Time Crash


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Time Crash

Series 4


First Transmitted

16 November 2007

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Regular Cast

David Tennant (The Doctor)

Guest Cast
Peter Davison (The Doctor)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Graeme Harper
Produced by Julie Garner and Phil Colinson


The Tenth Doctor is overjoyed to meet his past self, but the Fifth Doctor is annoyed, he believes his counterpart to be a fan that broke into the TARDIS.the Fifth Doctor does a scan that shows two TARDISes have merged, two time zones at the heart of the TARDIS is a paradox that could cause a massive black hole. The Tenth explains that he forgot to put the shields back up after repairing the TARDIS. As the black hole begins, the Tenth Doctor counters it with a supernova.

An impressed the Fifth Doctor realises that he will remember the solution, having observed the Tenth Doctor performing it (who in turn remembered from when he was the Fifth Doctor. He now believes this “skinny idiot” is his future self. The Tenth asks the Fifth where he is in his timeline, but doesn’t get an answer as his past self begins fading. Before the Fifth Doctor departs, the Tenth Doctor leaves him a heartfelt message:


  • The Fifth Doctor’s costume was put together through various sources. The coat and trousers were originals taken from a Doctor Who exhibit. The original jumper had faded so a new one was knitted for the show. The hat was a new panama hat with an original hat band added. The trousers used in the special had extra fabric sewn in the bottom, having been altered for Colin Baker when he briefly wore the costume during his debut as The Doctor.
  • Until the casting announcement of as the Eleventh Doctor in 2009, Peter Davison was the youngest man to play The Doctor at age 29 when he first took the role. He was 56 at the time this was filmed, older than William Hartnell was when he originated the role of the Doctor.
  • David Tennant wrote the speech where the Tenth Doctor explains the characteristics he inherited from the Fifth Doctor and tells him that he loved being him. He included the line”You were my Doctor”, because Davison was Tennant’s favourite Doctor when Tennant was growing up.
  • In addition to the spectacles and trainers, David Tennant’s Doctor also exhibits exceptional skill with a cricket ball during the regular series, another characteristic he inherited from the Fifth Doctor.
  • In interview with Doctor Who Magazine that was released prior to the broadcast of Time Crash, writer Steven Moffat confirmed that “Time Crash” is considered part of the official Doctor Who canon. (There is a cutaway at the end of the preceding regular episode, “Last of the Time Lords” which allows for”Time Crash” to occur between that episode and”Voyage of the Damned“)
  • Director Graeme Harper has directed episodes of both the revived Doctor Who series and the original series – including four featuring Peter Davison.
  • Several lines of dialogue serve to not only address potential continuity errors (such as why the Fifth Doctor looks considerably older), but also to answer long-standing fan concerns such as why the interior of the TARDIS changed considerably between the 1963-89 series, movie, and the 2005-present revival. (In the case of the latter, it is revealed that that interior appearance of the TARDIS is akin to a”desktop theme” which can be changed).
  • The line”Two minutes to Belgium” might be amusing to fans of light hearted British science fiction. In the radio, , book and movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the worst swearword one can possibly utter is ‘Belgium’. (Far worse even than”swutting” or”zark”). The author of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, Douglas Adams, also wrote scripts for several Doctor Who episodes during the late seventies.
  • The exchange between the Doctors: Fifth Doctor:”Does he [The Master] still have that rubbish beard?”, Tenth Doctor:”No, no beard this time. Well, a wife, ” is a pun. A ‘beard’ is a slang term for the wife of a gay man (who marries to hide his sexuality). The lesbian equivalent (husband) is a ‘/merkin’.

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