The Big Bang


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The Big Bang

Series 5

Episode 13

First Transmitted

26 June 2010

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Series 5 Set


Series 5 Volume 4


The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy)

Guest Cast

Alex Kingston (River Song), Arthur Darvil (Rory), Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia), Susan Vidler (Aunt Sharon), Frances Ashman (Christine), Barnaby Edwards (Stone Dalek), William Pretsell (Dave), Halcro Johnston (Augustus Pond) , Karen Westwood (Tabetha Pond), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voice)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes
Produced by Peter Bennett


The Doctor is trapped in the Pandorica, the TARDIS has been destroyed, and silence has fallen. The only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars.


  1. The broadcast and narrative dates were the same: 26/06/2010. This is one of only three times in the revived series this has occurred. The others are The Impossible Astronaut on 22 April 2011 and The End of Time on 25 December 2009.
  2. This was the first BBC Wales finalé which featured neither David Tennant nor the departure of a main character.
  3. According to the DVD commentary, director Toby Haynes continued to use playback while recording this episode, just as he had for The Pandorica Opens. In particular, it was used with Caitlin Blackwood’s solo scenes in the museum.
  4. River’s main costume in this story was designed deliberately to evoke both Princess Leia and Han Solo, so that she looked like, according to Toby Haynes, a “female Han Solo”. (The Big Bang)
  5. According to Toby Haynes, this episode had no bigger budget “and maybe even a little less” than other episodes in the series. (DCOM: The Big Bang)
  6. Steven Moffat had suggested that Matt Smith wear a fez in this episode to give The Doctor some character, as well as for comic relief. Others on the production staff, who had seen Smith’s enthusiasm for costume items for The Doctor, were concerned that the fez might become a permanent part of The Doctor’s wardrobe. Moffat had, however, already written the fez-destruction scene (in which, in one fluid movement, Amy throws the fez in the air and River shoots it) with this in mind.


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