Rose Tyler


Adam Grace
DoomsdayRose as in Doomsday



Rose Tyler

Main Aliases:

Bad Wolf



Place of Origin:



Shop assistant
Dinner lady

Affiliated With:

Deffry Vale High School
Children of Time


26 March 2005–1 January 2010

First Seen in:

Rose (regular)

Last Appearance:

Doomsday (regular)

Latest Appearance:

The End of Time (guest star)

The Day of the Doctor (guest star – as The Moment)

Numberof Series



35 stories

Main Actor:

Billie Piper


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source TARDIS Wikia

Rose Marion Tyler, was knighted Dame Rose of the Powell Estate, and the first known companion  of the ninth incarnation  of The Doctor, and been the first companion of his tenth. She had shared a close, romantic relationship with both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, eventually living in a parallel universe with a duplicate Tenth Doctor.

Rose Tyler, knighted Dame Rose of the Powell Estate, (Tooth and Claw) was a companion of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.
When the Ninth Doctor first met her in 2005, Rose was a nineteen-year-old living on a London council estate who had left school with little educational achievement. Emotionally shaped by living with a single mother and stories about a father whom she never knew, Rose seemed destined for a life as a retail worker.

Instead, The Doctor blew up her workplace and they began travelling together soon afterwards. She helped The Doctor work through some of the pain he had as the sole survivorof the Last Great Time War. When she met The Doctor, she was the girlfriend of Mickey Smith, but that relationship immediately began to decay after she started travelling in the TARDIS. As Mickey himself noted, she transferred her romantic attention to The Doctor.

A major facet of her travels in the TARDIS was her assuming the identity of the “Bad Wolf”. In order to get back to The Doctor, after he sent her and the TARDIS together to protect them from a Dalek attack, she was forced to stare into the heart of the TARDIS, which enfolded her in Time Vortex energy and turned her into a new and seemingly omnipotent being that could rescue The Doctor. She also caused a temporal paradox by leaving herself a trail of clues throughout history, she was able to recognise, leading her back. But it also nearly killed her. The Tenth Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex energy and transferred it back to the TARDIS – triggering a regeneration. She thus became one of three companions – along with Peri Brown and Wilfred Mott – to be the proximate cause of the Doctor’s regeneration.

The end of her time with The Doctor came after she was pulled into a parallel universe during the Battle of Canary Wharf, where she became stuck, as travel between universes had become mostly impossible after the death of the Time Lords. She spent years trying to find a way back to The Doctor. She found one, and returned to heroriginal universe in time to help The Doctor stop the Daleks one last time. In the process, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor was created, and after their victory The Doctor took him and Rose back to Pete’s World, explaining that his meta-crisis identity needed her, just as he had, when they first met, and that, being part human, he could also grow old with her. She remained in her new universe with her mother, brother and that universe’s Pete Tyler. Her closest contact with The Doctor, for a period of her life, arrived when another companion of the Doctorfell into her universe specifically to comfort her.


Rose was born in London (The Doctor Dances) to Jackie (Rose) and Pete Tyler (Father’s Day) around 1986. (The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Army of Ghosts) Her father died when he was hit by a car while she was still a baby. A future Rose who had travelled back to that same day with The Doctor was present for these events, and interacted with her infant self, unleashing the Reapers. (Father’s Day)

Sometime in Rose’s childhood, a cat wandered into Rose and Jackie’s apartment. Despite many attempts to get rid of it, the cat stayed and they gave in, with the cat living for five more years. This cat turned out to be Mitzi, the first cat in Hyperspace, who Rose and the Tenth Doctor encountered in the future on the planet Phostris. Recognising her pet, Rose and the Doctor went back to the Powell Estate and dropped Mitzi off, who would go on to live with Rose and Jackie, being renamed Puffin. (The Cat Came Back)
Several times during her childhood, she was, unbeknownst to her, visited and watched over by her future friend, Captain Jack Harkness, who was stranded on Earth after having been left on Satellite Five. Jack did not say hello, in order to avoid damaging their timeline. (Utopia)

When Rose was twelve she begged her mother for a red bicycle for Christmas, but Jackie couldn’t afford it. The Doctor later heard this story from Rose and went back in time to buy her the bicycle for Christmas. (The Red Bicycle)
When Rose was fourteen she had a crush on Jay Selby, the brotherof her clubbing friend Keisha. Rose spent many nights awake dreaming of Jay. She’d never really been able to talk to him properly until five years later when she helped him to escape the Waterhives. (The Feast of the Drowned) She left school aged sixteen to pursue a romantic relationship with local Jimmy Stone, which ended badly and apparently led to her lack of A levels. (The Stone Rose) Jackie prided herself on helping Rose get over the relationship. (Flight Into Hull!)

While Rose was in her late teens, she and her mother, Jackie, were living in the Powell Estate. (Aliens of London) Rose worked as a shop assistant at Henrik’s Department Store. (Rose) She entered into a relationship with Mickey Smith some time before 2005. (Rose, The End of Time)
At one point, she was asked by Mickey’s friend Vic to pose for photographs. However, as he wanted her to pose in just her knickers, Rose declined. (The Stone Rose)


When she was about nineteen, Rose had her first encounter with The Doctor just after midnight on 1 January, 2005. Whilst walking home with her mother, Rose stumbled into the Tenth Doctor, who was dying from radiation poisoning after defeating The Master and saving Wilfred Mott. Mistaking him for a drunk, she asked if he was all right, and told him the date when he asked. The Doctor told her that 2005 was going to be a great year for her. Smiling, Rose continued on to the estate. (The End of Time)


According to one account, Rose first met the Ninth Doctor when he and Jack Harkness were fighting Autons. She helped them take out the Autons by throwing cabbage at them, and then had tea in the TARDIS. (Dr. Ninth)

On 4 March, 2005, Rose was asked to give lottery winnings to the chief electrician at Henrik’s, Wilson. Unable to find him, Rose wandered into a basement room, where she was almost killed by living plastic creatures called Autons, when the Ninth Doctor pulled Rose away and ran with her. Escaping inside a lift, he pulled an Auton’s arm off. The Doctor warned Rose he was going to use explosives against the relay transmitting to the Autons and told her to run. The Doctor destroyed the store shortly after Rose escaped, leaving her jobless.

Meeting The Doctor again the next day, Rose still had the arm. The arm latched onto her face, and after a small skirmish, The Doctor deactivated it and left, telling Rose to forget him. While she was searching for information on The Doctor, Rose returned to Mickey’s car, where, although she didn’t know it, Mickey had been replaced with an Auton duplicate, and they went out to dinner. At the restaurant, The Doctor found the Auton Mickey and pulled his head off.

Escaping from the Auton Mickey’s attacking body, The Doctor and Rose entered the TARDIS, where The Doctor used the head to trace the signal of the Nestene Consciousness. (Rose) However, they were pursued by Autons disguised as living statues before making their way into the Consciousness’s base (Rose) where they found the real Mickey alive. When the Consciousness refused to leave Earth, the Autons took The Doctor prisoner and confiscated the anti-plastic he was holding. Unable to escape the Nestene Consciousness’ base without access to the TARDIS, Rose kicked the Autons, and the anti-plastic, into the vat containing the Nestene Consciousness. This saved The Doctor’s life, and destroyed the Consciousness. Escaping with Rose and the real Mickey to safety in the TARDIS, The Doctor asked Rose to travel with him. She refused, so he left before returning and stated that the TARDIS also travelled in time, causing her to kiss and thank Mickey goodbye before running into the TARDIS. (Rose)


For her first trip time-travelling, The Doctor took Rose to Platform One in the year 5, 000, 000, 000, to observe the Earth when it was consumed by the sun. The Doctor introduced Rose to several aliens that observed the event for “fun”, which intimidated her. The Doctor upgraded Rose’s mobile phone so that she could speak to her mother, Jackie, five billion years in the past. After the entire platform shook, The Doctor investigated the maintenance pipes with Jabe of the Forest of Cheem. While The Doctor was off investigating, Rose insulted the “last human”, Lady Cassandra, for undergoing so much plastic surgery that she had no humanity left.

Cassandra sent the Adherents of the Repeated Meme to knock Rose unconscious and drag her into a room where a sun filter was descending, and the unblocked sunlight would kill her. The Doctor reversed the filter, but the door was stuck from the heat. Cassandra deactivated the platform’s safety and teleported away to collect money from the guests’ rivals’ shares. The glass in Rose’s room began to crack and let in sunlight, but The Doctor reactivated the force-field.

