The Power of the Daleks


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The Power of the Daleks
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5 November 1966

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The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
Power Of The Daleks
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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Micheal Craze (Ben), Anneke Wills (Polly)

Guest Cast

Martin King (The Examiner) [1], Nicholas Hawtrey (Quinn), Bernard Archard (Bragen), Robert James (Lesterson), Pamela Ann Davy (Janley), Peter Bathurst (Hensell) [1-5], Edward Kelsey (Resno) [2], Richard Kane (Valmar) [3-6], Gerald Taylor [3-6], Kevin Manser [3-5], Robert Jewell [3-6], John Scott Martin [4-6] (Daleks), Peter Hawkins (Daleks’ Voice) [3-6], Peter Forbes-Robertson [4-6], Robert Russell [5-6], Robert Luckham [5] (Guards), Steven Scott (Kebble) [4-6].


Written by David Whittaker
Directed by Christopher Barry
Produced by Innes Lloyd


Still suspicious of the younger man claiming to be The Doctor, Ben and Polly discover that the TARDIS has landed on the Earth colony Vulcan. There, a scientist named Lesterson has unearthed a crashed capsule containing the inert forms of three Daleks.

The Doctor is horrified to learn that Lesterson has reactivated them, intending for them to serve the colony’s populace. But the time travellers soon discover that the Daleks have a far more malevolent agenda.



Ben and Polly are bewildered after discovering that The Doctor has transformed into a completely different, younger man. Ben asks how this is possible, and Polly remarks that The Doctor said his body was “wearing a bit thin” and this is what he probably meant. The Doctor recovers and groans in pain. His head is filled with the sound of drumming. He finally comes to and chuckles to himself that “it’s over”. The ring that ThTe Doctor used to wear falls off his finger because it doesn’t fit anymore. The new Doctor rummages through his old things and finds a mirror which he thrusts into Ben’s hand. The mirror briefly reflects the face of the old Doctor before changing back into that of the younger Doctor. He also finds a dagger which “The Doctor” got from Saladin. Ben asks why he is referring to himself in the third person and begins to suspect he isn’t The Doctor. The Doctor finds a piece of metal in his jacket and murmurs “extermination” to himself. He also finds a recorder. Upon further searching, he finds a Five Hundred Year Diary. On finding this he suggests they go for a walk. He opens the TARDIS door. Ben is concerned that TThe Doctor hasn’t taken any readings, but The Doctor reveals that he has but no one noticed.

The Doctor exits the TARDIS while reading the diary at the same time. The TARDIS has landed on a desolate planet filled with rocky formations and mercury pools, which he manages to dodge whilst not looking up from his diary. He reaches a large rock and, in order to test out his new body, leapfrogs over it. Then he finds a man shouting for assistance. As The Doctor approaches, the man is shot and killed by an unseen assassin. Examining the body, The Doctor finds a badge reading VULCAN / EARTH EXAMINER / ACCORD EVERY ACCESS and puts on his predecessor’s wire-rimmed reading glasses to examine it. Everything becomes blurry and the Doctor soon realises this is caused by the glasses, which he doesn’t need any more. He removes the glasses and carefully puts them away, before returning his attention to the badge; the man is the Examiner from Earth. Meanwhile, The Doctor is almost the assassin’s next target; he is knocked unconscious, though he pulls a button off the attacker’s clothes as he is taken down.

Ben and Polly emerge from the TARDIS, but get too close to the mercury pools and collapse from the fumes.

The three travellers are rescued by Quinn, Deputy Governor, and Bragen, Head of Security. They take The Doctor for the Examiner, something The Doctor elects to go along with. They explain that they are on the planet Vulcan and allude to the fact the Examiner must be here to examine the “space capsule”.

At the human colony, Lesterson, a scientist, is informed by his assistant Janley that the Examiner has arrived. Lesterson has no knowledge of this. Janley asks if she can still have her meeting here tonight. Lesterson agrees, warning her against underground movements, but he is distracted by experiments on his capsule which is made of a metal that is entirely non-corrosive. It has been in the mercury swamps for 200 years.

