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Twice Upon A Time



Played by: Michael Craze / Jared Garfield
Tenure 25 June 1966-13 May 1967 / 25 December 2017
First appearance
The War Machines (regular)
Last appearance
The Faceless Ones (regular)
Guest Appearance  Twice Upon A Time (guest)
Number of series
Appearances 9 stories


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Ben was a Cockney. He was born in 1942 (Invasion of the Cat-People) and grew up opposite a brewery. (The Power of the Daleks) He mentioned he once had a headmaster who “got nicked for not paying his bus fare.” (The War Machines)

In 1956, .at the age of fourteen, he sneaked aboard his father’s ship. When he was found out, the captain promised him a job when he was fifteen (which was four months away). (Invasion of the Cat-People)


By 1966, Ben was assigned to the Royal Navy vessel HMSTeazer as a radar plot third class. He made Polly Wright‘s acquaintance in the Inferno nightclub in Covent Garden on 12 July, having briefly crossed paths with her there a week earlier. Ben was depressed at the time because he was stuck on a six month shore posting while his ship patrolled the West Indies. He spent most of his nights at the Inferno night club in Covent Garden. (The War Machines)

After helping the First Doctor defeat the sentient computer known as WOTAN and its War Machines on 20 July 1966, Ben and Polly, mistaking it for an ordinary police box, entered the TARDIS by accident. The ship took off. The Doctor first took them to 17th century Cornwall, where they met Henry Avery’s band of pirates (The Smugglers), and then to Antarctica in December 1986, when the Earth faced invasion by the Cybermen of Mondas. Ben played an important role in the defeat of the Cybermen when he disarmed the bomb that General Cutler intended to detonate and realised the Cybermen’s weakness – their fear of radioactivity. Shortly afterwards, suffering from exhaustion, The Doctor collapsed onto the floor of the TARDIS control room and regenerated in front of them. (The Tenth Planet)


Ben showed more scepticism than Polly that an imposter had not simply gotten into the TARDIS. But on the planet Vulcan, which the three time travellers visited next, a Dalek did recognise the Second Doctor. Ben then accepted the Second Doctor as the man he had known. (The Power of the Daleks)

Ben continued to travel with The Doctor, facing foes such as the Cat-People, (Invasion of the Cat-People) and the Selachians. (The Murder Game) He and Polly were then joined by Jamie. (The Highlanders) At one point in Ben’s travels, he was mind-controlled by the Macra, but ultimately he fought against their control and saved his friends. (The Macra Terror)

Throughout his journeys, Ben never lost sight of his desire to return home, and to his ship, HMS Teazer. Before leaving, Ben and Polly insisted that they would stay if The Doctor needed them. The pair departed from The Doctor at the same time, having discovered they had arrived back on Earth on the very same day they left. (The Faceless One’s)


Ben proposed to Polly in 1966 at the top of the Post Office Tower, which was witnessed unbeknownst to them by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. (The Love Invasion) He was taken home to meet Polly’s parents, but they were shocked by him. (The Five Companions)

On New Year’s Eve 1986, Ben and Polly were once more reunited. Their relationship had not lasted and they had gone on to marry other people. (Mondas Passing) In 1999, the Second Doctor helped Ben meet Polly once more. they were now both widowers, Ben and Polly admitted their love for each other. (That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World Whilst Looking for a Dress) They eventually embarked on a successful marriage. (The Five Companions). In 2010, Sarah Jane Smith stated that Ben and Polly were running an orphanage in India. (Death of the Doctor)

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