The Visitation




Biological Type:

Reptilian humanoid

Affiliated With:

The Alliance

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Visitation


Doctor Who and the Visitation
The Dark Path
The Republican’s Story
Lights Out
Time & Time Again
Medicine Man
Arena of Fear


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The Terileptils were as dedicated to beauty and art as they were to war, mixing the two with ease. Typical of their creations were the bejewelled killer androids. A group of four Terileptils escaped from the prison planet Raaga to seventeenth century England. Realising they could not return home, they decided to wipe humanity out so that they might survive. To this end, they released a virulent disease carried by black rats. One Terileptil was killed by a local Squire shortly after their arrival, another in their London base by Richard Mace.

The Doctors Sonic Screwdriver got destroyed whilst he was captured.  The other two were killed when their soliton gas container exploded, also destroying their plague rats.Tegan and Nyssa saw a hallucination of a Terileptil projected by The Master to stop them. (Time-Flight)

In the Yssgaroth’s universe, there were the remains of Terileptils who had been brought there. (The Pit)

The Seventh Doctor had a Terileptil sculpture in his TARDIS art gallery. Ace thought it looked like a glass factory exploded. (Dust Breeding). When cyborg hacker Psi was attempting to protect Clara Oswald from the Teller, he ensured that it would focus on his guilt by uploading the memories of some of the worst criminals in history, one of them being a Terileptil. (Time Heist)

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