After the sun consumed the Earth, Rose made it out of her room. She saw The Doctor reverse the relay in Cassandra’s teleport that brought Cassandra back. Without her surgeons to moisturise her, Cassandra’s skin graft dried out and exploded, (The End of the World) though her brain-meat survived. (New Earth) The Doctor left with Rose and travelled back to 21st century Earth. He told herof the Last Great Time War, and how he was the last of the Time Lords. (The End of the World)

In 1869 Cardiff, The Doctor and Rose found a deceased woman possessed by a Gelth, a creature turned to gas by the Time War. Rose chased after Mr Sneed and Gwyneth, who had taken the woman’s corpse into their hearse. Rose was chloroformed and taken to Sneed and Company, where other “zombies” had also been animated by the Gelth. The Doctor chased after Rose along with Charles Dickens.
In the morgue, The Doctor had Gwyneth try and pull the Gelth through the Rift using her psychic connection to it from a young age. The Gelth, numbering in the billions rather than just a few, wished to wipe out humanity and take over their bodies. The Doctor, Rose and Dickens escaped from the Gelth by filling the room with gas, sucking out the Gelth from the cadavers. Gwyneth, who had already died from contacting the Gelth, lit a match, trapping them and saving the world. (The Unquiet Dead)

Per her request, Rose was taken home. However, instead of arriving twelve hours later as The Doctor promised, Rose found she had been away for an entire year and that Mickey had been blamed by Jackie for her disappearance. While Rose calmed her mother, an alien spacecraft crashed through Big Ben and into the River Thames. After UNIT were alerted to The Doctor’s presence by Rose’s mother, Jackie, UNIT escorted The Doctor and Rose to 10 Downing Street to help deal with the state of emergency. When The Doctor came to discuss the crisis, Rose was left with the MP Harriet Jones to look after her. Harriet showed Rose the Slitheen were using skin suits to disguise themselves and had murdered officials to infiltrate Downing Street. Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen entered the room and strangled Indra Ganesh. (Aliens of London)

After Indra was killed, The Doctor, using an electrified ID badge to remotely electrocute the rest of the Slitheen family, saved Harriet and Rose from the same fate. He later found them and distracted the Slitheen before Harriet guided them to the Cabinet Room.

Inside, The Doctor shut them behind a steel barrier. The Doctor learned the spaceship belonged to the Slitheen, who planned to reduce Earth to radioactive waste to sell as cheap fuel on the intergalactic market, using nuclear launch codes held by the united Nations. The Doctor contacted Mickey telling him to launch the Harpoon missile, UGM-84A, at Downing Street from the HMS Taurean. Rose found a small, sturdy cupboard inside the Cabinet Room, and while the Slitheen were destroyed by the missile, The Doctor, Harriet, and Rose rode out the explosion in the room. Much to her shock, Rose learned Harriet would become Prime Minister for three successful terms for Britain’s Golden Age. Packing some belongings to continue travelling with The Doctor, Rose promised her mother that the next time she’d see them, it would be ten seconds later (unknown to Rose, however, she would not return when she said she would). (World War Three)
The Doctor and Rose travelled to London in 1966 to the site of Rose’s estate before it was built. They had discovered someone had been changing history, and a housing development called Brandon Mews had been built on the estate’s future, even though there should have been nothing there except fields. The Doctor went to a pub to check the Daily Mirror for any other alterations to history, and discovered the football score in the World Cup had England scoring an extra goal against West Germany.

while The Doctor had learnt from Charlotte Cobb that her husband Peter Cobb had mysteriously died after being followed by Lend-a-Hand girls, Rose had gone to Lend-a-Hand House and found that humans were also being converted into Lend-a-Hand girls. While The Doctor discovered Igrix’ plans to destroy the Moon and prevent humanity from venturing out into space, killing any scientist who would create things”that would make people unhappy”, Rose went to Peter’s office to find out why he could have been murdered, discovering Peter’s work on DNA resequencing. Igrix’ first major step was to destroy the Moon in 1966, preventing any staging post from which to break out into space. With the help of Peter’s papers, The Doctor created a virus containing genetic instructions from Rose in the form of perfume, which Rose threw at the Lend-a-Hand girls, which were initially made up of female humans, but later included biotechnology grown from Kustollon genestuff, making them humans with human instructions.

The Doctor and Rose climbed to the top of the Post office Tower to stop Igrix using his spaceship to fire at the Moon. The Doctor did this by spraying the human virus at his biotech ship. The ship refused to take orders from Igrix, and flew into space to explore and spend some “quality time” with Igrix. Setting history back on course, The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to destroy the housing development, and make them start over and build Rose’s future home. (The Love Invasion)

The Doctor took Rose to see the Mona Lisa at the grand opening of the Oriel, a transdimensional art gallery in the 37th century, only for The Doctor to find that all the humanoids in the gallery, including Rose, had been enslaved by an artist called Cazkelf. Cazkelf used the psychic energy of the visitors to send a distress signal to his people so he could return home, but The Doctor freed Rose and set up a feedback loop, returning the stolen psychic energy back to its owners. The signal was still successfully sent, but Cazkelf’s people did not arrive at the Oriel. The Doctor took Cazkelf to his homeworld, which had been devastated by a disaster. Afterwards, Cazkelf returned to Earth. Expecting to face consequences, the materialisation of the TARDIS before the visitors made them believe this was all part of a performance art piece. The Doctor advised Cazkelf to “delight and amaze” them. (Art Attack)
The Doctor took Rose on a cruise on 22nd century Mars, where the two were stowaways on the cruise ship holding a private wedding party of 143-year-old plutocrat Alvar Chambers. When Alvarordered The Doctor to be thrown into the Martian sea, The Doctor’s body was taken over by a body-stealing entity that ate people by feeding on their worst fears, putting them into a state where their identities would dissolve within it While they were dreaming. The entity tormented Rose with a nightmare of what felt like her entire lifespan where The Doctor came back too late in Rose’s life for her to be a companion and stole her daughter in this dream world, Susannah to travel with him as his own companion. Rose saw through this illusion and found the real Doctor trapped within the entity, tasking her with freeing its surviving victims while The Doctor dealt with the actual creature, although Alvar and his new wife Susannah didn’t make it. As the creature required a stable image refracted in the air to sustain itself, The Doctor used the artificial air inside the cruise ship’s air bubble to create a “tornado”. The Doctor believed that it was still out there, waiting to happen again, but hoped this meant the humans would start treating Mars with respect now. (The Cruel Sea)

The Doctor and Rose travelled to a Vandosian ship, saving Phil Tyson from execution by the Vandos Tribunal. While escaping, Phil saved The Doctor and Rose from the Bailiffs and made it to the TARDIS. The Tribunal threatened to destroy Great Britain if Phil wasn’t handed over to them. They fired, but thanks to The Doctor’s earlier efforts, the ship backfired on itself. Returning Phil home, The Doctor explained that Shogalath was, in fact, the leader of a peaceful revolt against the Imperium and a “hero”. Phil departed their company with a new lease on life, seeking to make a good future for himself. (Mr Nobody)

Tracking a distress signal, The Doctor went to the Vault in Utah in 2012. While The Doctor, unknown to Rose, was being interrogated for his alien knowledge, Rose was shown pieces of alien technology one of its workers, Adam Mitchell, had found. Adam mentioned to Rose that he always wanted to see the stars. They discovered the creature in Henry van Statten’s Cage, which van Statten called a”Metaltron”, being tortured. Rose rushed to its attention, not knowing that it was a Dalek, a creature whose only needs were to kill every living creature. Feeling pity for The Dalek, who said it was dying, she touched its casing.

