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Doctor Who Magazine is the world’s longest running magazine based on a television series.[1][2] It is currently published every four weeks and offers Doctor Who news, reviews, articles and comic stories. There are also occasional standalone publications. The abbreviation DWM is widely used in fandom to refer to the magazine, even though it has had other names that do not fit the acronym.

The magazine was born as Doctor Who Weekly, published by the UK branch of Marvel Comics in mid-October 1979. The first issue arrived on newsstands midway through broadcast of City of Deathat this time, a weekly magazine was still a popular format in the United Kingdom. Marvel republished several of its US comic books (such as Star Wars) in the black and white weekly format. Doctor Who Weekly’s initial cover price was 12 pence, at the time roughly equivalent to 25 American cents.

In addition to these superlatives, Doctor Who Magazine is a survivorof the print medium, having now outlasted many long-running science fiction-based publications such as Starlog and Starburst, which have in recent years abandoned print for website-only productions or closed down completely. In January 2010 the magazine launched a new look as it began to chronicle the newest era of the Doctor Who series as of April 2012 under Matt Smith. In 2011, it published its first 100-page issue.

In support of my friends at Loving Who, I decided to links to where you can find fasinating information on The Doctor Who Magazine, including cover and what page you can find on each issue.

Because of the volume of Doctor Who Magazine, it will be split in to different parts, issues 1-50, 100-200 and so forth

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