When in the colony, The Doctor admits nothing, playing the fool and (much to Ben’s annoyance) remains very inactive, hoping to expose the murdererof the real Examiner. Governor Hensell introduces himself and gives him free run of the compound. The Doctor asks about the capsule, and Hensell explains it was fished out of a mercury pool from where it had lain dormant for hundreds of years. The Doctor states that he will look at it later and dismisses his visitors. The Doctor confides to Ben and Polly that he thinks this story is not true.

In the corridoroutside, Janley comes across Quinn, with whom she seems very close. She touches his sleeve and mentions that he is missing a button.

With Hensell, Quinn and Bragen, The Doctor and his two friends are brought to the laboratory where Lesterson and Janley are studying the capsule. Whilst looking around the lab, The Doctor finds a piece of metal exactly like the one in his jacket. The scientists ask him for permission to open the capsule — which he grants them. They open the hatch with a laser to reveal an empty entryway. The Doctor finds a thin opening in the capsule but doesn’t mention it to anyone. He orders they go no further tonight, to Hensell’s annoyance. Hensell states that he must regret sending for the Examiner now. Lesterson said he didn’t send for him.

The Doctor returns later that night and secretly re-enters the capsule, using the piece of metal from the TARDIS as well as the one from the lab as a key. Ben and Polly follow him. Finding his way into an inner chamber, The Doctor discovers two dormant Daleks and some space where a missing third one must have been. Polly screams as a mutant creature scurries across the floor.


Ben is dispatched to fetch a torch to track down the mysterious creature. As he does, he is observed by Resno, one of Lesterson’s research assistants. The Doctor suspects Lesterson has already been inside and taken the missing Dalek. Polly thinks the creatures must be dead, but The Doctor tells her that power is all they need to be revived, and one Dalek could wipe out the colony.

Quinn cannot find the Examiner in his quarters, but Bragen finds Quinn and questions him. Quinn is dismissive and distrusting. The two squabble. Quinn knocks Bragen over during his attempt to block Quinn’s departure. Bragen orders a search for the Examiner.

Lesterson discovers The Doctor and friends in his laboratory and angrily orders them out. The Doctor points out to Ben and Polly that not once did Lesterson stop and marvel at The Daleks on his entrance and says that this proves that he has seen them before. The Doctor confronts him about the missing Dalek as Bragen arrives. Lesterson vociferously denies having the third Dalek. The Doctor urges The Daleks be destroyed and leaves with Bragen to get permission from the governor. Lesterson orders Resno to find Janley and retrieves the missing Dalek from a secret compartment, excited at the prospect of bringing the machine back to life before The Doctor can stop the experiment.

Bragen tells The Doctor about the underground rebel movement. He advises The Doctor to investigate discreetly as Hensell is distracted by the minor acts of sabotage carried out by the underground movement. After Bragen leaves to set up a meeting with the governor, Ben continues to be sceptical about this being The Doctor. The Doctor suddenly silences them and cuts open a piece of fruit to discovers a listening device which he crushes underfoot. The Doctor and his companions try to figure out the mystery of who called for the Examiner and who might have killed him. They rule out Lesterson, who wouldn’t want his experiment tampered with, and the governor, who wouldn’t want someone interfering with his project. Ben implores The Doctor they return to the TARDIS and leave, but The Doctor says that he has seen the destruction The Daleks cause and it is his duty to stop them. Bragen returns to announce that the governor cannot see him until the next morning. The Doctor refuses to wait any longer and tells Ben and Polly he is going to radio Earth directly to stop the project.

Meanwhile, Lesterson, Janley and Resno continue experiments on The Dalek. There is animosity between Janley and Resno as Resno knows that Janley is part of the underground gang. He warns her that the governor knows about them, and it’s a matter of time before they are crushed. The scientists manage to re-activate The Dalek’s gun stalk and sucker arm as well as its eye stalk. Resno is uneasy and suspects that The Dalek is looking at them, but the others are excited and focused on their work.