By extrapolating Rose’s DNA, which contained radiation from the Time Vortex, The Dalek regenerated itself and escaped the cage. With no orders, it chose to destroy everyone inside. The Doctor was released in an attempt to fight off The Dalek. As Rose and Adam tried running from the Dalek, The Doctor was forced to close the bulkhead door with Rose trapped on one side to keep The Dalek from slaughtering all of humanity. The Dalek was unable to kill Rose, but The Doctor let it through, not wanting to risk losing her. The Doctor prepared to kill his oldest enemy, which he claimed destroyed his home and people, once and for all, but Rose stood in his way. To The Doctor’s shock, The Dalek’s personality changed after absorbing Rose’s DNA. Considering its new feelings”sickness”, it committed suicide. According to The Doctor, this was the end of the Time War. Rose offered to invite Adam, who was out of a job as the Vault was being filled with cement, and didn’t have anyone else, into the TARDIS. The Doctor left the TARDIS doors unlocked for Adam to wander inside as it dematerialised. (Dalek) Some time following this encounter, Rose told Jackie about The Daleks, when Jackie saw one herself the following year, she said that Rose was “terrified” of them. (Doomsday)

The Doctor initially attempted to return Adam home but found the TARDIS knocked slightly off course by a temporal tsunami as they arrived in Birmingham 2012. Rose would soon find herself temporally displaced to 1922, forcing The Doctor, who was himself sent to 1894, to wait 28 years to catch up with her. When Adam proved his worth by assisting in defeating the Bygone Horde which caused the anomalies, The Doctor accepted him as a companion alongside Rose and set a course for the far future. (The Other Side)

On Adam’s first trip, The Doctor took his two companions to the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire to see the human race at its zenith. Pretending to be management on the news broadcaster, Satellite Five, The Doctor and his companions found the Empire had been manipulated, its development stunted, and the technology being decades behind what it should have been. Adam, who was under severe culture shock, was left on his own to “acclimatise”. After hacking into the computer system, The Doctor and Rose found that the unusual levels heat on the Satellite was because of cooling systems being vented to Floor 500. The or, discovering their interference, gave The Doctor and Rose the key to reach him on Floor 500 and imprisoning them. He revealed the Mighty Jagrafess was manipulating the information distributed by Satellite Five to control humanity, even having them develop backwards technology to assist in this matter. The Jagrafess and the or tried stealing the TARDIS key from Adam, which Rose had lent it to, but thanks to one of the workers who learned the truth, the safety was breached, freeing The Doctor, Rose and Adam and rerouting the heat to Floor 500 to destroy the Jagrafess. The Doctor believed that this would have accelerated the human race’s development, “all back to normal”. Upon finding out Adam was trying to learn about the future of the 21st century’s technology for his own gain, The Doctor”evicted” him from his TARDIS travels and took him home. (The Long Game)

Taking Rose home once again, The Doctor saved the Powell Estate from Zargath and his invasion force by making it rain with the sonic screwdriver. Rose realised that Zargath’s militia was allergic to water. (Death to The Doctor!)

At Rose’s request, The Doctor took her to her mother and her father, Pete Tyler’s, wedding. After this, he took her to the church where Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark were to be wed on 7 November, 1987, not far from where Pete died. Rose crossed the path of her past self, who was unable to go to Pete as he died, and saved Pete from a hit-and-run death. Rose’s actions caused the TARDIS to be thrown off into the time vortex. Enraged by her actions, The Doctor suspected that she had only agreed to travel with him to save Pete and considered abandoning her in the past, though Rose insisted she hadn’t planned it but saw an opportunity to save Pete. The Doctor was so angry that he demanded the TARDIS key from her and walked away, threatening to abandon her.

Rose, pretending to be a wedding guest and not revealing her true identity, was invited over to her father’s flat, and realised he wasn’t the successful inventor she thought he was (but could have been given time). She then accompanied him to Stuart and Sarah’s wedding. The Doctor, telling Rose and the wedding guests to rush inside the church, tried devising a way of stopping the creatures from outside time that were attacking the Earth to seal off the paradox Rose had created. The Doctor and Rose reconciled, The Doctor admitting he wouldn’t have really left. He started working on a way to repair the damage to the universe While leaving Pete alive for Rose. He used his TARDIS key, which was still linked to the TARDIS’ interior, to bring the TARDIS back. However, after Pete accidentally made Rose hold her infant self, The Doctor sacrificed himself to the creature brought by the paradox and the creature was zapped by the key, interrupting the TARDIS’ return. Pete, who realised that his survival of the hit-and-run was what caused the creatures’ attack, said his goodbyes to his wife and daughter and ran in front of the car (which was stuck in a time loop, awaiting him). The Doctor and everyone else was brought back, and thanks to these events, the new timeline had Rose be there for her father when he died. (Father’s Day)

The TARDIS was forced down to London because of the presence of two Shadeys from another dimension, whom had brought Robert Greene, a rival playwright of William Shakespeare’s, four hundred years into the future. After realising that Shakespeare was remembered in the future While Greene was not, Greene used the powers granted to him by the Shadeys, powered by his “negative energy”, to spread rot across London. When the Shadeys discovered The Doctor’s presence, they decided to toy with The Doctor by meddling with time and have Greene kill Shakespeare in 1592. Going back in time to protect the famous playwright and actor, Rose tried distracting Shakespeare away from his performance on stage while The Doctor took his place, but Greene discovered them, and Rose and Shakespeare ran back to The Doctor’s performance in Richard III to warn him they were right behind them. In return for relinquishing the powerof the Shadeys and saving the world, The Doctor and Rose promised to remember Greene, and Green banished the Shadeys, returning to his deathbed where he was dying of plague. The Doctor lamented that the fate of being forgotten seemed to be unavoidable for anybody, but Rose gave him the reassurance no one would ever forget him. (A Groatsworth of Wit)


The Doctor tracked a “mauve and dangerous” object to 1941 London. After landing, Rose found a mysterious boy in a gas mask asking for his mother. She climbed a rope to reach him, but it was the rope of a barrage balloon which had come loose. The ex-Time Agent Jack Harkness rescued Rose from falling, bringing her aboard his warship and, thinking she and the Doctor were Time Agents offered to sell them the object they were chasing, which he called “the last Chula warship in existence”. Jack and Rose followed The Doctor to Albion Hospital, not far from the crash site at Limehouse Green station, where living dead creatures, with gas masks fused to their face, and identical symptoms, including a scaron the hand in the same place as the child that Rose had seen, were being kept. Jack, upon realising The Doctor and Rose weren’t Time Agents but freelancers like himself, revealed he was conning them, revealed the object was a Chula ambulance, which Jack himself had used to attract one of the agency as part of a con to sell half of the object right before a German bomb hit it, instead bringing the attention of the Doctor and Rose. Jack believed the object was empty space junk, (The Empty Child) but in fact, the ambulance contained nanogenes. The nanogenes had not seen a human before, they took the gas mask to be the child’s face and fused it to him, spreading to other people who touched him, also transforming them into undead creatures with no life signs.

Jack teleported The Doctor and Rose to his warship, and they went to the bombsite near the hospital, where they realised the truth. The ambulance started its emergency protocols, calling the creatures, who had been armed as “Chula warriors”, and were ready to “tear the world apart” to find the boy’s mother.

Every patient and soldier at the bomb-site converged on The Doctor, Rose and Jack. The Doctor fixed the nanogenes’ mistakes by comparing the DNA of the child and Nancy, who was his mother, restoring the infected zombies to normal. Jack stopped the bomb from hitting the bomb-site by placing it in stasis inside his warship and when everyone got to safety, The Doctor destroyed the ambulance, making sure that history said that a bomb hit that location. The Doctor rescued Jack from his Chula warship just before it exploded, taking him aboard the TARDIS as his latest companion. (The Doctor Dances)

During an adventure with The Doctor and Jack, Rose accidentally married a pre-historical human called Tillun, and she became a widow when Tillun lived out his human life in his own time period. (Only Human)

The Doctor took Rose and Jack to where the planet Excroth should have been, but found it was gone. The TARDIS was taken aboard a Lect spaceship, but The Doctor and Jack escaped after it was attacked by Unon. Rose was blasted into the Time Vortex, but was protected from the time winds by the tachyon inhibitor she found. She was pulled into the time scoops of Glom’s ship, and subsequently spent four days working on Glom’s stall at the Fluren Temporal Bazaar. The Doctor called the attention of the Unon, but attracted the Lect who attacked one another, and which subsequently led to the emergency protocol being triggered, dissipating the time bubble protecting Fluren’s World. Rose was taken by the Lect to serve them, and discovered they were Excrothians from Excroth, and the Unon had destroyed their home planet with an entropy engine.
Rose tricked The Doctor into revealing the co-ordinates of the Perpetual City, and had him taken aboard the Lect command ship to get him out of there. With the Lect seeking revenge, The Doctor took Grand Prelon Marleth to destroy the entropy engine, telling a disagreeing Rose that it was Marleth’s choice to do so. When The Doctor took as many Unon as they could, telling them that the universe had to look after itself and not be controlled by the Unon, Rose told them it was a fresh start. (Weapons of Past Destruction)

The Doctor, Rose and Jack visited the Eye of Orion, where they encountered the famous geohacker Taggani. (Hacked)

