The Time of Angels


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The Time of Angels

Series 5

Episode 4

First Transmitted

24 April 2010

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Series 5 Set


Series 5 Volume 2


Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
Time Of The Angels
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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy)

Guest Cast

Alex Kingston (River Song), Simon Dutton (Alistair) [1], Mike Skinner (Security Guard) [1], Iain Glen (Octavian), Mark Springer (Christian) [1], Troy Glasgow (Angelo) [1], David Atkins (Bob), Darren Morfitt (Marco), Mark Monero (Pedro) [2], George Russo (Phillip) [2].


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Adam Smith
Produced by Peter Bennett


The enigmatic River Song hurtles back into The Doctor’s life but she’s not the only familiar face returning. The Weeping Angels are back! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels, that have escaped from the Byzantium starliner, through the terrifying Maze of the Dead.


  • This was the first episode of Series 5 to be shot, and therefore the first episode featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.[1]
  • This is Amy’s first meeting with River Song, who, unknown to her, is actually her daughter.
  • Amy Pond thinks her hand has turned to stone. Actress Karen Gillan had previously appeared in The Fires of Pompeii as a member of the Sibylline Sisterhood, a cult of soothsayers whose flesh was beginning to turn to stone under the influence of the Pyroviles.
  • The scene of River challenging The Doctorover whether it’s safe to exit the TARDIS, and the Doctor’s knowledgable response about local conditions, is strongly evocative of a scene in part one of The Power of the Daleks where Polly and the Second Doctor have materially the same conversation.
  • This is the third appearance of the Weeping Angels if one counts non – appearances, they have previously featured in Blink and in Captain Jack’s Monster Files. (See A Ghost Story for Christmas)
  • The Doctor ripping the strap off the ceiling of one of the small ships was originally an accident, the producers liked the idea so much that they filmed Matt Smith doing it again.
  • In this story, River Song is a doctor. She seems surprised when The Doctor lets slip that she will one day be a professor. In conversation with Father Octavian, she mentions that she was imprisoned for a crime, and the Doctor wouldn’t help them if he knew who she was. It was revealed shortly before the episode aired that the crime was murdering”the best man she ever knew.” She was convicted of the murderof the Doctor (See The Wedding of River Song). [2]
  • River Song is the sixth person seen capable of flying the TARDIS solo since the reintroduction of Doctor Who in 2005. Others have included: The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, The Master, Rose Tyler empowered as the Bad Wolf entity, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, and Donna Noble during her Meta-Crisis with The Doctor. Prior to 2005, several companions and (of course) other Time Lords operated the TARDIS in varying degrees.
  • Graham Norton’s response to the furor caused by the appearance of his cartoon avatar during the episode’s cliffhanger
  • During its airing in some parts of England, an animated advert for the talent show Over the Rainbow began playing over the cliffhanger. This sparked complaints to the BBC, who later apologised. The advert contained an animated Graham Norton, who later joked about it on his own show – saying he finally secured a role on Doctor Who. However, his voice had already been overheard during the first episode of the revived series, Rose, when an error in broadcasting began playing the audio of a trailer featuring Norton for anotherof his talent shows, Strictly Dance Fever.
  • This is the first episode of Series 5 not to feature one of the Cracks, but one does show up in the next episode. This is likely because it is the first of a two-part story.
  • One question commonly asked by fans regarding Blink was why Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale did not try closing one eye at a time to keep the Weeping Angels at bay. When the Angel is attacking Amy, she tries this, but remarks on how difficult it actually is.
  • The episode ran short in its original cut because high tides at the beach location forced the abandonment of about three scripted pages – including the scene which had been used to audition Karen Gillan for the part of Amy Pond. In its place, Steven Moffat inserted the scene where River flies the TARDIS, filmed as a pick-up. (The Time of Angels)
  • At the end when The Doctor is seen shooting the gravity globe, he does not actually move his finger, but the pistol still shoots.
  • As is routine for post-2005 Doctor Who, a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the next episode is shown at the end of the episode

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