Companion Chronicles

The Companion Chronicles was an ongoing series of stories detailing adventures (usually) featuring The Doctor, as told by various former companions of theirs, with only one further voice actor taking part in the narration. They began in 2007 as a mini-series of four stories about adventures of the first four Doctors (none of whom appear in regular Big Finish audio plays).

Season One
Fear of the Daleks
The Blue Tooth
The Beautiful People
Season Two
Mother Russia
Helicon Prime
Old Soldiers
The Catalyst
Season Three
Here There Be Monsters
The Great Space Elevator
The Doll of Death
Home Truths
The Darkening Eye
The Transit of Venus
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
The Magicians Oath
The Maghony Brothers
The Stealers From Saith
Season Four
The Drowned World
The Glorious Revolution
The Prisoner of Peladon
The Pyralis Effect
Ring Pull World
Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code
The Suffering
The Emporerof Eternity
Shadow of the Past
The Time Vampire
Nights Black Agent
Season Five
Guardian of the Solar System
Echoes of Grey
Find and Replace
The Invasion of E-Space
A Little Town Called Fortune
Peri and the Piscon Paradox
The Perpetual Bond
The Forbidden Time
The Sentinels of the New Dawn
Ferril’s Folly
The Cold Equations
Season Six
Tales from the Vault
The Rocket Men
The Memory Cheats
The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
The First Wave
Beyond The Ultimate Adventure
The Anachronauts
The Selachian Gambit
The Wanderer
The Jigsaw War
Season Seven
The Time Museum
The Uncertainty Principle
Project Nirvana
The Last Post
Return of the Rocket Men
The Child
The Flames of Cadiz
The House of Cards
The Scorchies
The Library of Alexandria
The Apocalypse Mirror
The Council of War
Season Eight
The Alchemists
Ghost in the Machine
The Beginning
The Dying Light
Luna Romana
The Sleeping City
War To End All Wars
The Elixir of Doom
Second Chances

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