When the TARDIS became powerless to travel through time, The Doctor went to 2006 Cardiff so that the TARDIS could refuel via a scar in the rift that was closed by Gwyneth. Whilst in Cardiff, The Doctor and his two companions, joined by Mickey, captured Blon, the sole Slitheen survivorof the attack on Downing Street and had become Lord Mayor. Though Blon tried fleeing, The Doctor reversed her teleportation device several times until she gave up and took her prisoner aboard the TARDIS until he could return her to Raxacoricofallapatorius to face execution after her family had already been sentenced to death in their absence. The Doctor confiscated her extrapolator to use as a”power-booster”. Meanwhile, Mickey offered Rose a hotel room. He later claimed to be seeing Trisha Delaney, Rose felt he was lying about the woman he was supposedly with, while Mickey claimed to keep running for Rose every time she contacted him. While trying to reconcile, Rose ran for the TARDIS whenearthquakes started hitting Cardiff, Blon tried to tear the TARDIS and the Earth apart by making the extrapolator lock onto an alien power source that was refuelling on the rift, using the extrapolator as an interstellar surfboard to escape the Earth. After Blon looked into the heart of the TARDIS and was regressed back into an egg, Rose left Mickey behind to start a new relationship with someone else. She no longer felt attracted to him and believed he deserved someone better, Rose only saw Mickey as a close friend because of her time with The Doctor. Realising Blon had a”second chance” in life, The Doctor decided to drop heroff in the hatchery on her homeworld. (Boom Town)


After an adventure in 1336 Japan, The Doctor, Rose and Jack escaped into the TARDIS when a transmat beam broke into the TARDIS. Rose was brought to the Game Station, the new name of Satellite Five, in 200, 100 and played a version of the Weakest Link where the contestants were supposedly disintegrated by the Anne Droid. Even though she answered very few questions correctly, Rose was kept in the game because of Rodrick tactically voting so that he could win the cash prize. Rose discovered that the corporation running the games on the Game Station was called the Bad Wolf Corporation, a set of words which had been following The Doctor and Rose in their travels. After the final round, Rodrick won and Rose was blasted. Instead of dying, however, the Anne Droid transmatted Rose on board The Dalek flagship. The Doctor discovered The Daleks hiding at the edge of the solar system and promised to rescue Rose and destroy The Daleks despite having no plan. (Bad Wolf)

The Doctor breached The Dalek flagship and rescued Rose. When The Daleks began their invasion of Earth, The Doctor, believing he might die soon, sent Rose out of harm’s way to her home place and time. Seeing the words Bad Wolf as graffiti around her housing complex served as a message to Rose, she herself was crucial to the event and must return to The Doctor. With Mickey’s help, Rose broke into the TARDIS and looked into its heart which enabled her to transcend into the Bad Wolf.

As this goddess-like figure, she vaporised The Dalek fleet and brought Captain Jack back to life (unknowingly making him immortal), after paradoxically spreading the words”Bad Wolf” through space and time to create the message. However, in becoming the Bad Wolf, Rose had absorbed the Time Vortex into herself, which would destroy her body, cell by cell. The Doctor took those energies into himself by kissing her, sacrificing his ninth incarnation and regenerating before Rose’s eyes into a new form. (The Parting of the Ways)


Originally, The Doctor had planned to take Rose to the planet Barcelona, however, Rose was confused at what had just happened, thinking that the man in front of her had somehow teleported aboard and taken The Doctor, not being familiar with regeneration. The Doctor confirmed his identity by recalling their first adventure together and the first word that he said to her: “Run” He also told her, much to her disappointment, he couldn’t reverse the process, The Doctor she knew was gone. Instead, the newly regenerated Doctor steered the TARDIS back to the Powell Estate on Christmas Eve 2006, crash-landing in the process after impulsively going too fast, before collapsing from post-regenerative trauma. Rose was distressed that The Doctor had changed in appearance and personality, and had apparently left Rose, Mickey and Jackie to face the Sycorax invasion alone. When the TARDIS was taken aboard the Sycorax spaceship, Rose attempted to negotiate with them, but the Sycorax leader just laughed. The Doctor later revived and defeated the Sycorax, Rose also later witnessed The Doctor causing the downfall of Prime Minister Harriet Jones for shooting down the Sycorax While they were fleeing. He celebrated Christmas with Rose’s family. (Children in Need Special, The Christmas Invasion) The Doctor took Rose to New New York on New Earth in the year 5, 000, 000, 023, where she was unwillingly showered in disinfectant While taking a lift up through the hospital. Lady Cassandra took control of the lift and used a psychograft to implant her consciousness onto Rose’s own, gaining full control over her body with the intent of stealing it to live on for centuries, but eventually went into the dying body of Chip once she helped The Doctor cure the infected new humans. (New Earth)

The Doctor and Rose, dressed for 1979 Sheffield, landed in 1879 Scotland. The Doctor became a protectorate for Queen Victoria, who was targeted by the Brethren. They stayed at Torchwood House, where the Brethren wanted to place the bite of the Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform into Queen Victoria to put the wolf on the British throne. Rose and several of the house’s staff were taken to be fed to this werewolf, but Rose co-ordinated their escape (and scolded The Doctor when he finally arrived to help for taking so long). After The Doctor used the Koh-i-Noor and the house’s light chamber to destroy the wolf with moonlight, The Doctor and Rose were knighted (with Rose dubbed Dame Rose of the Powell Estate), but immediately banished as a threat to the British Empire. On the way back to the TARDIS, The Doctor and Rose discussed the possibility of Victoria having become infected, joking that the Royal Family were all werewolves. (Tooth and Claw) This incident prompted Queen Victoria to found the Torchwood Institute to address future alien threats – including The Doctor. (Tooth and Claw, Army of Ghosts)
The Doctor attempted to take Rose to the Galápagos Islands, but the TARDIS landed in Twycross instead. The Doctor suddenly noticed a large gathering of monkeys, and used a bunch of bananas to lead them into the TARDIS. Travelling just outside the monkey enclosure at the Twycross Zoo, The Doctor discovered that a group of five humans had been trapped inside. After freeing them and learning that they had been trapped by the “Zoo mascot” in”the lizard suit, ” he took Rose to the Reptile House. There, they discovered that the reptile zookeeper was, in fact, a Silurian named Wanda who had trapped the humans in the enclosure because she believed that they were monkeys. After teaching Wanda about many of the differences between monkeys and humans, The Doctor and Rose again departed for the Galápagos Islands. (Untitled)
In 2007, Mickey brought The Doctor and Rose to Deffry Vale High School, which had had suspiciously high exam results and UFO sightings. Rose went undercover as a dinner lady. She had been eating the school’s chips that were coated in an intelligence-increasing oil. She discovered one of the dinner ladies had been burned by the oil. While investigating the school, Rose met a previous companion of the Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, an awkward situation Mickey described as “the missus and the ex”. Both women felt jealousy and tension, which they subsequently resolved. Rose became worried The Doctor would one day abandon her, but The Doctor promised her -“Not to you”. The Doctor repaired K9 Mark III, who identified the oil as Krillitane oil and the school’s new staff as Krillitanes. The Krillitanes were using the children’s minds to construct the Skasis Paradigm, a computation that could rebuild the fabric of the universe. The Doctor recognised the Krillitanes from a previous adventure, where they resembled people with long necks. K9 destroyed the Krillitanes by blowing up the lethal oil barrels. Mickey joined the TARDIS, to Rose’s disapproval. Before Sarah and Rose parted ways, the former told the latter to stay with The Doctor despite being unsure what to do as she claimed that “some things are worth getting your heart broken for.” (School Reunion)
On the SS Madame de Pompadour in the 51st century, The Doctor, Rose and Mickey travelled into a time window to 1744 France. Rose discovered the ship’s repair droids had been using the ship’s crew as components to repair the ship. Their final “part” was the brain of Reinette Poisson, who wasn’t yet “complete”. When the droids found the Reinette at the correct part of her life, Rose travelled through a time window into 1753 to warn herof an oncoming attack sometime after her 37th birthday in 1758, explaining to Reinette that this wasn’t how history was supposed to happen. The Doctor later saved Reinette, though destroyed the link between France and the ship in the process, luckily, after keeping Rose and Mickey waiting for 5-and-a-half hours, The Doctor was able to get back using the fireplace, which had been removed from its original location, therefore being disconnected when the link was destroyed.
Rose showed signs of jealousy when The Doctor was attracted to Reinette. (The Girl in the Fireplace) The Doctor exploited this jealousy to save her life when her mind was invaded by a creature called the Iagnon. (The Green-Eyed Monster)
Whilst travelling through time, The Doctor, Rose and Mickey fell through a crack in time, ending up on a parallel Earth more technologically advanced, the TARDIS died as it had no power from their universe to get back. However, The Doctor managed to power a surviving piece of the TARDIS, although it meant giving up ten years of his life. The Doctor considered this kind of world “like a gingerbread house” and “full of temptation”, but the piece of the TARDIS required a twenty-four-hour recharging cycle before the TARDIS could restore itself. When Rose found her father Pete Tyler was alive in this world, and a successful businessman, The Doctor cautioned her against making contact, as he wasn’t actually her father. While Mickey searched for the parallel version of his grandmother, The Doctor eventually gave in to Rose’s request to attend the birthday party of her parallel mother to meet her “father ” again. Rose learnt that her parallel parents had recently separated, she also learnt that her parallel counterpart was a dog named Rose, which The Doctor couldn’t help but laugh at. She tried asking her mother to give Pete another shot, but Jackie called herout foroverstepping her boundaries. Cybermen, which had been newly created on this world, “crashed the party” of Jackie’s and demanded that humans inside either be upgraded or deleted. The Doctor and Rose escaped, with Pete tagging along, but were then trapped on the lawn when Cybermen surrounded them and the Preachers (with Mickey). (Rise of the Cybermen)
After escaping the Cybermen with the help of the Preachers, Rose and Pete infiltrated the front entrance of Cybus Industries to find Jackie and stop the Cybermen. They found Jackie had survived the attack on her party but was one of the first to have been upgraded into a Cyberman. Upon being discovered, instead of being converted, Pete, who had worked with Cybus, was taken with Rose to the creatorof these new Cybermen, John Lumic, now a Cyber-Controller. The Doctor, confronting Lumic, bought time by trading philosophical ideas with him While subtly telling Mickey to hack the Lumic family database to find the cancellation code to the Cybermen’s emotional inhibitors. Mickey texted Rose the code, and the Doctor connected the phone with the code to deactivate the Cybermen’s inhibitors. The Cybermen began exploding, along with Cybus Industries. When it came time to leave, Mickey chose to stay behind to fight Cybermen worldwide, as he didn’t fit in with The Doctor and Rose’s close relationship, even though The Doctor had to seal the crack between universes, separating Mickey from them and his universe forever. The Doctor and Rose honoured Mickey’s wishes and returned to their universe, where they visited Jackie at the Powell Estate. (The Age of Steel)