The Doctor goes to the communications room but finds it smashed; the operator has been attacked and the wires snipped. Quinn steps from the shadows and tries to speak to The Doctor, but Bragen arrives and arrests Quinn on circumstantial evidence, including the button The Doctor took from his attacker, matching the button on Quinn’s tunic and the fact that Quinn has pliers on him.

During the experiment, Resno is shot by The Dalek. Janley announces that he’s been knocked out. As Lesterson goes to get help, Janley wraps up the body and reinvigorates The Dalek herself.

The next day, back in the Examiner’s quarters, Polly doesn’t believe that Quinn could be guilty despite Ben’s insistence he must be. The three are escorted by Bragen to attend Quinn’s inquiry.

Lesterson has removed the gunstick and Janley has instigated a hush-up job on the injury to Resno so that they can continue the experiment. Lesterson is pleased with this and runs to show the governor instantly.

Hensell cross examines Quinn with Quinn pointing out there is no hard pro of against him. Lesterson excitedly interrupts the inquiry to present the re-activated Dalek to all assembled. The Dalek seems to recognise The Doctor. Lesterson shows some of the capabilities of the machine, including its ability to do what it is asked of it. It surprises everyone when it speaks. As The Doctor fruitlessly pleads for The Dalek to be destroyed, The Dalek intones, “I am your servant!”


The governor is persuaded that the Daleks could be of great help to the colony as well as to Earth and gives permission for Lesterson to continue his experiments. The Doctor vows under his breath that he will stop The Daleks. The Doctor tests The Dalek’s servility by ordering it to immobilise itself, which it does begrudgingly. It immediately activates after The Doctor has left and announces that it obeys Lesterson. Hensell marvels at The Dalek’s ability to reason. As Lesterson goes to continue with his experiments, the inquiry continues. Quinn admits it was he who sent for the Examiner, saying he did it to deal with the rebel uprising. His explanation is brushed aside by Bragen, who suggests that Quinn did it to undermine Governor Hensell’s authority and is himself in league with the rebels. Hensell orders Quinn imprisoned and promotes Bragen to Deputy Governor.

In his quarters The Doctor has cobbled together a small device using a control unit he stole from Lesterson’s lab and a metal bracket from the bed. The three travellers go to the laboratory. On the way they encounter Quinn being led away. Polly is upset, but The Doctor placates her by saying that if he is innocent it will be found out. He tells Ben and Polly to amuse themselves as he gatecrashes Lesterson’s lab.

Lesterson marvels as the Dalek is able to answer complex scientific questions. When The Doctor enters, Lesterson is suspicious, but TThe Doctor is suppliant and asks to observe the experiments. Lesterson agrees. Janley receives a phone call and excuses herself, ensuring she picks up a small bundle as she leaves. As the experiments continue, The Doctor secretly attaches his device to the power generator, causing The Dalek to painfully lose control. Lesterson destroys the device and pushes The Doctorout; The Dalek watches him go as its detached gun mechanism clicks uselessly in an effort to kill The Doctor.

Janley and Bragen meet in secret; she is a rebel leader, and Bragen is using the rebels to gain power himself. Janley believes that The Dalek’s gun stick, the contents of the parcel she took from the lab, could be the clinching factor in their plans to take control of the colony. She explains she has an associate called Valmar who is going to help her utilise the gun stick as a weapon. She reveals she lied when she told Lesterson Resno was ill and that he is actually dead; she dumped Resno’s body in a mercury pool. She says she did this to avoid distracting Lesterson from his work, but also says it may be useful to blackmail him with later. Bragan is reluctant to go forward with his coup whilst The Doctor is still on the colony.

Ben and Polly are searching for The Doctor. Polly splits up with Ben intending to go back to their quarters. She encounters Janley who, seeing her chance to eliminate the threat The Doctor causes, directs Polly to the control room where Valmar waits for her. He grabs her and Janley drugs her. Janley gives Valmar the gun stick for him to experiment with.

