The Master

The Doctor Falls
The Doctor Falls
Missy and The Master as in The Doctor Falls
Spyfall Part 2
The Master in Spyfall part 2



Played By: Michelle Gomez, John Simm, William Hughes, Derek Jacobi,  Eric Roberts, Gordon Tripple, Anthony Ainley, Geoffrey Beevers, Peter Pratt, Roger Delgado
First appearance
Terror of the Autons (regular)
Last appearance The Doctor Falls (regular)

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Roger Delgado was the first actor to play The Master, he appeared in 1971 in the Terror of the Autons, till his death in 1973 – Frontier in Space.

Peter Pratt was The Master in The Deadly Assassin, who appeared to have used up all of his regenerations, then in 1981 Geoffrey Beevers replaced him in the Keeper Of Traken.

Anthony Ainley took over in Logopolis, which marked the end of the Tom Baker era, he continued till the end of the series in 1989 – Survival but did reprise the role in the 1997 Computer Game, Destiny of The Doctors.

He was extremely vain and narcissistic, with The Doctor noting that he would never destroy himself, even if he could destroy the Earth with him. During the Year That Never Was, he had monuments of himself built all over Earth, and, according to Martha Jones, had even sculptured himself onto Mount Rushmore. (Last of the Time Lords) He also used the Immortality Gate to turn the human race into duplicates of himself, which he dubbed the “Master Race“, and also threatened to do the same to the Time Lords, even asserting that Rassilon “[would] [look] better as [him].” (The End of Time) His vanity was so vast that when the Tenth Doctor forgave him for his actions, The Master collapsed and wept out of shame. After he expressed revulsion at being “kept” by The Doctor, The Master was shot by Lucy and, to spite The Doctor, decided not to regenerate and die. (Last of the Time Lords) His narcissism took a disturbing turn when he met his next incarnation, now female. He would flirt and dance with his female incarnation, admitting that he was attracted to her (The Doctor Falls)

Eric Roberts took over the role as The Master in the TV Movie

The producers wanted an American actor to play the role and Eric was an ideal choice

at the beginning of the story The Master assumed form of a snake as his other form had been exterminated by the Daleks. He caused the TARDIS to crash land on Earth.

Later he escaped from the TARDIS and took Bruce the Paramedics body to help him get a new body, later he realised the body wouldn’t last long and decided to take The Doctors remaining lives.

The Doctor was captured and The Master nearly succeeded but was stopped by Grace who set the TARDIS back in time to erase history.

Last Great Time War 

The Master was resurrected to fight in the Last Great Time War, due to the Time Lords’ belief that he would be to the perfect warrior due to his savagery. (The Sound of Drums) The Time Lords also gave The Master a new regeneration cycle. (UtopiaThe Doctor Falls) He was able to write out most of his involvement in the conflict. (COMICThe Judas Goatee)

In the body of a small child, The Master made a deal with the War Doctor to end their old ways of fighting and to become allies. (Kill God) He teamed up with The Doctor and his companion the Squire for a time, during the period of the War in which the Cyclors allied themselves with the Daleks. (The Organ Grinder)
Sir Derek Jacobi was The Master in the Animated feature Scream of the Shalka and the producers of the 2005 show they invited him back to star in episode 11 of series 3 “Utopia“, after that John Simm, the leading actor from Life on Mars took over from the end of episode 11 to episode 13..

John Simm continued to play the role till the End of Time then a twist They decided that The Master should change gender though he returned in the series 10 penultimate episode.

All thirteen Doctors intervened and saved Gallifrey from the Daleks, placing it and all its inhabitants within a pocket universe. (The Day of the Doctor) The Master managed to escape from the pocket universe in which Gallifrey existed. (Death in Heaven)

Working with the Cybermen, Missy took over the 3W Institute, an organisation founded by Dr Skarosa to care for dead bodies, in order to create a Cyberman army of the dead. She uploaded dying minds to the Nethersphere; a virtual reality housed within a matrix data slice. This reality changed and rewritten the minds, removing their emotions before re-downloading them into their Cyber-converted bodies. (Dark Water)

At some point, Missy gave Clara Oswald The Doctor’s phone number, claiming it was a tech support line, leading to Clara becoming a companion of the Eleventh Doctor and subsequently the Twelfth Doctor. (The Bells of St John, Deep Breath)

Missy went along The Doctor’s timeline and greeted people who died in The Doctor’s name, (Death in Heaven) such as the Half-Face Man (Deep Breath) and Gretchen Carlisle. (Into The Dalek)

Finding herself “a bit busy”, (The Caretaker) Missy began to secretly monitor The Doctor and Clara, (Flatline) such as when Earth was saved from a solar flare by a forest that grew overnight. (In the Forest of the Night)

Missy met the Twelfth Doctor and Clara at one of 3W’s mausoleums, which she hidden inside St Paul’s Cathedral with dimensional engineering.

