The Invasion

The Invasion
The Invasion


Following his first appearance in 1968 in The Web of Fear, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart became a firm favourite with Dr Who’s many viewers. So, in this 30th Anniversary year, it is fitting that he should return – this time in the guise of his actor-creator Nicholas Courtney. On this special double video, Nicholas introduces the character’s second appearance, his narrative bridging the gaps in this original 8 part adventure left by the loss of episodes 1 and 4. Originally broadcast 2 November – 21 December 1968, The Invasion can go ahead at last on BBC Video…

When The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie investigate the mysterious disappearance of an eminent scientist, their search takes them to International Electromatics, a powerful firm run by the sinister Tobias Vaughan. Under surveillance by the Brigadier’s top secret United Nations Intelligence Task Force (UNIT), it soon becomes apparent that there is more to Vaughan’s activities than meets the eye. Just who are his mysterious allies? What is lurking down the sewers of London? Is The Doctor ready to face and old enemy once more?

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The Invasion was the third episode of season 6 and the second appearance of the Leighbridge-Stewart
The Cybermen will not return again till 1974

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