Taking a break on Askenflatt Minor, The Doctor, and Rose were teleported aboard Hasval the Destroyer’s spaceship. Rose was locked in a cell, and threw a banana peel at Hasval, making him slip over. One of Hasval’s cannon’s blasted a hole in the bars of Rose’s cell, freeing her, and Rose pointed the hologram projector at The Doctor, unwittingly creating hundreds of duplicated projections of the Doctor. The Doctor, along with his duplicates, warned Hasval to leave this sectorof space and renounce war. When Hasval agreed, The Doctor and Rose then returned to Askenflatt Minor. (The Hero Factor)

The Doctor and Rose travelled to Bath in 1840 to pick up the first Penny Black stamp. They discovered the inkers at the printing presses had been hypnotised by a Hobothy, who intended to use the ink in the stamps to channel its hypnotic powers. Rose pushed the Hobothy into a printing press, and the Hobothy was crushed by the press operator Thomas Scott. The Doctor explained that without the Hobothy, the ink was now harmless. The Doctor then sent a letter Rose wrote about this adventure to Rose’s mother with a squashed Hobothy stamp on the envelope. (Stamp of Approval)

Rose discovered a Slitheen scout in a funfair who, after trying out the rides, planned to make a twisted version of the fair where humans would be hunted. The Slitheen chased Rose down a water slide, where at the bottom, The Doctor had filled the water in the pool with vinegar from a chip van, causing the Slitheen to explode. (No Fun at the Fair)

The Doctor took Rose to Muswell Hill on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. When people had been mysteriously taken from their homes, The Doctor and Rose did the “domestic approach”, and went on house calls. The Doctor found Grandma Connolly’s face had been completely removed. Tracking the origin of the Connollys’ television set to Magpie Electricals to confront the owner, Mr Magpie, Rose had her face and essence consumed by the Wire as part of her plan to use the coronation to become manifest. Before it could do this, The Doctor transferred the Wire into a video cassette, which he planned to record over, rescuing everyone, including Rose and Grandma Connolly. (The Idiot’s Lantern)

Jackie called her when the Zaross invaded Norwich. She thought that the Zaross looked weird and that the drones were important for something. Upon entering the mothership, she scrambled and released the force field in which the captured humans were trapped. She was later captured by the Zaross and used as a bargaining chip. Rose tried to raise Jess Ellmore’s self-esteem and stopped her mother Marge Ellmore from bullying her. (Infamy of the Zaross)

The Doctor decided to take Rose to Slough to visit a telescope. She roped The Doctor into a fencing match with Chevalier D’Eon. After travelling to Christopher Dalliard’s house, she spent her time trying to find the aliens that The Doctor had located. She was then enchanted by Joxer and Hempel to be sold as a slave. She managed to escape the ship and rescued Darcy and the rest of the slaves. (The Sword of the Chevalier)

Rose had asked The Doctor to take her skiing. After arriving on Coldstar, she worked out that something had broken out of the ice, not into it. She tried to reassure Callum Volta and Lorna when the Ice Warriors arrived. She recognised The Doctor’s plan as escape plan 29. She worked out that she could use the bin were Lorna was planning to take the waste of ship. Using the pirate wreckers, she piloted it to Callum Volta’s ship. She explained to Brona Volta how her son died. After Hasskor died, he set his suit to self-destruct and clamped on to her. The Doctor managed to unclamp her and throw the bomb out of the TARDIS. (Cold Vengeance)
The Doctor and Rose landed inside Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor, a planet that was in perpetual orbit around the black hole K37 Gem 5, following anearthquake, the TARDIS fell below the planet’s surface, devastating The Doctor and seemingly ending his travels. The humans of Sanctuary Base 6 had come to Krop Tor to discover the source of power emanating from the planet’s core which allowed the planet to orbit the black hole. They refused to divert their drill to collect the TARDIS. Rose stayed on the surface as The Doctor descended to the core, and the Ood, the base’s servants, began attacking after the Beast possessed them. (The Impossible Planet)

When The Doctor and Ida Scott were trapped below and lost contact, Rose encouraged the crew to think of a means of escape and disabling the Ood. Danny Bartock came up with the idea of emitting a”flare ” that would disrupt the telepathic field. They traversed the maintenance tunnels to find the central computer to emit the flare, Mr Jefferson sacrificing his life to get Rose, Danny and Toby Zed to safety. When Rose re-established contact with Ida, she told her The Doctor fell into the pit. Rose wished to stay behind even if he did die, but Zach forcibly put her aboard the Sanctuary Base 6 rocket.
The Doctor, who had actually survived the fall, broke the gravity funnel keeping the planet in place, pulling the body of the Beast into the black hole. As the rocket wasn’t out of the funnel, it was pulled towards the black hole. Discovering the Beast was possessing Toby, Rose shot the rocket’s window with Zach’s bolt gun and ejected Toby into space. The Doctor, having found the TARDIS, towed the rocket to safety and saved Ida before she ran out of oxygen. (The Satan Pit)

Rose and the Doctor later encountered the Vashta Nerada at the lake Windermere. (Untitled)

When Elton Pope used Jackie in his efforts to make contact with him, The Doctor tracked him down on Rose’s behalf so Rose could tell him off for upsetting Jackie. Following the defeat of the Abzorbaloff, however, Rose quickly felt sorry for Elton after losing Ursula Blake, seeing how much she meant to him, and witnessed The Doctor partially restore her. (Love & Monsters)
The Doctor and Rose went to 2012 to see the Olympics they met a girl named Chloe Webber who had been possessed by a lone Isolus. Chloe trapped other children from her street in drawings to make the Isolus feel less lonely. Despite trying to help the Isolus, The Doctor was trapped in a drawing, along with the TARDIS. Inside the drawing, The Doctor was able to draw a depiction of the Olympic torch and pointed at it to aid Rose. Realising that the Isolus pod was drawn to heat, Rose dug up the freshly-tarmacked road on Dame Kelly Holmes Close to unearth it. Once Rose tossed the pod into the Olympic flame to recharge it with warmth and love, The Doctor was freed from the drawing. He then took the place of the winded runner, lighting the Olympic flame himself. Reuniting with Rose, The Doctor warned her that he felt a”storm” coming when she said that no-one would ever separate them. (Fear Her)
On a routine visit to the Powell Estate, The Doctor and Rose found the entire planet was being visited by beings believed to be ghosts, at first, Rose thought her mother had lost it as she mentioned granddad Prentice was coming to visit, only to see a ghost, Jackie claiming that it was him. The Doctor tracked the signal to Torchwood Tower in Canary Wharf and was taken prisoner by Yvonne Hartman, leader of the Torchwood Institute who had spent over a hundred years trying to track him down ever since his adventure with Queen Victoria in 1879. The ghosts were a side effect of the “ghost shifts”, a means of Torchwood obtaining power for the British Empire after a tear in reality caused by void ship. Rose sneaked into the room where the void ship was undercover, but was quickly uncovered. Two computer technicians, secretly under the control of Cybermen, restarted the ghost shift. The ghosts, who were actually Cybermen, came from the parallel world where The Doctor and Rose had left Mickey. Rose discovered Mickey undercover as a Torchwood employee in the room the void ship was, believing the void ship to be Cyberman technology. As the Cyberman invasion of Earth began, the void ship opened, revealing the Cult of Skaro, a group of Daleks with a Genesis Ark. (Army of Ghosts)