First posing as a robot and sharing a kiss with the very confused Doctor she later reveals she had lied about the robot part just as the Cybermen were getting ready to unleash themselves on London. During this time Missy told The Doctor he knew who she was, though he had discovered she was a member of the Time Lords as she was using technology from their home world, he had no idea which Time Lord she was, until outside London; as the Cybermen roam the streets Missy says that her name was short for Mistress, which would make more sense in her current incarnation than going by her more well known moniker: The Master, revealing to the shocked Doctor her true identity. (Dark Water)

Missy was captured by UNIT, and is implied to have tipped them off on the Cybermen’s presence. She was taken onto Boat One along with The Doctor. However she sent out a signal to the Cybermen, who attacked the plane. Missy freed herself and disintegrated Osgood. She had the plane destroyed and teleported away. The Doctor found out from the Cyber-converted Danny Pink that she planned to have the rain fall again, killing humanity, who would be Cyber-converted. She later teleported into the graveyard The Doctor had piloted his TARDIS to. Missy gave him control of the Cybermen, wanting him to use them as an army. However she was defeated with the help of Danny, who had not deleted his emotions. Clara wanted to kill her with her own weapon, however The Doctor went to kill her. But she was instead disintegrated by a rogue Cyberman, The Doctor’s old friend the Brigadier. (Death in Heaven)

The Master spawned at least one child, a daughter. The Doctor gifted The Master a pendant after an event which involved her occurred. (The Witch’s Familiar)

Searching for The Doctor

Some time later, Missy re-emerged, somehow surviving her “death”, and got the attention of both Clara and UNIT by freezing all the airborne planes on Earth in time. Summoning Clara, The Doctor’s current companion, she showed her The Doctor’s confession dial, the Time Lord equivalent of a will. Together, she and Clara tracked The Doctor down to Essex in 1138. Unbeknownst to them, they led Colony Sarff right to The Doctor. Sarff then took the three to Skaro, although they were led to believe that they were still in deep space. While The Doctor was taken to Davros, Missy and Clara escaped their cell, but were soon captured by a Dalek. they were taken to the other Daleks before they were both seemingly exterminated. (The Magician’s Apprentice)

She later expressed jealously at the idea that Davros had become The Doctor’s archnenemy and not her. (The Magician’s Apprentice)

An undisclosed scheme 

Missy goaded The Doctor into following her through various time periods while she stole valuable items. The Doctor was too late to stop her each time. Finally catching up with her in the Stone Age, The Doctor revealed to her that he had discovered her true plan: to leave Cybermats behind where she stole each item. Missy expressed her desire to further reveal her plan to him. The Doctor instead refused to listen and boarded the TARDIS in search of some lunch. (Dr. Twelfth)

The Vault

After she was captured by an unnamed species on an unnamed planet, Missy was sentenced to death and, in accordance with the fatality index, the Twelfth Doctor was chosen to carry out the sentence, but he sabotaged the execution machine so that Missy was knocked unconscious instead of killed. Swearing an oath to guard Missy’s “body” for a thousand years, The Doctor scared the executioners away and then had Nardole place Missy inside a Quantum Fold Chamber. (Extremis) The Doctor and Nardole took the vault to St Luke’s University, where they continued to guard it. (The Pilot)

In 2017, (Knock Knock) after The Doctor began travelling with Bill Potts, (The Pilot) Missy began banging on the doors of the vault, only for Nardole to asserted to Missy that he would stand guard and prevent her escape. (Thin Ice)

When Nardole later double checked the locks, Missy started playing Für Elise on a piano that The Doctor had given her. When Nardole was dismissed by The Doctor, who had brought Mexican food, Missy started playing Pop Goes The Weasel when The Doctor told her about his adventure at 11 Cardinal Road. (Knock Knock)

After he received an email from a simulation of himself warning him of an upcoming invasion, The Doctor became tempted to release Missy from the vault. (Extremis)

After the Monks had been driven off world, The Doctor then visited Missy in the vault once again. This time, she claimed to be in deep regret of all the people she had killed through out her lifetimes. The Doctor assured her that she was making good progress on her redemption. (The Lie of the Land)

Nardole later released her from the vault so that she could help him take the TARDIS back to Mars. The Doctor told her that she was acting against their agreement and that he would put her back in the vault. (Empress of Mars)

To test Missy’s goodness, The Doctor recruited Bill and Nardole to be her “companions” and followed a distress signal to a colony ship while The Doctor monitored Missy’s progress from the TARDIS. Missy introduced herself to the cameras as “Doctor Who”, telling Bill that it was The Doctor’s original name; she addressed Bill as “Exposition” and Nardole as “Comic Relief”. However, she was ill-prepared to handle a frightened and violent crewmember, Jorj, who subsequently shot Bill; she was carried off by passengers from the lower decks. Missy accompanied The Doctor and Nardole down the elevators to Bill’s floor, where The Doctor left her in charge of gleaning information from the computers. She discovered that the colony ship originated from Mondas while being pestered by a man called “Razor”, who, upon confrontation, revealed himself to be her past self. (World Enough And Time)

After being confronted with her past self, Missy appeared to be torn between who she was and who she wanted to be. While with The Master, Missy took up some of her old behaviors such as taunting The Doctor, but claimed that she was faking it and was always on his side. However, she honestly admitted that she wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth and had been of two minds over it. Unlike The Master, Missy was visibly moved by The Doctor’s speech and request for their help, tearfully admitting that she would like nothing more to help him, before stating that she wouldn’t. Secretly, Missy had realised that The Doctor was right, that it was time to stand with him and believed that her life had always been leading to her standing with The Doctor instead of against him. To this end, she forced The Master to regenerate into herself to ensure this would come to pass. (The Doctor Falls)

The Master and Missy make their way to the lift where they dance briefly. Stating that she remembers what it’s like to be The Master and how much she had loved that feeling, Missy stabs her past self in the side with a small hidden knife, mortally wounding him. The Master expresses his admiration for Missy’s actions and Missy helps The Master to the lift. Missy explains that she made the wound precise so that The Master will have time to reach his TARDIS before regenerating into Missy. Missy has realised that The Doctor is right: it is time to stand with him. As Missy departs, The Master shoots her in the back with his laser screwdriver, mortally wounding her beyond regeneration. The two laugh and The Master tells Missy that their perfect ending is that “we shoot ourselves in the back.” As The Master departs for his TARDIS, Missy collapses to the ground and dies of her wounds. (The Doctor Falls)

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