Weeping Angels



Weeping Angels

Main Aliases:

The Lonely Assassins

Affiliated with:

Order of the Three Angels, The Governors

Notable individuals:

Angel Bob
Statue of Liberty


Time of the Angels
Flesh And Stone
Good As Gold
Angels Take Manhattan
The Time of the Doctor


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In “Blink”, a quartet of Weeping Angels send The Doctor and his companion Martha Jones to the year 1969, and seek to feed off the vast “time energy” reserves of the TARDIS he left behind in the present. But though they found the key to the TARDIS, they cannot find the machine itself. Sally Sparrow takes the key from one of them while it is in stone form, leading them to stalk Sally to recover it. During their pursuit, Sally inadvertently leads them to the TARDIS. Eventually the four Angels, having surrounded the TARDIS, are tricked into looking at each other when the box disappears, leaving them deadlocked in their stone forms.

In “The Time of Angels”, in the distant future, a large group of Weeping Angels have been trapped in a catacomb for centuries, slowly losing their form due to starvation. When a rogue angel causes a starship to crash into the catacomb, the Angels feed off its leaking radiation and revive. The Weeping Angels are seen moving on-screen for the first time when they realise that Amy Pond cannot see them.

They are defeated when they fall into a crack in time and are erased from existence.In “The Angels Take Manhattan”, numerous Weeping Angels including the Statue of Liberty have taken control of a building in New York, holding victims captive so they can repeatedly feed off their time energy. Rory Williams and Amy Pond create a paradox by having Rory kill himself before he can be fed off to death. This paradox kills all but one of the Angels and erases the events from history. However, this surviving Angel encounters The Doctor and his companions in 2012 and sends Amy¬†and Rory back in time, separating them from The Doctor forever.

They appear in the snow in The Time of the Doctor

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