Rose used her knowledge of the Dalek Emperor and the Time War to stop the Daleks from killing her and Mickey, though they were held prisoner. The Daleks gained knowledge of the Cybermen and waged war against them. With the help of a short alliance with the Cybermen and the Preachers, The Doctor, along with the Pete from Pete’s World, rescued Rose and Mickey from their imprisonment by the Daleks. In the confusion, Mickey accidentally opened the Genesis Ark and released millions of Daleks (though The Doctor claimed he did them a favour as opening it by force would’ve blown up the Sun). Torchwood perished in the battle. The group then saved Jackie from being upgraded by the Cybermen. To save both dimensions from annihilation and defeat his two deadliest enemies, The Doctoropened the Void. This would suck anything covered in “Void stuff” into it and seal off the two universes for good. Realising that Rose was also covered in Void energy, The Doctor sent an unwilling Rose, along with Mickey, Pete and Jackie, back to the parallel Earth, where they would be safe. Rose refused to leave The Doctor. Knowing she would never see her family again, she returned, though The Doctor protested, Rose simply told him that she had make her choice”a long time ago”, refusing to leave him. Together, they opened the Void of the Daleks and Cybermen were sucked in. The plan initially went smoothly until Rose’s lever malfunctioned, threatening to halt the operation. Rose secured the lever, but couldn’t hold on and was almost sucked into the Void. She was saved at the last second by her parallel father and taken back across to the other universe, separating her from The Doctor forever. (Doomsday)


Rose lived with Pete Tyler, Jackie, and Mickey in their home on Pete’s World. She received a dream-like contact from The Doctor, which guided her to Dårlig Ulv Stranden (Bad Wolf Bay) in Norway. The Doctor sent his last farewells through the closing gaps between the worlds, burning up a star to send the signal through. He informed her that on her Earth, Rose was officially dead. Rose informed The Doctor that she now worked for Torchwood in this alternative world, and that Jackie was again pregnant. Rose finally broke down and confessed her love for The Doctor, but The Doctor did not have a chance to reciprocate his feelings as he was cut off abruptly. (Doomsday) Some time later, Jackie gave birth to Rose’s baby brother, Tony. (Journey’s End)


Rose eventually crossed paths with another ex-companion of the Doctor, when a capsule containing a feline also named Rose fell into Pete’s World While searching for a broken heart in need of comforting. Rose-the-Cat knew of Rose Tyler, and asked if she was a fan of Chums. (A Rose by Any Other Name)


Rose worked on a dimension cannon to return to The Doctor. As Davros’ reality bomb weakened the barriers between universes, Rose used the dimension cannon to find The Doctor and warn him about the oncoming darkness. (Turn Left, Journey’s End)
As the dimension cannon was imprecise, Rose was forced to search through different universes before she found The Doctor, with Pete acting as Control back in Pete’s World. In the first parallel universe, which was doomed to extinction as its own sun was about to be extinguished, Rose found the counterpart of Clive Finch, also a conspiracy theorist, albeit one who knew nothing of the Doctor. Through him, she found the counterparts of her mother and father, whom had broken up afteronly a year and so had no children, however, their encounter with Rose led to them rekindling their love in the remaining time they had. Acting against Pete’s orders, Rose took a risk to bring Clive back with her despite the dimension cannon not being guaranteed to accommodate more than one person at that point. (The Endless Night)

Rose justified her actions as Clive accompanied heron her expion to the second universe, where she met the widowed counterpart of her father, who did not have a daughter but a son, Rob Tyler, who was in a relationship with Mickey Smith as Rose had been. There, the Earth had been struck by extreme global warming believed to have been covertly caused by aliens, despite a regression of technology in an attempt to slow it, it was predicted that humanity would become extinct within seventy years. (The Flood)
For the third expion, Rose was accompanied by Pete While Clive served as Control. In this universe, Rose and Pete discovered that the latter’s counterpart, Sir Pete Tyler, was responsible for SoulTech, which allowed the consciousness of deceased humans to live on in the soul machines. (Ghost Machines)

In the fourth universe, Rose was accompanied by Jackie, and they found themselves at that world’s Powell Estate as the human race faced impending destruction at the hands of planetoid EK56. A common factorof these four universes, observed by Rose Tyler, was that there was no trace of the Doctor, orof the high-profile alien incidents which had threatened the Earth of N-Space. (The Last Party of Earth)

Initially, Rose thought only The Doctor could help, but later she realised”the both of [them, ] The Doctor and Donna, together ” were needed to stop the stars from going out, after Rose discovered readings showing reality had bent around Donna, since the day Donna was born. (Turn Left)

In 2009, after preventing a million Londoners from being forcibly converted into Adipose, Donna asked a woman to tell Donna’s mother Sylvia that Donna left her car keys in “that bin there”. The woman turned out to be Rose, who walked off and faded away. (Partners in Crime)

When The Doctor and Donna were conversing with two psychics in 79 AD Pompeii, one of them, Lucius Petrus Dextrus, noted, “she is returning”, a foreshadowing of Rose’s return. (The Fires of Pompeii)

When Donna Noble was in the TARDIS during the Sontaran invasion, Rose’s face popped up on the screen for a moment, silently calling for The Doctor. Donna did not notice however. (The Poison Sky)

On the planet Midnight, Rose appeared on a screen in the Crusader 50 shuttle-bus, silently shouting, “Doctor!” However, The Doctor was turned away from the screen and did not see Rose. (Midnight)

When Donna Noble had a parallel world created around her, Rose met her several times. She said she could travel between worlds, and had done so many times, searching for The Doctor. She appeared several times, including on Christmas Eve 2007, when The Doctor, lacking Donna to pull him back, was killed defeating the Racnoss.

In 2008, the night Donna was sacked by Jival Chowdry, she told Donna to use her raffle ticket to stay out of London that Christmas, which was when London was scheduled for destruction by the Titanic. Donna and Rose also met in 2009 on the evening the Sontaran attack of the Earth with ATMOS was thwarted by Torchwood Three at the cost of their lives. Three weeks later as the stars started to disappear, Donna followed Rose, who revealed the Time Beetle on Donna’s back and explained what she must do.
Obeying Rose’s instructions, Donna was sent back to force her past self to turn left on Little Sutton Street, heading for the Chiswick High Road, and not right, towards Griffin’s Parade, on that fateful day in June 2007, so that she would work at H.C. Clements and meet The Doctor six months later. When the parallel world Donna did so, at the cost of her life, Rose held her as she died and whispered a message for The Doctor:”Bad Wolf”. (Turn Left)


In 2009, Rose teleported to her native world, finding it being invaded by Daleks and transported across the universe. She found Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott, saving them from a Dalek, hoping they knew where The Doctor and Donna were. Harriet Jones appeared on Wilf’s computer, Rose assumed Harriet was trying to contact her, but when she tried to reply, found it impossible as there was no camera or microphone on the computer, Harriet spoke to Sarah Jane, Jack and Martha Jones (who Rose quickly grew jealous of). Rose watched on as they brought The Doctor to Earth, then used her transmat device to lock onto the TARDIS and teleport to him.
She arrived in a deserted street with The Doctor and Donna at the other end. The Doctor and Rose ran towards each other, but a Dalek fired upon The Doctor, mortally wounding him. With Donna and Jack’s help, she got him in to the TARDIS where he began to regenerate. (The Stolen Earth)

The Doctor managed to retain his tenth form by pouring the regeneration energy into his severed hand. This, with the help of Donna, eventually created a new, part-human Doctor. While inside the TARDIS, The Doctor, Jack and Donna were taken aboard the Crucible, where Rose was subsequently held in the Vault to fulfil Dalek Caan’s prophecy. After Donna and the newly created Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor defeated the New Dalek Empire, The Doctor returned her to the parallel Earth along with her mother but this time without Mickey, who decided to return home.

