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Rose Tyler


26 March 2005–1 January 2010

First Appearance:

Rose (regular)

Last Appearance:

Doomsday (regular)

Latest Appearance:

The End of Time (guest star)
The Day of the Doctor (guest star – as The Moment)

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35 stories


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Rose Maredition Tyler, was knighted Dame Rose of the Powell Estate, and the first known companion of the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, and been the first companion of his tenth. She had shared a close, romantic relationship with both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, eventually living in a parallel universe with a duplicate Tenth Doctor.



Rose Tyler was born to Jackie and Pete Tyler around 1986. Her father had died when hit by a car while she was still a baby. (Rose, The Unquiet Dead, Father’s Day, Bad Wolf, Army of Ghosts)

She attended Jericho Street Junior School, where she joined the gymnastics club, and won a bronze medal in competition. (Rose) She left school aged sixteen to pursue a romantic relationship with local Jimmy Stone, which ended badly and apparently led to her lack of A-Levels. (The Stone Rose)

Several times during her childhood, she was visited and watched over by her future friend, Captain Jack Harkness. Jack did not say hello,  to avoid damaging their timeline. (Utopia)

When Rose was in her late teens she and her mother, Jackie, were living in the Powell Estate in South London. Rose worked as a shop assistant at Henrik’s Department Store. She entered into a relationship with Mickey Smith some time before 2005. (Rose, The End of Time)

At one point, she had been asked by Mickey’s friend Vic to pose for his photography. However, as he wanted her to pose in just her knickers, Rose declined. (The Stone Rose)



When she was about nineteen Rose had her first encounter with The Doctor just after midnight on 1 January, 2005. Whilst walking home with her mother, Rose had stumbled into the Tenth Doctor who was dying from radiation poisoning. Mistaking him for a drunk, she had asked if he was all right, and told him the date when he asked. The Doctor told her that 2005 was going to be a good year for her. Smiling, Rose continued home. (The End of Time)


In March 2005, Rose had been asked to give lottery money to the chief electrician of Henrik’s, Wilson. Unable to find him, Rose was trapped and about to be killed by Autons. The Ninth Doctor pulled Rose away and ran with her. Escaping inside a lift, he pulled an Auton’s arm off. The Doctor told her that Wilson had been killed by the Autons. He warned Rose he was going to use explosives against the relay transmitting to the Autons and told her to run. The Doctor destroyed the store shortly after Rose left, leaving her jobless.

The following day, Rose met The Doctor at her home. She questioned him about the living plastic beings. The amputated Auton arm Mickey had earlier disposed of tracked The Doctor to the flat and attacked The Doctor and Rose. After The Doctor deactivated the signal to the arm, he left, telling Rose to forget him.

Using the Internet, Rose had found a website that had information about The Doctor. Mickey drove Rose to the house of the website owner, Clive. There, Clive warned Rose that The Doctor was dangerous. Rose returned to Mickey’s car, where Mickey was replaced with an Auton duplicate, and they went out to dinner at the restaurant, The Doctor found the Auton Mickey and pulled his head off.

Escaping from the Auton Mickey’s attacking body, The Doctor and Rose entered the TARDIS, where The Doctor used the head to trace the signal of the Nestene Consciousness. Discovering the Consciousness and the original Mickey in a base beneath the London Eye, The Doctor asked the Consciousness to leave Earth. It refused, and ordered two Autons to take The Doctor prisoner and confiscate the anti-plastic he was holding.

