Biological Type:


Affiliated With:

Daleks, The Remote, The Master

Place of Origin:

Ogron planet

Notable Individuals:

Garshak, Lost Boy, Brarshak, Marteek, Doctor Ogron

First Seen In:


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Inhabitants of a small planet on the outer rim of the galaxy, the Ogrons were ape- like creatures with enormous strength and little intellect. They worshipped and feared a race of blobby orange monsters that could eat them.  While the planet, while the planet was dominated by a large reptilian species. The Ogrons were mercenaries, working for whoever paid the most. The Daleks, whom they were feared, used them in their invasion of Earth during the alternate timeline of the twenty-second century. The Master had them use hypnotic devices to convince humans that they were Draconians and vice versa. Again, the Daleks were behind this plot. Over time, their defeats by the Third Doctor proved devastating to their planetary economy. Because they depended upon their fearsome reputation to secure contracts with other species, the fact that they were defeated by an older, white-haired humanoid handed them a public relations nightmare. After their employment with The Master, they found it increasingly difficult to convince other species to hire them. In the early 41st century, a number of the Daleks’ Ogron agents were captured and brought to Station 7. When the Daleks approached the Station, they ordered the Ogrons (via mind implants) to attack their captors, weakening them from within. The Ogrons were killed by so-called “converted” Daleks during the attack


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