The War Games

The War Games DVDThe War Games DVD


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD1800
Certification: PG
Duration: 244 minutes
Release Date: 6 July 2009


The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in the middle of a first world war battlefield, or so it seems. Soon however it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems and that some outside power is controlling the War Games.

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Philip Madoc, Jane Sherwin, Graham Weston, Terrance Dicks and Derrick Sherwin
  • ‘War Zone’– Documentary on the Making of War Games
  • ‘Shades of Grey’: Documentary Examining the Artistic Limitations – and Advantages – of Monochrome
  • Now and then: Locations of the War Games, Forty Years On
  • ‘The Doctor’s Composer’: A Unique Insight into Doctor Who’s Composer Dudley Simpson
  • Sylvia James – In Conversation: Make-Up Designer Sylvia James Discusses Her Work On Patrick Troughton’s Doctor Who Stories
  • ‘Talking About Regeneration’:Documentary Exploring The Issues Surrounding Regeneration
  • Time Zones: The Facts Behind The Fiction – Historians Discuss the Reality Behind the Various Conflicts Featured in The War Games
  • Stripped For Action – the Second Doctor: Feature on The Doctor’s Comic Strip Adventures, Focusing on the Second Doctor
  • On Target – Malcolm Hulke: Feature on the Target Range of Books
  • Devious: Amateur Doctor Who Film That Answers What Exactly Happened to The Doctor Between The War Games and Spearhead from Space
  • Photo Gallery
  • PDF Material
  • Production Subtitles: Want To Know More? These Subtitles Give You All the Behind-the-Scenes Information on The War Games
  • Exclusive Trailer for a Forthcoming Doctor Who DVD Release

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