The Power of the Daleks


The Power of the Daleks


Pages 256
ISBN 0-426-20390-9
Publication Date 15 July 1993



Disorientated after his regeneration, the Second Doctor takes the TARDIS to the Earth Colony VulcanBen and Polly are disturbed – The Doctor isn’t the man he used to be.

The Doctor too is worried. The colonists have found the remains of two Daleks – which they plan to revive.

Once revived, the Daleks claim that they are content to serve humanity. Can it really be true? Or do they have their own, more sinister plans?

This is a brand-new novelisation of a classic Dalek story, which is also the first story to feature Patrick Troughton as The Doctor. It has been unavailable since its broadcast in 1966.



  • Prologue

  1. We Must Get Back to the TARDIS
  2. It’s Beginning to Work Again
  3. I Think We’ll Make Some Changes
  4. So You’ve Come At Last
  5. they’re Not Going to Stop Me Working on the Capsule
  6. Why Have You Come to Vulcan?
  7. Alien? Yes — Very Alien
  8. Nothing Human, No
  9. You Don’t Half Make Mountains
  10. Plenty of Nuts
  11. they’ll be too Frightened to do Anything Else
  12. It’s Watching Me, Lesterson
  13. What Have You Done, Lesterson?
  14. I Obey
  15. You’ve Done Nothing But Meddle
  16. Keep Her in a Safe Place
  17. When I Say Run, Run Like a Rabbit
  18. Insanity
  19. These Things Are Just Machines
  20. We Want No Accidents
  21. The Doctor Was Right
  22. I’m Going to Wipe Out The Daleks
  23. I Can’t Stop them
  24. The People Will Do Exactly as they Are Told
  25. Every One Must Be Killed
  26. You Have To Admire them
  27. The Law of the Daleks is in Force

  • Epilogue


  • In the acknowledgements, author John Peel thanks Dennis Spooner and June Barry for bringing to his attention David Whitaker’s original scripts for the serial, content of which was ed out of the televised story. As a result, Peel was able to restore some of the content when writing the book and has expanded on what was already there:
  • The prologue refers to John Benton and UNIT, Sarah Jane Smith – who is described as “UNIT’s official chronicler” – and Allison Williams. None of these were introduced into the series until well after the original serial was broadcast. This marks one of the few times that established characters have been inserted into a novelisation of a story of which they were not originally part.
  • According to the novelisation, The Tenth Planet occurs during the 1990s. It is also states that humans went on to examine the Cyberships which allowed them to eventually develop space travel.
  • Frequent mention is also made of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation as the driving force behind the colony’s founding and funding. The IMC’s first mention in the television series was not until 1971’s Colony in Space.
  • The character Thane, the colony’s medic, is written into the story. She is one of the rebels killed by the Daleks during the climax.
  • In the televised version, a Dalek says: “Yes. You gave us life,” before it kills Lesterson. In the novel, it says: “Yes. You gave us life. We give you death.”
  • Bragan’s death is more graphic than it is in the original version. In the tv story, he is simply shot dead, in the novelisation, Valmar shoots first to wound him and save Quinn before shooting Bragan through the head.

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