Ben worries about the disappearance of Polly, but The Doctor is distracted with The Daleks and doesn’t believe she is in danger. Ben drags The Doctor off to report his worries.

Meanwhile, The Dalek delights Lesterson with the breadth of its knowledge as well as its curiosity. The Dalek is keen to know what all the equipment in the laboratory does. In exchange for increased power and equipment, it promises to manufacture beneficial equipment for the colony. Lesterson is most interested in The Dalek’s promise that it can create a piece of machine that would predict meteor storms with 100% accuracy. Lesterson rushes off to inform Hensell of the good news. When The Dalek is alone, it increases the flow of power from the generator and enters the capsule.

The Doctor and Ben, having spotted Lesterson leaving his lab, enter and investigate. They discover a thick cable leading from the generator into the capsule. The Dalek attempts to stop them and orders them to leave. Ben attempts to short-circuit the generator but is stopped by two reinvigorated and armed Daleks that emerge from the capsule. The Doctor and Ben run for the lab. The Daleks reveal that their plan is to harness the machinery to pulse static electricity through out the colony and make Vulcan a second Skaro.

In front of the governor, The Doctor and Lesterson argue. The Doctor, again, demands the destruction of the Daleks. Hensell overrules this and says they are to remain functioning. When alone Ben informs Bragen of Polly’s disappearance. Bragen then tells The Doctor and Ben that the body of a middle-aged man has been found in the mercury swamp and suggests that The Doctor isn’t the Examiner and is working with the rebels. The Doctor admits he isn’t the Examiner but insists the only way Bragen can prove that to everyone else is to admit that he is the murdererof the original examiner. At checkmate, Bragen says he will not inform anyone that The Doctor is an impostor if he leaves The Daleks alone. Once The Doctor and Ben are alone, a note is slipped under the door, which says The girl is safe. She will remain so as long as you leave The Daleks alone.

Lesterson is pleased to see The Daleks have voluntarily disarmed themselves. The chief Dalek asks if they are to be afforded the materials and additional power they desired. On finding out they will, the three daleks chant, “We will get our power, ” as a bemused Lesterson looks on.


Lesterson reacts by turning down the generator and uses it to try to keep control of the Daleks. He turns it back up when the Daleks assure him of theirobedience. He asks to see the blueprints of the meteor prediction machine. He is very pleased with their plans.

Bragen is settling in with his new power, with Hensell out on the perimeterof the colony for a day or two. Bragen is dismissive and hostile to Valmar whilst the latter fixes the communication system. The Doctor and Ben push their way in and show him the note telling of Polly’s kidnapping. The Doctor is unnerved as a Dalek brings drinks on a tray. Bragen is unhelpful. When they leave, Bragen contacts Hensell, whom he assures that the colony is running smoothly. Hensell explains he’ll be gone for a few more days.

When they leave, The Doctor speculates how long The Daleks will be able to move without static electricity. The Doctor sees a Dalek go into Bragen’s office but then sees three more further down the corridor. This concerns him as originally there were only three. The Doctor and Ben decide to go see Lesterson. On the way, they walk past a seemingly innocent notice board around which he notices a number of people have gathered.

In the lab, Lesterson is disturbed by the large quantities of supplies The Daleks are requesting. He begins to suspect that the Examiner may have been right about The Daleks and wants to ask his advice. Janley blackmails Lesterson by revealing Resno’s death to him to prevent his acting against The Daleks and the rebels. The Doctor and Ben arrive, inquiring about Polly, and tell Lesterson about the new Daleks. The Doctor disabuses him of the idea that the Daleks are just machines; they are brilliant engineers and given the right materials could be infinitely powerful. Lesterson is very shaken by this and collapses; Janley fetches a guard who forces them out. She accuses them of attacking Lesterson. With Lesterson unconscious Janley takes control and further supplies the power and materials The Daleks require.

