Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 4 DVD



Series 4 volume 4 DVD
Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 4 DVD


Number of DVDs 1
DVD Number BBCDVD2608
Certification PG
Duration 135 minutes


David Tennant returns to the role of The Doctor for the fourth new series of Doctor Who and Catherine Tate comes on board as a full time companion. Doctor Who Series 4 volume 4 DVD. Includes the epsiodes:- ‘

The final volume features episodes

Turn Left
– sees the Donna try to come to terms with the death of The Doctor, meeting Rose and a spider on her back.
The Stolen Earth
– The Doctor meets Rose again the first time in two years, the Daleks invade Earth and Davros emerges from the shadows.
Journey’s End
– In the epic season finale, The whole universe is under threat from the Daleks and Davros attempts to destroy the Earth, Torchwood and Sarah Jane attempt to help The Doctor. Catherine Tate sadly leaves at the end of the story.

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