Also Called:

Planetoid KX-Nine


Lasron solar region

First Seen In:

Prisoner of the Daleks


The planet orbited a dim, blue neutron star.

Its surface was grey and dusty and the planet was always cold and in dusk because of its position in space. It was also littered with the remains of a human colony which had rusted and corroded through years of neglect.


Some time before the 26th century, the planet was home to a refuelling station called Lodestar Station 479. It was a frontier staging world, used as a stop off point for people on their way to other planets, including Klechton, Jalian 17, Tenten 10, Blenhorm Ogin and most notably, Arkheon. However, due to the escalating conflict between The Dalek and Earth Empires, the planet was abandoned.


Some time after the planet was abandoned, the Tenth Doctor landed there via a time slip in his TARDIS after receiving a distress signal. He was trapped on the planet by an automated system for 5 days, fourteen hours and twenty-seven minutes, but the crew of the Wayfarer saved him. Later, they were attacked by the Daleks, and one of the crew, Stella, was killed on the planet.

The crew later went back on order of Dalek X to get The Doctor’s TARDIS, which The Daleks hoped to use to enter the Arkheon Threshold. Another member of the Wayfarer crew, Cuttin’ Edge, died when he attacked a Dalek he recognised as killing his friend Scrum, creating a diversion for the remaining members of the crew to get away. Dalek X was attacked by Koral and knocked over a gantry into a pit. The Doctor with the help of Jon Bowman blew part of the planet up, including the Lodestar Station, destroying The Daleks. The explosion could be seen 7 light years away. The planet was put under a 5000-year Quarantine. The Doctor visited Dalek X, who was trapped at the bottom of the pit. The Doctor told Dalek X the radiation would sustain him, but by the time the Quarantine was over Dalek X would be gone. (Prisoner of the Daleks)

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