The Doctor figures out that the notice board is being used to announce rebel meetings in code. He decodes that a meeting is to be held tonight. He and Ben conceal themselves in the meeting room prior to it beginning. Janley and Valmar display The Dalek to the meeting; Janley is in control but is taking orders from a man that The Doctor and Ben cannot see. Valmar has connected a controlling device to the Dalek’s gun. The meeting is hostile towards Janley’s plan to use The Daleks to seize powerof the base. In order to prove The Daleks are fully under their control, Janley uses herself as a guinea pig. The Dalek is ordered to attack her and is unable to. When they mention they are holding Polly, Ben accidentally reveals their presence and tries to flee but is knocked out and dragged away. The Doctor is called out of the darkness by the man in charge of the meeting — Bragen, who reveals himself to be the leader of the rebels. The Doctor threatens to tell the governorof this duplicity, but Bragen counters this by reminding him about the fate of the real Examiner and that he plans to frame The Doctor for that. Bragen has The Doctor imprisoned with Quinn. Quinn is initially hostile, but The Doctor tells Quinn of Bragen’s crimes and that he is not the real Examiner. He notices that the prison cell is locked through a sonic sound and empties his pockets in a search to free himself.

Lesterson awakes and sees The Daleks conspiring together. He fearfully enters the capsule and discovers a room where numerous Daleks are operating machinery. He finds a production line where they are mass-producing dozens of Daleks.


Lesterson, shocked by what he has witnessed, runs out of the capsule, puts a cabinet over the door and deactivates the power generator. He tells Janley what he’s seen inside and explains that he is going to melt the capsule; she runs off to get help for Lesterson. He tries to telephone The Doctor, only to discover he is in prison. The Daleks emerge from the capsule to Lesterson’s horror. When he asks how they’re moving without power, The Dalek explains they can store power. He runs off in panic. A Dalek instructs another that no more than three are to be seen together at any one time, the rest remaining in the capsule. Polly is led into the lab by Janley and Kebble and is to be kept imprisoned in the capsule. The Dalek explains to Janley that they are building a static electricity converter to make them twice as powerful.

At the prison, The Doctor is trying to mimic the sound of the sonic key by running his fingerover a glass of water but is failing. Lesterson breaks in to speak to The Doctor; he screams what he’s discovered and is hauled away by guards.

Lesterson is brought before Bragen as a Dalek works laying cables in his office. Lesterson asks what The Daleks are doing; The Daleks say they are following Lesterson’s orders for an emergency back up station. Lesterson denies ever having given this order. Janley arrives and tries to paint him as a madman. Bragen orders him restrained.

In the capsule, Valmar and Kebble are helping The Daleks with this network, as they also keep guard on the bound and gagged Polly. Kebble is initially nasty to Polly but Valmar sticks up for her. Polly tries to convince Valmar and Kebble of the Daleks’ true natures, revealing to them the deception about the Examiner. She is successful in getting them to be more vigilant.

Meanwhile, Hensell returns from the perimeter and detects an attitude from Bragen’s guard when asking about The Dalek cables.

The Doctor gives up on trying to escape and plays his recorder. The pitch of one of his notes opens Quinn’s door. Quinn incapacitates the guard and frees The Doctor — placing the guard in The Doctor’s cell.

Hensell returns to find Bragen seated at his desk. When asked where the Examiner is, Bragen explains The Doctor’s duplicity and puts him in the frame for murder. Bragen is supercilious and arrogant. When Hensell attempts to reclaim his power, Bragen refuses. Hensell calls for the guards, but they refuse to help. Bragen asks Hensell for cooperation. When this is refused, Bragen kills him with a blast from a Dalek.

The Doctor and Quinn have sneaked into the laboratory and overhear Janley and Valmar discuss the return of Hensell before they leave the lab accompanied by a Dalek. Polly overhears The Doctor and calls out for help. Kebble and Quinn fight and Kebble is knocked unconscious. A Dalek comes out of the capsule, and the trio run. The Doctor jams the door to the laboratory with a spanner as he leaves.

The Dalek army congregates in the capsule and formulates a plan. They are to wait until the humans begin fighting amongst themselves and then reap destruction.

The Doctor, Quinn and Polly discover Hensell dead, but they are captured by Bragen and his guards. Bragen has instigated martial law and orders the trio’s return to prison.

