The Doctor pointed at Bernice .”The wench’s mind is addled”, he said. “Arrest her before she spreads her ungodly heresy”.

The TARDIS is caught in the gravitational field of a dark star. The Doctor and Bernice are forced to evacuate, and find themselves stranded in medieval France – a brutal time of crusades and wars of succession.

As the Albigensian crusade draws to its bloody conclusion, men inflict savage brutalities on each other in the name of religion. And the TARDIS crew find their lives intertwined with warring Templars, crusaders and heretics. While The Doctor begins a murder investigation in a besieged fortress, Bernice finds herself drawn to an embittered mercenary who has made the heretics’ fight his own. And they both realise that to leave history unchanged they may have to sacrifice far more than their lives.


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  • Sanctuary is the thirty-seventh New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield. It is the first purely historical novel in the New Adventures range, with no aliens or alien elements outside The Doctor, Bernice, Jade Pagoda, and what they bring or make during the novel.
  • The Doctor knows how to stitch tissue.
  • Bernice says that she spent some of herearly life on Vandor Prime in the Gamma Delphinius IV system.
  • Benny recalls The Doctorowning a speakeasy, and resents being called “Lady Bernice” because last time she was called that, she was being chased by vampires. (Blood Harvest)
  • Bernice knows what Necros is like.
  • The outside world can be reached through any of the three console rooms.
  • The Jade Pagoda was last seen in Iceberg.
  • Sir Giles Estram was The Master’s pseudonym during the events of The King’s Demons. As he left behind family to mourn his disappearance, he was probably a real knight whom The Master killed and impersonated.

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