Unable to escape the Nestene Consciousness’ base without access to the TARDIS, Rose kicked the Autons, and the anti-plastic, into the vat containing the Nestene Consciousness. This saved The Doctor’s life, and destroyed the Consciousness. Escaping with Rose and the real Mickey to safety in the TARDIS, The Doctor asked Rose to travel with him in time and space, saying Mickey was not invited. Rose accepted, and that was the beginning. (Rose)


For her first trip time-travelling, The Doctor had taken Rose to Platform One in the year 5, 000, 000, 000, to observe the Earth when it was consumed by the sun. The Doctor introduced Rose to several aliens that observed the event for”fun”, which intimidated her. The Doctor upgraded Rose’s mobile phone so that she could speak to her mother, Jackie, five billion years in the past. After the entire platform shook, The Doctor investigated the maintenance pipes with Jabe of the Forest of Cheem. while The Doctor was off investigating, Rose insulted the”last human”, Lady Cassandra, for undergoing so much plastic surgery that she had no humanity left.

Cassandra sent the Adherents of the Repeated Meme to knock out Rose and drag her in a room where a sun filter was descending, and the unblocked sunlight would kill her. The Doctor reversed the filter, but the door was stuck from the heat. Cassandra deactivated the platform’s safety and teleported away to collect money from the guests’ rivals’ shares. The glass in Rose’s room began to crack and let in sunlight, but The Doctor reactivated the forcefield.

After the sun consumed the Earth, Rose made it out of her room. She saw The Doctor reverse the relay in Cassandra’s teleport that brought Cassandra back. Without her surgeons to moisturise her, Cassandra’s skin graft dried out and exploded, (The End of the World) though her brainmeat survived. (New Earth) The Doctor left with Rose and travelled back to 21st century Earth. He told her of the Last Great Time War, and how he was the last of the Time Lords. (The End of the World)

In 1869 Cardiff, The Doctor and Rose found a deceased woman possessed by a Gelth, a creature turned to gas by the Time War. Rose chased after Mr Sneed and Gwyneth, who had taken the woman’s corpse into their hearse. Rose was chloroformed and taken to Sneed and Company, where other”zombies” had also been animated by the Gelth. The Doctor chased after Rose along with with Charles Dickens.

In the morgue, The Doctor had Gwyneth try and pull the Gelth through the Rift using her psychic connection to it from a young age. The Gelth, numbering in the billions rather than just a few, wished to wipe out humanity and take over their bodies. The Doctor, Rose and Dickens escaped from the Gelth by filling the room with gas, sucking out the Gelth from the cadavers. Gwyneth, who had already died from contacting the Gelth, lit a match, trapping them and saving the world. (The Unquiet Dead)

Per her request, Rose was taken home. However, instead of arriving twelve hours later as The Doctor promised, Rose found she had been away for an entire year and that Mickey had been blamed by Jackie for her disappearance. While Rose calmed her mother, an alien spacecraft crashed through Big Ben and into the Thames. When The Doctor suspected something fishy was occurring, Rose accompanied him to Downing Street, where she met Harriet Jones and discovered the Slitheen. (Aliens of London)

She then helped The Doctor stop the Slitheen from reducing the Earth to a nuclear husk to be sold for profit by blowing up Downing Street with a missile. Much to her shock, Rose learned Harriet would become Prime Minister for three successful terms for Britain’s”Golden Age.” Packing some belongings to continue travelling with The Doctor, Rose promised her mother that the next time she’d see them, it would be ten seconds later (unknown to Rose, however, she would not return when she said she would). (World War Three)

When The Doctor traced a distress signal to 2012 and landed in the Vault, Rose met a Dalek for the first time. Much to her surprise, as it rampaged and killed, trying to get out, the Dalek began changing from the DNA it absorbed from her along with radiation from the Time Vortex, developing emotions like pity. As it was unable to cope with emotions, the Dalek had her order its death… which she only did to put it out of its misery. During this adventure, Rose met Adam Mitchell, a genius she found attractive and had The Doctor take along as a fellow companion. (Dalek)

Rose was next taken to the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire, where she was told history had gone wrong; humanity was supposed to at the peak of perfectedition, but the technology is backwards. While investigating with The Doctor, Rose found the planet was being controlled by an alien called the Jagrafess, who had been manipulating the information humanity received. Defeating it, Rose found Adam had taken advantage of time travel and tried exploiting foreknowledge. Along with The Doctor, Rose kicked him out of the TARDIS. (The Long Game)

