Lasron solar region


Prisoner of the Daleks


Auros was a human colony world in the Kappa Galanga sector. It was a beautiful planet with equatorial rainforests, mountains, deserts, grasslands and oceans. Stella, Jenifa, Kuli and Vanessa Lakestaad lived there.

After it was attacked by the Daleks, the human colonists were forced to surrender. Rather than have their world fall to the Daleks, the survivors destroyed their own planet using Osterhagen technology. However it was a trick by the Daleks, who destroyed the flagship on the orders of Dalek X and enslaved the colonists, who were taken to help gain access to the Arkheon Threshold.

After the Daleks were defeated on Hurala, throwing the fleet into disarray, Earth Command dispatched a fleet to free the prisoners. The Tenth Doctor later told the immobilized Dalek X that the mission had been successful, the prisoners rescued and the guarding Daleks destroyed. (Prisoner of the Daleks)

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