The original Doctor exiled the new Doctoron the parallel Earth, he was bred in battle, and to fulfil Dalek Caan’s prophecy, he had killed all of the Daleks, and too dangerous to leave on his own. He told Rose she was the only one who could make him a better man, as she had before with him. Rose was reluctant to stay back but the original Doctor said that the new Doctor had all his memories and thoughts, and was “him, ” albeit part human. The part-human Doctor had only one heart, and would never regenerate but age instead. He told her he could spend his life with her, if she wanted him to, and they could grow old together. Rose asked both Doctors what the last thing they would have said to her would have been when she was first trapped on the parallel Earth. The original Doctor asked, “Does it need saying?”, but the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor whispered something to her. Hearing the words, Rose flung herself on the Meta-Crisis Doctor and the original Doctor left with Donna. (Journey’s End)


Rose refused to keep calling the newly created Doctor by that name, prompting him to settle on the name “Corin”, which she considered to be “solid and true”. The two lived in Canticum beside the French Channel. She became pregnant with Corin’s child and went into labour. (The Turning of the Tide)

The couple joined UNIT after Harriet Jones combined the Preachers and Torchwood to create the organisation. Pete and Jackie also joined. (The Siege of Big Ben)


At some point, Rose was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken. Her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (The Day of the Doctor)


Meeting Jackie Tyler, Jack Harkness summarised Rose as “amazing. A tribute to her planet and to her mother.” (Wednesdays For Beginners)

The loss of Rose had profound impact on the Tenth Doctor. (Doomsday) Immediately following their farewell, The Doctor met Donna Noble who had appeared in The Doctor’s TARDIS, finding Rose’s shirt which was still on a railing in the console room. The Doctor acknowledged that he had a friend named Rose who he had lost and, following the subsequent ordeal with the Racnoss, Donna, observing that he “need[ed] someone to stop [himself]”, advised The Doctor to “find someone.” (The Runaway Bride)

The Doctor built a shrine to Rose in the TARDIS as he became a recluse. He also decided to name his new Cat after her. On one occasion, The Doctor had a nightmare in which Rose suddenly returned to him without reasoning. During the encounter, she began to stuff her hair into his mouth. He suddenly awoke to find the Rose-the-Cat had been sleeping on his face. Because of this, he ordered that she could no longer sleep in his room. (A Rose by Any Other Name)

The Doctor’s next companion, Martha Jones, would feel the effect of Rose’s departure. Though offering her a trip, the Tenth Doctor asserted”not that you’re replacing [Rose]”. (Smith and Jones) In their first adventure, The Doctoropenly lamented that “Rose’d know” and “right now, she’d say exactly the right thing” While Martha was a “novice.” While the Carrionite Lilith attempted to use Rose’s name against him, The Doctor told her that she had made a “big mistake. Because that name [kept] [him] fighting.” (The Shakespeare Code) Learning that The Doctor had previously visited New New York with Rose, Martha asked him if he knew the word rebound. (Gridlock) In the original New York, Martha confided to Tallulah her feeling that The Doctor didn’t”[see] her ” when he looked at her, and was “just remembering [Rose].” (Evolution of the Daleks)

The Doctor’s Chameleon Arch-induced human persona, John Smith, included Rose in his work, A Journal of Impossible Things, written from The Doctor’s dormant memories which surfaced as dreams. Seeing Rose’s image in the book, Joan Redfern noted he had “quite an eye for the pretty girls.” Smith insisted that “she was just an invention” who “seem[ed] to disappear lateron.” (Human Nature)
When The Doctor discovered what the Manus Maleficus was capable of doing, he was momentarily tempted to use it to tear down the barriers between worlds so he could see Rose again. (The Crimson Hand)

When the Tenth Doctor was dying and on his reunion tour, he visited Rose last out of every companion he had ever had, going back to before she even met him. The Doctor intended for her to never know he was there, but groaned in pain from holding in his regeneration, causing her to notice him. Rose thought The Doctor was just a drunk and, after she told him the date, he tearfully told her she’d have a great year. She then left and, along with Ood Sigma, was the last person his tenth self saw before regenerating. (The End of Time)
The Doctor remembered Rose and felt guilty about what he had done to her, well into his eleventh incarnation. (Let’s Kill Hitler) While offering Dorium Maldovar examples of how “time is not the boss of me, ” this Doctor briefly mentioned the thought of helping Rose with her homework as a child, before they ever met. (The Wedding of River Song)
The physical form of Rose Tyler was used as a telepathic interface by the Moment as a means to comfortably communicate with the War Doctoron the final day of the Time War, attempting to persuade him against activating the weapon to destroy Gallifrey. Rose Tyler’s image was chosen for her significance to The Doctor but as the Moment recognised companions from both Doctor’s past and future, the impact was lost on The Doctor. The Moment was also aware of her experience as the Bad Wolf entity. (The Day of the Doctor)

Alice O’Donnell, a native of the year 2119, knew of Rose among other companions of the Doctordue to having worked in military intelligence which made her familiar with UNIT as well as being a followerof the Doctor’s exploits. When the Twelfth Doctor took her back to 1980 via the TARDIS, O’Donnell voiced her doubt that Rose would have vomited following her first trip as her colleague Mason Bennett had done. (Before the Flood)

When meeting with his tenth self, the Twelfth Doctor queried who his earlier incarnation was travelling with, asking if it was “blondie” and casually assuring his past self that he would get over her. (Vortex Butterflies) Shortly before his regeneration began, the Twelfth Doctor dreamt of Rose saying his name. (The Doctor Falls)

In 1900s Bern, the Thirteenth Doctor used “Rose” as an alias. (Einstein and the Doctor)

A Time Lord author learnt of Rose and her experiences as the Bad Wolf While doing research for his book and briefly considered that she might have been the Hybrid of Gallifreyan legend but ultimately dismissed the idea as her story didn’t fit the prophecy. (A Brief History of Time Lords)


Rose was a resourceful, brave, sweet and kind-hearted girl. According to the Ninth Doctor, she was able to ask the right questions when the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire’s technology and culture seemed wrong. (The Long Game) She was quick to adapt to strange events. When she travelled back to the 1980s when she was just a baby, her father recognised her mother’s acerbic wit. (Father’s Day) She was not only intelligent, but also very observant, and often noticed things The Doctor failed to see. (The Idiot’s Lantern, Fear Her)

Rose fell easily into the role of the Doctor’s companion and was brave facing various alien threats. (Rose) She occasionally screamed when under attack by large creatures such as the Reapers, (Father’s Day) but was also brave when facing psychological threats such as Daleks, (Dalek, Bad Wolf, Parting of the Ways, Doomsday, The Stolen Earth, Journey’s End) Cybermen, (Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel) Sontarans, (The Betrothal of Sontar) the Beast (The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit) and Davros. (The Stolen Earth, Journey’s End)

Rose cared deeply about The Doctor, although she originally denied any romantic feelings towards him despite indications to the contrary. (The End of the World, Aliens of London) However her feelings for him grew quickly and significantly. (Dalek, The Doctor Dances, The Idiot’s Lantern, The Impossible Planet, Fear Her) In what seemed their final meeting on the beach, she admitted to The Doctor that she loved him, he began to reply, but only got out the words, “Rose Tyler”, before he was cut off. (Doomsday)
On one occasion, Rose began to question her personal romantic taste in men when she discovered that a rock band which she “fancied” turned out to be incredibly violent neanderthal-like mutants known as the Primords, who would set-up their shows often by attacking those near the stage and setting some on fire. As The Doctor attempted to find a way to help the group be less violent, Rose noted a direct correlation between if she still”fancied” them and if they were still exhuming primal energy. (Untitled)