The Doctor also took Rose to 1987 to witness the last minutes of her father’s life. This had drastic consequences. Rose prevented his death, altered history and unleashed Reapers. After confirming her identity to her father, Rose let him get hit by a car to save everyone; she stayed with him until he passed away from his injuries. She also met herself as an infant, as well as a very young Mickey Smith. (Father’s Day)

In World War II London, The Doctor and Rose met Captain Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent from the 51st century, to whom she was also attracted. The Doctor and Rose took him along in the TARDIS. She also learned humanity is more loose about”dancing” in Jack’s time because of the different species they can breed with. (The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances)

During another adventure with The Doctor and Jack, Rose accidentally married a pre-historical human called Tillun, and she became a widower when Tillun lived out his human life in his own time period. (Only Human)

On a refuelling trip to Cardiff, Rose was taken hostage by Blon-fetch Slitheen, a survivor of their last encounter. After the for looked into the heart of the TARDIS and was regressed back into an egg, Rose left Mickey behind to start a new relationship with someone else; she no longer felt attracted to him, only seeing Mickey as a close friend because of her time with The Doctor. (Boom Town)


Throughout their travels, the phrase”Bad Wolf” followed The Doctor and Rose around through space and time. Following his discovery of a complex plan by the Daleks to invade Earth in the year 200, 100 (Bad Wolf), The Doctor, believing he might die soon, sent Rose out of harm’s way to her home place and time. Seeing the words Bad Wolf as graffiti around her housing complex served as a message to Rose; she herself was crucial to the event and must return to The Doctor. Rose broke into the TARDIS and looked into its heart which enabled her to transcend into the Bad Wolf.

As this goddess-like figure, she vaporised the Dalek fleet and brought Captain Jack back to life (unknowingly making him immortal), after paradoxically spreading the words ‘Bad Wolf’ through space and time to create the message. However, in becoming the Bad Wolf, Rose had absorbed the Time Vortex into herself, which would destroy her body, cell by cell. (The Parting of the Ways)

The Doctor took those energies into himself by kissing her, sacrificing his ninth incarnation and regenerating before Rose’s eyes into a new form. (The Parting of the Ways)


The newly regenerated Doctor managed to steer the TARDIS back to the Powell Estate on Christmas Eve 2006, before collapsing from post-regenerative trauma. Rose was distressed that The Doctor had changed in appearance and personality, (Children in Need) and had apparently left Rose, Mickey and Jackie to face the Sycorax invasion alone. When the TARDIS was taken aboard the Sycorax spaceship, Rose attempted to negotiate with them, but the Sycorax leader just laughed.

The Doctor later revived and defeated the Sycorax. He celebrated Christmas with Rose’s family. (The Christmas Invasion)

The Doctor took Rose to New New York on New Earth in the year 5, 000, 000, 023, where she was unwillingly showered in disinfectant while taking a lift up through the hospital. Lady Cassandra took control of the lift and used a psychograft to implant her consciousness onto Rose’s own, gaining full control over her body with the intent of stealing it to live on for centuries, but eventually went into the dying body of Chip once she helped The Doctor cure the infected new humans. (New Earth)

During a stay in Rome involving a GENIE and people being turned to stone, The Doctor kissed her out of joy at being alive. (The Stone Rose)

The Doctor and Rose, dressed for 1979 Sheffield, landed in 1879 Scotland. The Doctor became a protectorate for Queen Victoria, who was targeted by the Brethren. They stayed at Torchwood House, where the Brethren wanted to place the bite of the Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform into Queen Victoria to put the wolf on the British throne. Rose and several of the house’s staff were taken to be fed to this werewolf, but Rose co-ordinated their escape.

