The Saturnyns

The Vampires of Venice



Main Aliases:

Sisters of the Water
Fish Vampires

Biological Type:

Amphibious predatory fish

Place of Origin:


Notable Individuals:

Rosanna Calvierri

First Seen In:

The Vampires of Venice


The Multi-Faceted War
Monster File: Vampires


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The Saturnyns, or Saturnynians, were an aquatic species from the planet Saturnyne. The females of the species, if not the entire race, were also known as Sisters of the Water.

The Saturnyns were a mix of humanoid, fish and crustacean traits. They had a humanoid upper body, a fishlike head with sharp teeth and a lobster-like lower body. On their abdomen, they had four legs and two smaller, clawed limbs. On their thoraces, they had two arms and four smaller, clawed limbs. These legs were tipped with sharp points, allowing them to tear through their prey. They were covered in scales, which would flatten to minimise drag in water and moulted regularly.

Though they could survive on land, they needed a lot of water, which they could drain from other creatures. They were had a strong sensitivity to ultraviolet light and were incinerated by large amounts. (The Vampires of Venice)

On Earth, the Saturnyns used a variation of perception filter technology to disguise themselves. Though it gave them the appearance of humans, it accidentally gave them vampire-like qualities. Since the technology couldn’t hide reflections and the human brain couldn’t process the two conflicting pieces of information, they had no reflections in mirrors. Their fangs would also be seen when they fed, due to the human subconscious perceiving danger and attempting to alert the conscious mind.

Saturnynians in human form, using the perception filter. (The Vampires of Venice)

The Saturnyns were capable of gradually converting humans into Saturnyns by draining them of their blood and replacing it with Saturnyn blood. They could also control the weather, causing storms and earthquakes.

Some time in the species’ history their home-world was besieged by the cracks in the universe, ranging from small cracks to cracks that consumed the planet’s skyat first the cracks appeared to pose no danger and the aliens were able to observe other worlds through some and “silence” and the “end of all things” through others. Finally, the true nature of the cracks became apparent and Saturnyne was lost. Deciding to take their chances with the cracks that showed other worlds, the Saturnyns fled to worlds with oceans like their own planet.

One group made it to Venice in 1580, led by a female known as Rosanna Calvierri, along with her children. Only the male children survived, though there were ten thousand of them. To rectify this problem and save their species, Rosanna lied about an outbreak of the plague, quarantining the city. She took in young girls under the pretence of providing them an education. Once amongst them, Rosanna and her son would drain them of blood and replace it with Saturnyn blood, converting them into Saturnyns. Rosanna also intended to create a tidal wave that would sink the city of Venice, providing them a habitat to live in.

When they took in Isabella, they attracted the attention of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Isabella’s father, Guido, and they investigated the school, enroling Amy to get in. Though she opened the trap-door, she was captured. With Isabella’s help, they escaped, though Isabella was dragged back and later killed for treason. Rosanna sent the converted girls and her son Francesco to stop them While starting the process to sink Venice. The females were all killed when Guido blew up the house when they attacked, while Francesco was killed when Amy directed sunlight on him. The Doctor disabled the device. With her plans thwarted and her species doomed, Rosanna killed herself by jumping into the water with her perception filteron. Her children, not knowing who she was, devoured her. (The Vampires of Venice)

The Doctor later closed the cracks, negating their influence. Presumably, this would mean that the Saturnyns were never lost to the silence and Rosanna’s colony didn’t land in sixteenth century Venice. (The Big Bang)


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