Rose cared a great deal for those close to her such as her mother and Mickey. When Elton Pope upset Jackie, The Doctor tracked him down for her so she could yell at him for upsetting Jackie, telling him that “No one upsets my mum!” (Love & Monsters) After meeting The Doctor, it was clear that the romantic relationship between her and Mickey was gone as Rose was falling in love with The Doctor. However, she and Mickey still remained good friends, when The Doctor forced her to return to Earth when he thought he was going to die in 200, 100, Mickey consoled her and helped her return, even after Mickey was angry with her for making him feel like nothing when they met previously in Cardiff. When Mickey volunteered to stay on Pete’s World to fight the Cybermen, they shared a teary farewell. (Boom Town, The Parting of the Ways, The Age of Steel)
Rose proved capable of great forgiveness and mercy, willing to forgive individuals like Lady Cassandra and the Dalek in van Statten’s collection even after they had murdered people, (Dalek, New Earth) and comforted Elton Pope even after he had upset her mother. (Love & Monsters) She accepted Lerox even though he was a Sontaran from the same group as Snathe. (The Betrothal of Sontar) She also admitted when world-threatening situations ended up being her fault and was willing to apologise. (Dalek, Father’s Day) She was also easily willing to kill if she had to. (The Parting of the Ways, The Satan Pit, The Stolen Earth)
Rose could also prove to be heavily impatient. On one occasion, she continuously pestered The Doctor about their intended destination of the Galápagos Islands while he was attempting to solve a mystery. (Untitled)
Rose was willing to call The Doctorout if she thought he was wrong. When The Doctor brushed aside the danger that Jackie was in when faced with a Slitheen, Rose reminded him the woman he was discussing was her mother. (World War Three) She was horrified The Doctor would allow the Gelth to use human corpses as a vessel for their consciousness. The Doctor’s failure to listen to Rose’s human plea of respect for their dead led to at least two deaths when the Gelth proved to be malicious and deceptive. (The Unquiet Dead)
Rose had a morbid fascination with the subjects of reality television, to the point where she purchased the magazine Yikes Mag to keep up-to-date while she was travelling with The Doctor. The Doctor did not share her passion, but Sil was equally emphatic about the sufferings of those on the show. (Untitled)
Rose had a jealous streak when it came to The Doctor. She and the Doctor’s former companion, Sarah Jane Smith, traded barbs over who was the “best companion” but they became good friends afterwards, and happily greeted each other at their reunion on the Crucible. (School Reunion, Journey’s End) Rose acted hostile towards Tara Mishra, calling her a stowaway. (Slaver’s Song) while she denied that she felt jealous, she indeed noted that she hadn’t felt the same way when Jack had joined the team. (Slaver’s Song, The Doctor Dances) When Martha said she couldn’t reach The Doctoron her phone, Rose’s reaction was “I was here first”, despite knowing The Doctor had had companions before her. (The Stolen Earth) She was also prone to acting very selfishly on occasion, being more focused on her own personal desires than the feelings of others around her, or the possible consequences that her self-serving actions would have. (Father’s Day, The Parting of the Ways, Rise of the Cybermen)


A missing ad from 2005 described her as “19 years old, 5’4″ in height, slim build with shoulder-length blonde hair”. (Aliens of London) The Moment, perfectly imitating Rose, was 151 cm tall and weighed 121 pounds.
The War Doctor noted that she was pretty. (The Day of the Doctor) Henry Van Statten also described her as pretty. ((Dalek) Her attractive appearance drew the attention of Drake Ayelbourne, who remarked that she was beautiful and became infatuated with her (mystery date) and of William Shakespeare, who compared her to a summer’s day. (A Groatsworth of Wit)
Cassandra once noted her attractive posterior, (New Earth) as did Jack Harkness. (The Empty Child)


Rose was able to use firearms to effect. (The Satan Pit, The Stolen Earth) She was a skilled gymnast, Rose told the Ninth Doctor she had “got the bronze” during her school years. (Rose)


The Doctor twice states on-screen that Rose is nineteen years old (The Unquiet Dead, Dalek) and Rose refers to her years before meeting The Doctor as “the first nineteen years of [her] life”. (Army of Ghosts) It is established on her missing poster she left with The Doctoron 6 March 2005 and was 19 years old. (Aliens of London)
However, a Doctor Who Annual 2006 article, which is not considered a valid source by this website, states that Rose was born on 27 April 1987. Although this contradicts the age stated on screen (she would have been about two months under eighteen when she met The Doctor), it is consistent with the appearance of the baby Rose in Father’s Day, set on 7 November 1987, where the baby is a few months old. Rise of the Cybermen establishes that Rose was six months old at the time of Pete’s death, which would place her birth around early May or late April, seemingly agreeing with the Annual dating.


The original script of the Bad Wolf Bay scene in Journey’s End contained an excerpt in which the Tenth Doctor gave the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor and Rose a piece of TARDIS coral, and Donna told them how to increase the rate of growth so that they could travel the stars in the parallel universe.”The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler, just as it should be “. This scene was removed in the final cut for complicating the scene too much. It was, however, mentioned in The Doctor’s Data section of Doctor Who Adventures magazine, and in DWM 398. Russell T Davies states that it is fine to assume this part of the scene did actually occur. The scene is included on the Series 4 DVD Box Set.


News of Rose’s return to the series leaked out duringearly production of the fourth series when photographs of heron set appeared on websites and in the press. After initial denials by the BBC, promotion for the season incorporated images of Rose Tyler. In an interview with Doctor Who Confidential aired in conjunction with Turn Left, Billie Piper revealed that the decision to bring Rose back had in fact been made when she left the series in 2006, and she had to mislead journalists and fans for the next year to keep Rose’s return a surprise. Rose’s first appearance in Series 4 is a surprise cameo at the end of Partners in Crime, a scene shot during production of Turn Left and veiled in such secrecy that advance review copies of the episode had the scene ed out and, unlike many other aspects of the series (such as Rose’s ultimate return), was broadcast without having been the subject of Internet spoilers. In a later interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Davies indicated the original plan was for Rose to not appear again until Turn Left, but on learning how well the cameo went over with viewers, at the last minute he inserted brief, silent images of Rose into The Poison Sky and Midnight, the scene was filmed for Midnight and was scripted. Davies added it to The Poison Sky before it was broadcast. As with Partners in Crime, the Poison Sky cameo was not included in review copies. Billie Piper receives screen cr for her appearances in Poison Sky and Midnight.


After Rose was written out of Doctor Who at the end of Series 2, Russell T Davies considered giving the character her own 90-minute spin- off production, Rose Tyler: Earth Defence, with the possibility of such a special becoming an annual Bank Holiday event. Although the special was officially commissioned, Davies changed his mind and decided that such a return, wherein the audience would be able to see Rose when The Doctor could not, would spoil her final scenes in Doctor Who. The production was consequently cancelled.


*”Tyler” is a common name in the works of writer and producer Russell T Davies, who has used it as the surname of a family that features heavily in his Virgin New Adventures Doctor Who novel, Damaged Goods. He has also used the name as the surname for several other characters in various series, such as Ruth Tyler in Revelations, Vince Tyler in Queer as Folk, and Johnny Tyler in The Second Coming.
* Among those who auditioned for the role of Rose Tyler was actress Georgia Moffett, daughterof Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison (Moffett was told that she was too young for the role). Moffett later played Jenny, The Doctor’s daughter, in The Doctor’s Daughter and then voiced Cassie Rice in the animated special Dreamland.
* The title of the first episode of Series 1, Rose, is a references to the character’s name and she is the first character to appear in that episode. Therefore, she is also simultaneously the first character to appear in Series 1 and the first to be seen in a Doctor Who television episode for nine years (the interval between The TV Movie and Rose).
* Sam Tyler, the lead character in the BBC’s other time-travel drama, Life on Mars, was named after Rose. Reportedly, the lead character’s surname was suggested by the young daughterof Life of Mars co-creator, Matthew Graham, after her father had asked her to choose the character’s surname. She ultimately decided upon”Tyler” because of Rose, a fact only later discovered by her father, who eventually wrote The Doctor Who episode Fear Her. Sam Tyler is played by John Simm, who is also the sixth on-screen incarnation of the Master. Ironically, The Master and Rose never actually met. In the US production of Life on Mars, Sam Tyler’s mother is named Rose.
* Rose Tyler, along with the Tenth Doctor, had a cameo appearance in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic, No Future for You Part One.
*”Rose’s Theme” is included on The Doctor Who – Series 1 and 2. Her name appears in the titles of two other tracks on the disc, “Rose in Peril” and “Rose Defeats The Daleks”.
* Rose is the only companion to have been present in every televised story of a non-current Doctor – specifically, the Ninth Doctor.
* Producer Russell T Davies once stated that every time he brought Rose back, the ratings went up.
* The Master made mention of her absorbing the time vortex in Last of the Time Lords.
* When Billie Piper was announced to be returning for the Day of the Doctor, it was assumed by fans that she would be returning as her character Rose. Instead, Billie played The Moment who took the form of Rose in the entity of Bad Wolf.

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