After The Doctor used the Koh-i-Noor and the house’s light chamber to destroy the wolf with moonlight, The Doctor and Rose were knighted (with Rose dubbed Dame Rose of the Powell Estate), but immediately banished as a threat to the British Empire. (Tooth and Claw) This incident prompted Queen Victoria to found the Torchwood Institute to address future alien threats including The Doctor. (Tooth and Claw, Army of Ghosts)

In 2007, Mickey brought The Doctor and Rose to Deffry Vale High School, which had had suspiciously high exam results and UFO sightings. Rose went undercover as a dinner lady. She had been eating the school’s chips that were coated in an intelligence-increasing oil. She discovered one of the dinner ladies had been burned by the oil.

While investigating the school, Rose met a previous companion of The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, an awkward situation Mickey described as”the missus and the ex”. Both women felt jealousy and tension, which they subsequently resolved. Rose became worried The Doctor would one day abandon her, but The Doctor promised her”Not to you”. The Doctor repaired K9 Mark III, who identified the oil as Krillitane oil and the school’s new staff as Krillitanes. The Krillitanes were using the children’s minds to construct the Skasis Paradigm, a computation that could rebuild the fabric of the universe. K9 destroyed the Krillitanes by blowing up the lethal oil barrels. Mickey joined the TARDIS, to Rose’s disapproval. (School Reunion)

On the SS Madame de Pompadour in the 51st century, The Doctor, Rose and Mickey travelled into a time window to 1744 France. She discovered the ship’s repair droids had been using the ship’s crew as components to repair the ship. Their final”part” was the brain of Reinette Poisson, who wasn’t yet”complete”. When the droids found the Reinette at the correct part of her life, Rose travelled through a time window into 1753 to warn her of an oncoming attack some time after her 37th birthday in 1758, explaining to Reinette that this wasn’t how history was supposed to happen.s

Rose showed signs of jealousy when The Doctor was attracted to Reinette. (The Girl in the Fireplace) The Doctor exploited this jealousy to save her life when her mind was invaded by a creature called the Iagnon. (The Green-Eyed Monster)

On a parallel version of Earth later called”Pete’s World” after Pete Tyler, Rose met a version of her father, this Earth’s”namesake”. He had not died, but had become a successful businessman. In this parallel universe, Pete and Jackie Tyler never had a daughter named Rose. They did, however, have a dog with the same name. (Rise of the Cybermen)

Mickey left the TARDIS to live a new life on Pete’s World fighting the Cybermen there and caring for his grandmother, who had died in his home universe after falling downstairs. (The Age of Steel)

After returning to Rose’s home universe, The Doctor and Rose arrived in Muswell Hill, London, on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s cornonation in 1953. There, the duo faced an enemy known as the Wire which planned to steal faces from everyone in London via television sets, to gain energy to feed and survive. During this time Rose became a victim of the Wire and lost her face. The Doctor was able to save her by transferring the Wire into a Betamax videocassette, which he planned to record over. (The Idiot’s Lantern)

There was a difficult discussedition about settling down after seemingly losing the TARDIS (The Impossible Planet). After They got back the TARDIS, Rose and The Doctor defeated the Hoix, then watched as LINDA defeated the Abzorbaloff when he tried to absorb The Doctor. (Love & Monsters) They next travelled to attend the 2012 Olympic Games, where The Doctor seemed pleased when Rose asked for him to hold her hand. Meanwhile They investigated the disappearances of children taken by the Isolus. The Doctor himself was taken but freed when Rose recharged the Isolus pod. (Fear Her) Around this time, Rose died in the 31st century during an incident with a time loop, but was immediately resurrected when the time loop reset itself. (Interstellar Overdrive)

During the battle of Canary Wharf in the Torchwood Institute, Rose refused to leave The Doctor to face the threat on his own. She nearly sacrificed herself to make sure that every Dalek and Cyberman were sucked into the Void. Due to a timely rescue by Pete Tyler from Pete’s World, Rose was alive, but was separated from The Doctor, seemingly forever. (Doomsday)