The Dalek army seize their chance and emerge to engage in full-scale slaughter, chanting, “daleks conquer and destroy!”


As the guards usher The Doctor, Quinn, and Polly to prison, they are stopped by armed Daleks. The Daleks refuse to let the humans past. Quinn leads the humans away, with The Daleks merely watching them go.

Janley finds Bragen and rejoices that the revolution is over, but Bragen is unsatisfied; he wants to wipe out the rebels as well. Janley reluctantly agrees and turns to see Bragen putting down his gun, ready to kill her if she did not agree. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they are overheard by Valmar.

The Doctor and friends take an opportunity to attack the guards and escape.

Meanwhile, Valmar has taken Ben and is hiding in the guest quarters. Valmar explains Bragen and Janley’s plan and leaves to find The Doctor and Polly.

Bragen announces to the colony that Hensell has been murdered by the rebels and that he has taken control.

Quinn, The Doctor, and Polly find Ben on their own, and Ben tells them of Bragen’s power-mad plans. The Doctor goes off alone to sort the problem out.

The Dalek order is given: commence extermination. The Doctor is almost captured by Kebble and two guards, but they are attacked by daleks; he and Kebble escape, with The Doctor saving Kebble’s life.

In the lab, Valmar has attached control wires to three Daleks. Janley enters and convinces Valmar that she has not betrayed them. The Daleks offer to fight for them and ask to be taken to where their people are fighting.

With no way of moving forward The Doctor returns and escorts Ben and Polly out the window. Kebble is killed by a Dalek.

Bragen is attempting to maintain control and orders his guards to fight despite the fact that the Daleks are attacking them too. The leader of his guards reports that they are being beaten.

Janley and Valmar soon lose control of the Daleks, who are firing indiscriminately at all humans. They are on the brink of being exterminated when a guard shoots at The Dalek who is distracted, allowing them to escape.

The Doctor and friends make it to the lab and are hidden by a deranged Lesterson as more Daleks emerge from the capsule. Lesterson insists that the Daleks are now supreme leaders and that the humans stand no chance. Lesterson also mentions a secret cable that Valmar rigged up inside the capsule that powered the rebels base. The Doctor suggests this could be the downfall of the Daleks and goes to seek out Valmar.

Quinn saves Valmar as a Dalek kills Janley. The Doctor finds Valmar, and he tells The Doctor where the cable is. The Doctor says he needs more time and sends Quinn to Bragen to manufacture a distraction.

Bragen has lost contact with all his guards and issues a speech asking for the Daleks to lay down their arms. Quinn enters Bragen’s office armed. Quinn orders that Bragen should make his guards return to the capital; they will be a diversion for the Daleks. Bragen agrees.

Back in the lab, The Doctor finds the junction box with the cable he needs to sabotage The Dalek’s static power. Polly, who was on lookout, warns of two Daleks. They enter and state how they have almost enough static electricity to move freely. Lesterson gives his life to distract The Daleks while The Doctoroverloads the power, destroying The Daleks and wreaking havoc throughout the colony, knocking himself unconscious in the process.

Seeing the destruction of the Daleks, Bragen and Quinn realise that The Doctor must have saved them. Bragen knocks the gun from Quinn’s hands and is on the verge of shooting him when he is killed by Valmar.

Quinn, now in charge, is relieved that The Doctor was able to stop The Daleks, but Valmar is appalled at the aftermath: not only are casualties enormous, but The Doctor’s fiddling has destroyed the colony’s power supply and will take months to repair. The Doctor suggests to Ben and Polly “I think we’d better get out of here… before they send us the bill”, and they sneak away back to the TARDIS.

A wrecked Dalek is standing by the TARDIS when The Doctor and his companions arrive. Ben and Polly wonder if The Doctor really knew what he was doing when he destroyed The Daleks. However, The Doctor neither denies nor confirms this. As the TARDIS dematerialises, The Dalek’s eyestalk slowly rises upwards, almost as if it is watching the ship depart…


Ben: [Picking up the old Doctor’s ring.] “The Doctor always wore this. If you are him it should fit.”  [He tries the ring on The Doctor’s finger, but it is too big.] “That settles it.”

