The Invasion


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The Invasion

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First Transmitted

2 November 1968

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The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe)

Guest Cast

Murray Evans (Lorry Driver) [1], Walter Randall (Patrolman) [1], Sally Faulkner (Isobel) [1-2,4-8], Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) [2-8], John Levene (Benton) [1-3,6,8]*, Geoffrey Cheshire (Tracy) [1-2], Kevin Stoney (Tobias Vaughn), Peter Halliday (Packer), Ian Fairbairn (Gregory) [2,5-6], James Thornhill (Sergeant Walters) [2-7], Robert Sidaway (Captain Turner) [2-8], Edward Burnham (Professor Watkins) [3-4,6-7], Sheila Dunn (Phone Operator) [4-5], Edward Dentith (GMajor General Rutlidge) [4-5], Peter Thompson (Workman) [5], Dominic Allan (Policeman) [5], Stacy Davies (Private Perkins) [6], Pat Gorman [6-8], Ralph Carrigan [6-8]†, Charles Finch [6-8], John Spradbury [6-8], Derek Chaffer [6], Terence Denville [6], Peter Thornton [7-8], Richard King [7-8] (Cybermen), Clifford Earl (Major Branwell) [7-8], Norman Hartley (Sergeant Peters) [7-8].


Written by Derrick Sherwin
Directed by Douglas Camfield
Produced by Peter Bryant


When the Doctor, Zoe and Jamie investigate the mysterious disappearance of an eminent scientist, their search takes them to International Electromatics, a powerful firm run by the sinister Tobias Vaughan. Under surveillance by the Brigadier’s top secret United Nations Intelligence Task Force (UNIT), it soon becomes apparent that There is more to Vaughan’s activities than meets the eye.

Just who are his mysterious allies? What is lurking down the sewers of London? Soon the Doctor discovers his ultimate horror – that The Cybermen are in league with Vaughan.

As they begin bursting from the sewers onto the streets of London and cities around the world it is clear that Their plan is the total invasion of planet Earth.


  1. The Invasion was the third episode of season six.
  2. The Cybermen return
  3. * Episodes 1 and 4 are missing, but audio recordings exist. – They have been animated for DVD
  4. Existing episodes have been released on video and DVD in episodic format.
  5. The soundtrack of all episodes has been released as part of the BBC Radio Collection.
  6. Novelised as Doctor Who – The Invasion by Ian Marter.
  7. The scripts of the missing episodes are available on the Scripts Project page.
  8. A fan-produced photovideo reconstruction of Episodes 1 and 4 has been made by Michael Palmer and by Loose Cannon Productions.
  9. Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #189.
  10. Order Invasion DVD

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