Rose lived with Pete Tyler, Jackie, and Mickey in their home on Pete’s World. She received a dream-like contact from The Doctor, which guided her to DÃ¥rlig Ulv Stranden (Bad Wolf Bay) beach in Norway. The Doctor sent his last farewells through the closing gaps between the worlds, burning up a star to send the signal through. He informed her that on her Earth, Rose was officially dead. Rose informed The Doctor that she now worked for Torchwood in this alternative world, and that Jackie was again pregnant. Rose finally broke down and confessed her love for The Doctor, but The Doctor did not have a chance to reciprocate his feelings as he was cut off abruptly. (Doomsday) Some time later, Jackie gave birth to Rose’s baby brother, Tony (Journey’s End)


As Davros’ reality bomb weakened the barriers between universes, Rose used a dimension cannon to find either The Doctor or Donna Noble and warn them about the oncoming darkness. (Turn Left, Journey’s End)

In 2009, after preventing amillion Londoners from being forcibly converted into Adipose, Donna asked Rose to tell Donna’s mother Sylvia that Donna left her car keys in”that bin there”. Rose walked off, fading away. (Partners in Crime)

When The Doctor and Donna were conversing with two psychics in 79 AD Pompeii, one of them noted,”She is returning,” a foreshadowing of Rose’s return. (The Fires of Pompeii)

When Donna Noble was in the TARDIS during the Sontaran invasion, Rose’s face popped up on the screen for a moment, silently calling for The Doctor. (The Poison Sky)

On the planet Midnight, Rose appeared on a screen in the Crusader 50 shuttlebus, silently shouting,”Doctor!” It was not clear if anyone on the bus noticed. (Midnight)

When Donna Noble had an alternate timeline created around her, Rose met her several times. She said she could travel between worlds and alternate timelines, and had done so many times, searching for The Doctor. She appeared several times in this timeline, including on Christmas Eve 2007, when The Doctor, lacking Donna to pull him back, was killed defeating the Racnoss.

In 2008, the night Donna was sacked by Jival Chowdry, she told Donna to use her raffle ticket to stay out of London that Christmas, which was when London was scheduled for attack by the Titanic. Donna and Rose also met the evening the Sontaran attack of the Earth with ATMOS was thwarted by Torchwood Three at the cost of their lives. Three weeks later as the stars started to disappear, Donna followed Rose, who revealed the Time Beetle on Donna’s back and explained what she must do to restore the original timeline.

Obeying Rose’s instructions, Donna was sent back to force her past self to turn left, not right, on that fateful day in June 2007, so that she would work at H.C. Clements and meet The Doctor six months later. When Donna did so at the cost of her life in that timeline, Rose held her as she died and whispered a message for The Doctor: Bad Wolf. (Turn Left)


In 2009, Rose teleported to her native world, finding it being invaded by Daleks and transported across the universe. She found Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott, hoping they knew where The Doctor and Donna were. Harriet Jones appeared on Wilf’s computer. Rose assumed Harriet was trying to contact her, but when she tried to reply, found it impossible as there was no camera or microphone on the computer; Harriet spoke to Sarah Jane, Jack and Martha Jones. Rose watched on as they brought The Doctor to Earth, then used her transmat device to lock onto the TARDIS and teleport to him.

She arrived in a deserted street with Tenth Doctor and Donna at the other end. The Doctor and Rose ran towards each other, but a Dalek fired upon The Doctor, mortally wounding him. With Donna and Jack’s help, she got him in to the TARDIS where he began to regenerate. (The Stolen Earth)

The Doctor managed to retain his tenth form by pouring the regeneration energy into his severed hand. This, with the help of Donna, eventually created a new, part-human Doctor.

