Return of the Rocket Men

Return of the Rocket Men
Return of the Rocket Men

Regular Cast

Peter Purves (Steven), Tim Treloar (Van Cleef)


A sequel to The Rocket Men.

Once before The Doctor battled the sadistic Rocket Men and once before he won. But when the dreaded pirates of the skies raid a remote frontier planet, he’s not the only member of the TARDIS crew for whom they are old enemies.

Steven Taylor knows them well. Back in his days as a pilot, on his twenty first birthday, Steven’s ship was brought down by the malevolent Van Cleef. He barely escaped with his life. And now he’s going to have to go through that again.

But this time round, he knows what happens. And he knows there’s no way out. Steven Taylor has to make a choice. A choice where either way… he loses.

Written by: Matt Fitton
Directed by: Lisa Bowerman



  • Return of the Rocket Men was the fifth story of the seventh series in the Companion Chronicles audio range. It was produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Matt Fitton and featured Steven Taylor.
  • Steven‘s birthday is 10 February. Dodo gives him a 1967 diary which she found in the TARDIS.
  • Ulysses 519 is protected by the Galactic Heritage.
  • In Steven’s honour, the Ulysses 519 colonists want to rename the city “Taylor’s Stand.” However, he suggests that “Ford’s Rest” would be a more appropriate name.
  • Steven mentions having visited the far future (The Ark), the Celestial Toyroom (The Celestial Toymaker), the Old West (The Gunfighters) and, most recently, spending several months in Russia in 1812 (Mother Russia).
  • Steven recalls posing as a singer named Steven Regret on his visit to Tombstone, Arizona in October 1881. (The Gunfighters)
  • The Doctor previously encountered the Rocket Men on Platform Five above the planet Jobis in the company of Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister. (The Rocket Men)
    Following Ashman’s death the previous year, more than a dozen groups of his fellow Rocket Men are fighting for control of his territories. (The Rocket Men)
  • Steven recalls the recent deaths of Katarina, Bret Vyon, Sara Kingdom (The Daleks’ Master Plan), Oliver Harper (The First Wave) and Semeon (Mother Russia)..
  • During his convalescence in the field hospital, Steven saw many injured soldiers and airmen coming home from the war. (The Chase)
  • After he had recovered from his injuries, Steven returned to Earth and visited the ruins of New York City, (Salvation) which had been completed destroyed by the Daleks during their invasion of Earth in the 22nd century. (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • Steven refers to Mechanus (The Chase) and Grace Alone (The First Wave).
  • Steven wonders if it might soon be time to move on with his life. (The Savages)
  • After Van Cleef’s death, the Rocket Men put a bounty on The Doctor’s head. He was eventually captured during his fourth incarnation. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • Steven disguises himself as a Rocket Man. During his fourth incarnation. The Doctor later did the same thing on the Asteroid. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)

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