in the 1990s, an Auton replica known as Alisha Hammerson set up the Hammerson Plastic PLC company. On New Year’s Eve, 1999, she planned to replace several key figures in the plastic industry with Auton replicas so the Earth could be dominated and absorbed. The a href=”/7thdoctorpage” title=”Seventh Doctor”>Seventh Doctor and Mel gate-crashed the party and broke the Nestene link, which deactivated her. (Plastic Millenium)


After the Nestene’s protein planets were wrecked in a war The Doctor battled in, it arrived sooner than required 21st century London to utilise standard Autons to overcome the planet. At the point when the Ninth Doctor came to research, it sent Autons to attempt to stop him. At the point when Rose Tyler acted as a burden, it likewise sent an Auton copy of her sweetheart, Mickey Smith, to endeavor to discover more. The Doctor expelled the Auton Mickey’s head to find and stand up to the Nestene Consciousness. At the point when the Nestene thought it was in risk, it actuated the Autons to go out of control. At the point when the Nestene was executed with hostile to plastic, the Autons were deactivated. (Rose)

In 2010, UNIT Underbase contained an Auton salvaged from a past alien invasion of Earth. (The Age of Ice)

In 2013, Autons set in Hyperville by Miss Devonshire and the Nestene assisted with the endeavored takeover of Earth. Among the ordinary Autons, there were a few assortments, for example, Autons which could extend their heads about a meter, a staggeringly solid Auton, known as B-4, which could choke exploited people and Auton copies. All the Autons were pulverized by The Doctor and Kate. (Independence)

In the same year, with the absence of the Doctor, the Autons almost conquered Earth with the help of businessman Simon Devlin. However, with the full global force of UNIT, the Autons failed. (Vanguard, Earthfall, Bridgehead, Armageddon)

A group of around twenty Autons in carnival masks once attacked the street in which Clifford and Jo Jones‘ lived. Clifford tried to contact UNIT, but failed, and Jo defeated the Autons by jacking their signals with electro hip-hop music created by the twins. (Return of the Autons)


As part of a deal with the Krillitane Empire, the Nestene supplied an Auton duplicate of Dorium Maldovar to infiltrate the Maldovarium. (The Heist)

In 7214, Autons were utilised by The Master to set a device for the Sixth Doctor, in Antarctopolis. The Doctor had the option to stop them by liquefying the plastic inside them. (Detainees of Time)

The Nestene utilised Autons when they endeavored to assume control over the New Earth Republic in the 101st century. They utilised both standard and copy adaptions. (Synthespians™)


The Master had an Auton copy of himself. (Destiny of the Doctors)

When The Doctor’s first eleven incarnations gathered to stop Adam Mitchell and The Master, the two unleashed an army of Autons, who attacked but left the Time Lords and their companions alive. After Adam Mitchell sabotaged the controls, the Autons shut down. (Endgame)

The Eleventh Doctor speculated that the Nestene housed itself inside one of the spaceships orbiting Trenzalore by sending Autons to hijack the ships. The Autons later parachuted into Trenzalore — their weapons being removed to get past the Papal Mainframe’s technology barrier — initially trying grab The Doctor from his home in Christmas and take him to his death, but they were blown off course by the crosswinds. The Nestene came up with a new plan, and tried leading The Doctor into a trap in the Devil’s Elbows Canyon in the Outland, but The Doctor blew up the Lifeboat with boronite, and the Lifeboat sunk to the bottom of Lake Lagda while the Autons were still on board. One Auton was able to escape, but when it grabbed The Doctor’s wooden leg in a struggle to hold on to a slab of ice, The Doctor forcibly unbuckled the leg from his body, and the Auton fell to the bottom of the lake as well. (Strangers in the Outland)

A surviving Auton tried to blend in as a real window shop dummy. (Untitled)


In the video game Happy Deathday, played by Izzy Sinclair on the Time-Space Visualiser, an Auton was among a host of “every single enemy” that The Doctor had ever defeated, who were assembled by the Beige Guardian and pitted against The Doctor’s first eight incarnations. (Happy Deathday)

A robot duplicate of Rose Tyler erroneously recalled that animated shop-window dummies worked for the Slitheen family. (Robot Rose)

When Es’Cartrss tried to take over the Tenth Doctor’s mind via the TARDIS matrix, he used his memories of the Autons to attack him. (The Forgotten)

River Song claimed to have once dated an Auton with a removable/replaceable head. (The Big Bang)

The Autons were filed in the Fourth Doctor’s memory files. (Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

The Twelfth Doctor observed to Clara Oswald that the ghosts, later determined to have been created by the Fisher King, (Before the Flood) were not Autons. (Under the Lake)

The Thirteenth Doctor suggested that a plastic-eating pathogen, later identified as Praxeus, were Autons but soon discarded the notion as she noted that they did not work on a bacterial level. (Praxeus)


Despite the fact that Autons have seemed a few times in the 21st century manifestation of Doctor Who, since 2005 “Auton” has just been utilised in the credited in Rose, and never inside a story, rather they are designated “Nestenes” or “Nestene copies”.

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