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Prisoner of the Daleks


Jenifa was a human who lived in the 26th century. She and her daughter Kuli were citizens of Auros before the planet was destroyed during the Second Dalek War to avoid its capture by a Dalek fleet. The fleet never reached Auros. Instead, they let the evacuation fleets come to them. Under the orders of Dalek X, Jenifa and all the other people of Auros were taken prisoner to work in the mines of Arkheon so The Daleks could breach the Arkheon Threshold.
Jenifa and Kuli helped a wounded Cuttin’ Edge and Koral in the mines until the Tenth Doctor ordered their freedom. Dalek X allowed Cuttin’ Edge and Koral to go with him to operate the TARDISx but refused to release Jenifa and her daughter. They were sent back to the mines as The Doctor and the others left.

After the defeat of Dalek X, Earth Command sent an attack force to Arkheon. They defeated The Daleks and freed all the prisoners. (Prisoner of the Daleks)

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