After Donna and the newly-created Tenth Doctor” href=”metadoctor”>Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor defeated the New Dalek Empire, The Doctor returned her to the parallel Earth along with her mother but this time without Mickey, who decided to return home.

The original Doctor exiled the new Doctor on the parallel Earth; he was bred in battle, killing all the Daleks, and too dangerous to leave on his own. He told Rose she was the only one who could make him a better man, as she had before with him. Rose was reluctant to stay back but the original Doctor said that the new Doctor had all his memories and thoughts, and was”him,” albeit part human. The part-human Doctor had only one heart, and would never regenerate but age instead. He told her he could spend his life with her, if she wanted him to, and they could grow old together. Rose asked both Doctors what the last thing they would have said to her would have been when she was first trapped on the parallel Earth. The original Doctor asked,”Does it need saying?”, but the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor whispered something to her. Hearing the words, Rose flung herself on the Meta-Crisis Doctor and the original Doctor left with Donna. (Journey’s End)

When The Doctor discovered what the Manus Maleficus was capable of doing, he was momentarily tempted to use it to tear down the barriers between worlds so he could see Rose again. (The Crimson Hand)

The Doctor remembered Rose and felt guilty about what he had done to her, well into his eleventh incarnation. (Let’s Kill Hitler). While offering Dorium Maldovar examples of how”time is not the boss of me,” this Doctor briefly mentioned the thought of helping Rose with her homework as a child, before they ever met. (The Wedding of River Song)


Rose was a resourceful, brave and sweet woman with a great sense of humour. She was quick to adapt to strange events. She had her mother’s acerbic wit and was not hesitant to use it. She was not only brilliant, but also very observant, and often noticed things The Doctor did not. (The Idiot’s Lantern, Fear Her)

Rose fell easily into the role of The Doctor’s latest companion and was brave facing various alien threats. (Rose) She cared deeply about The Doctor, although she originally denied any romantic feelings towards him despite indications to the contrary. (The End of the WorldAliens of London) However her feelings for him grew quickly and significantly (Dalek, The Doctor Dances, The Idiot’s Lantern, The Impossible Planet, Fear Her) In what seemed their final meeting on the beach, she admitted to The Doctor that she loved him; he began to reply, but only got out the words,”Rose Tyler”, before he was cut off. (Doomsday)

Rose proved capable of great forgiveness and mercy, willing to forgive people even after the terrible things that they had done. (Dalek, New Earth) Of course, she was easily willing to kill if she had to. (The Parting of the Ways, The Satan Pit, The Stolen Earth).

Rose was willing to call The Doctor out when he was wrong. When The Doctor brushed aside the danger that Jackie was in when faced with a Slitheen, Rose reminded him the woman he was discussing was her mother. She was horrified The Doctor would allow the Gelth to use human corpses as a vessel for their consciousness. The Doctor’s failure to listen to Rose’s human plea of respect for their dead led to at least two deaths when the Gelth proved to be malicious. (The Unquiet Dead)

Rose is used by Davies as an introduction to the shows mythos and fantasy elements. He later underlined similarities between Rose and Gwen Cooper —the leading lady he created for Torchwood — describing both as”the ordinary person who stumbles into something extraordinary and finds herself their equal.”[55] Like her successor Martha, Rose is from London; Brett Mills from the University of East Anglia makes theassumption that this is because characters from the capital of the country are”relatable to all British people” because they are seen as”neutral”.[56] Rose is introduced alongside a supporting cast in the form of her boyfriend Mickey and mother Jackie which James Chapman cites as”evidence of Davies’ attempt to create a social context for the companion”.[57] Davies states that the inclusedition of these two characters was part of his desire to”make her real” and to”give her a life”.[58] He later stated that in giving Rose a mother, a boyfriend and a”sad story with her father” the character has”her own mythology, to match The Doctor.”[59] Lindy A. Orthia observes that Rose, like the other companions in Davies’ era of Doctor Who, is”drawn from a cosmopolitan vision” in her case because of her class background. Orthia contends that whilst working-class companions had featured previously in the show”none were unskilled workers nor chronically under- or unemployed like Rose, Jackie and Donna”.[60] Looking back at the two characters, Davies felt Jackie to be someone who is”holding Rose back” right from the first episode due to her suggestions her daughter be content with menial employment.[61] Piper states that this causes Rose to resent her mum somewhat, although she loves her.