The Doctor:”I’d like to see a butterfly fit into a chrysalis case after it spreads its wings.”

Polly: “Then you did change.”

The Doctor: “Life depends on change, and renewal.”

Ben: “Oh, that’s it, you’ve been renewed, have you?”

The Doctor: “Renewed? Have I? That’s it, I’ve been renewed. It’s part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn’t survive.”

The Doctor: [Speaking of the reactivated Dalek] “It knew who I am, Ben.”

Ben: “Well, if a Dalek takes you for the proper Doctor, then I suppose I can.”

Lesterson: [To the other colonists present.] “This creation is called, I understand, a Dalek. Look at it. I have simply given it electrical power, and do you know what? It is capable of storing it! Furthermore, it responds to orders.” [To The Dalek] “Turn around. Move that chair. Stop.” [The Dalek obeys each command.] “You see! Imagine what it is going to do to our mining programme, to our processing, our packaging. Dozens of labour jobs, Governor. It may even be the answer to this colony’s problems.”

The Doctor: “Yes, it will end the colony’s problems – because it will end the colony!”

The Doctor: [On The Daleks] “It can do many things, Lesterson. But the thing it does most efficiently is exterminate human beings.”


The Doctor, Ben and Polly have found two seemingly dormant Daleks Inside the crashed capsule. Examining the floor, The Doctor realises that there was once a third. He fails to notice as a tentacled creature begins to emerge from a hole at the base of the wall behind him…

To the astonishment of the Doctor and the colonists, the reactivated Dalek grates ‘I am your servant!’ The Doctor tries to warn that the Daleks destroy human beings without mercy or conscience, but his voice is almost drowned out by The Dalek loudly repeating its phrase.

The three reactivated daleks chant ‘We will get our power!’ as Lesterson looks on with growing concern…

As a horrified Lesterson looks on, a line of newly created Daleks roll off the conveyor belt on their ship…

The Daleks stream out of their capsule chanting ‘daleks conquer and destroy! daleks conquer and destroy!’

The TARDIS dematerialises from Vulcan. The lingering notes of a tune on The Doctor’s recorder are heard as the eye-stalk of one of the apparently destroyed daleks slowly rises up as if to watch the ship depart.s


  • The Daleks return
  • The Power of the Daleks was Patrick Troughtons first story as The Doctor.
  • Bernard Archard returned in 1975, playing Marcus Scarman in Pyramids of Mars.
  • Peter Bathurst returned in 1971, playing Chinn in The Claws of Axos.
  • Robert James returned in 1976, playing the High Priest in The Masque of Mandragora.
  • The Doctor’s clothes transform along with his appearance.
  • We have the first clear sight in the series’ history of fully-evolved Dalek creatures, tentacled blobs placed into the casings of the new Daleks created in their capsule. (Those seen in The Daleks’ Master Plan were implied to have been regressed to a primordial form by the time destructor.)
  • Polly is absent from Episode Four and Ben from Episode Five as Anneke Wills and Michael Craze were on holiday during the respective weeks in which they were recorded.
  • One of Bragens guards is played by Robert Luckham, son of Cyril Luckham who would go onto play the White Guardian .
  • In one of the existing clips a Dalek has trouble getting through an archway.
  • There is obvious usage of Dalek photo blow ups.
  • In surviving footage, a Dalek crashes into the camera.
  • Starting from 20 November 2016, episodes of the same animated reconstruction were being gradually added to iTunes stores in Australia, canada, France, Germany, the UK and US (as a collection of Doctor Who: The Classic Series), as well as to Amazon Video in the US (as a stand-alone series Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks) at a rate of one episode per week.
  • At the beginning of 2017, a coloured version of the animation was added to the season passes in iTunes (except in Australia and France) and in Amazon Video. BBC Store started selling the coloured version separately.
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