A Storm of Angels

A Storm of Angels
A Storm of Angels

Regular Cast

Geoffrey Blaydon (The Doctor), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Cameron Stewart (Francis Drake), Ivor Danvers (Doctor John Dee), Ian Hallard (Zeuro), Nicholas Deal (Anthony Fettisplace), Shiv Grewal (Mr Raju), Kate Brown (Queen Elizabeth), Ian Brooker (Shewstone/Bosun)


What if… The Doctor really had changed history, even just the tiniest bit?

1480: Leonardo da Vinci visits the stars.

1508: Vasco da Gama sets foot on Mars.

1585: Francis Drake begins charting the Asteroid belt.

1588: Earth is destroyed by a storm of angels.

The Doctor was really enjoying his freedom. But now there’s a Temporal Agent on his tail. Gloriana and the President of Gallifrey are not amused. And Susan’s none too well either.

Possibilities, like The Doctor, have a habit of running away with themselves. But who cares, when the jewels are so dazzling…



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  • A Storm of Angels was the seventh Doctor Who Unbound audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • This audio drama was recorded on 31 May and 1 June 2004.
  • This is a sequel to Auld Mortality.
  • The Doctor’s journeys have also included visits to the Thaleks (mentioned in Auld Mortality) and Elvis. In the mainstream timeline, he and his companions visited the Aztecs in The Aztecs, during which adventure the First Doctor was adamant that history could not be changed.
  • Back in the mainstream timeline, the Sixth Doctor visits John Dee in the short story Mortlake. Dee, or an impostor, also appears in the novel Birthright, which seems to contradict the short story.

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