Kay McFadden of The Seattle Times felt Rose to resemble”the Bridget Jones type of Englishwoman, albeit a few pegs down the socioeconomic scale” waiting to be awakened”not by some Mark Darcy…  but by adventure incarnate.”[62] Piper stated that at the start of the series Rose is”looking for something to happen” and that once The Doctor arrives she becomes”ruthless” in her decision to”completely drop her life as she knows it.”[63] At a media preview of the series she characterised Rose as being”positive, ambitious and full of conviction and confidence.” She felt additionally that Rose is”a good character to relate to or aspire to.”[64] In a 2013 retrospective on her time on Doctor Who Piper stated Rose’s feminine characteristics contributed to her being a balanced representation of a female character. She felt that Rose as a character could be both”strong-willed and vulnerable” and ventured that her emotional response made her more interesting than”a female character endlessly striving towards perfectedition”.[65] Eccleston, who played the Ninth Doctor described the character as a”heroine” who”teaches [The Doctor] huge emotional lessons”.[64] In an episode of Doctor Who Confidential he expanded on this, describing her as”The Doctor’s equal in every way” except for the fact she lacks his scientific knowledge.[58] He felt that the relationship between the two characters was”love at first sight” although in a more mysterious fashion than a conventional love affair.[64] Davies summarised the relationship between the two characters as”soul mates” who”understand and complement each other”.

Rose had a jealous streak when it came to The Doctor. She and The Doctor’s former companion, Sarah Jane Smith, traded barbs over who was the”best companion” but they became good friends afterwards, and happily greeted each other at their reunion on the Crucible. (School Reunion, Journey’s End) When Martha said she couldn’t reach The Doctor on her phone, the reaction of Rose was ‘I was here first’, despite knowing The Doctor had had companions before her. She was also prone to acting very selfishly a number of times, being more focused on her own personal desires than the feelings of others around her, or the possible consequences that her self-serving actions would have. When The Doctor told her travel between the Parallel Worlds would mean the destruction of both, meaning he couldn’t see Rose again, her reaction was ‘So?’ Despite this advice she selfishly tried to break through the barriers before they started breaking down.(The Parting of the Ways, Doomsday, Father’s Day, Rise of the Cybermen).

When Rose was fourteen she had a crush on Jay Selby, the brother of her clubbing friend Keisha. Rose spent many nights awake dreaming of Jay. She’d never really been able to talk to him properly until five years later when she helped him to escape the Waterhives. (The Feast of the Drowned) She left school aged sixteen to pursue a romantic relationship with local Jimmy Stone, which ended badly and apparently led to her lack of A levels. (The Stone Rose) Jackie prided herself on helping Rose get over the relationship. (Flight Into Hull!)

The Doctor initially attempted to return Adam home but found the TARDIS knocked slightly off course by a temporal tsunami as they arrived in Birmingham 2012. Rose would soon find herself temporally displaced to 1922, forcing The Doctor, who was himself sent to 1894, to wait 28 years to catch up with her. When Adam proved his worth by assisting in defeating the Bygone Horde which caused the anomalies, The Doctor accepted him as a companion alongside Rose and set a course for the far future. (The Other Side)


A missing ad from 2005 described her as”19 years old, 5″5 in height, slim build with shoulder-length blonde hair”. (Aliens of London)


Rose proved handy with guns. (The Satan Pit, The Stolen Earth)

Rose was a skilled gymnast; she told the Ninth Doctor she had”got the bronze” during her school years. (Rose)

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