“I feel like a pawn in a blasted chess game, Ace.” “I know what you mean. Trouble is, they keep changing the chess-players.”

The TARDIS has died. Stranded in early twentieth-century London, Bernice can only stand and watch as it slowly disintegrates.

In the East End a series of grisly murders has been committed. Is this the work of the ghostly Springheel Jack or, as Bernice suspects something even more sinister?

In a tiny shop in Bloomsbury, the master of a grand order of sorcerers is nearing the end of a seven-hundred year quest for a fabled magic wand.

And on a barren world in the far-distant future the Queen of a dying race pleads for the help of an old hermit named Muldwych, while Ace leads a group of guerrillas in a desperate struggle against their alien oppressors.

These events are related. Perhaps The Doctor knows how. But The Doctor has gone away.


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  • Birthright is the seventeenth novel in the Virgin New Adventures series. It was written by Nigel Robinson, published in 1993,
  • The Doctor also encountered a renamed future Earth in The Mysterious Planet.
  • The Doctor’s eagle pedestal speaks to Benny. (The Pirate Planet)
  • This novel runs parallel with the events of Iceberg, with The Doctor being absent for the majority of Birthright. This was the first “Doctor-lite” novel under the New Adventures banner
  • A number of characters in this novel are, or are implied to be, relatives of The Doctor’s companions. In addition to Margaret Waterfield, Victoria’s aunt, we have the butcher Ernie Wright, who, based on The Doctor’s cryptic comments, is presumably Barbara’s grandfather; and Charlie Jackson, who may be an ancestor of Ben’s.Khan’s hunt for the TARDIS takes him to the court of Kublai Khan just after Marco Polo, and Culloden Moor moments after the conclusion of The Highlanders.

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