The Infinite Quest


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The Infinite Quest

Series 3


First Transmitted

2 April 2007

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Infinite Quest DVD


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Regular Cast

David Tennant (The Doctor), Freema Ageman (Martha)

Guest Cast
Anthony Head (Baltazar), Toby Longworth (Caw / Squawk), Liza Tarbuck (Captain Kaliko), Tom Farrelly (Swabb), Lizzie Hopley (Mantasphid Queen), Paul Clayton (Mergrass), Steven Meo (Pilot Kelvin), Barney Harwood (Control Voice), Stephen Greif (Gurney), Dan Morgans (Locke / Warders).


Written by Alan Barnes
Directed by Gary Russell
Produced by Julie Garner and Phil Colinson


The Doctor And Martha follow a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite.


  • The Doctor talks of ancient species such as the Rachoss (The Runaway Bride), the Nestenes (Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons and Rose) and the Vampires (State of Decay).
  • The story was also run as a full episode, with the last part following on from the end of part twelve. Total running time is approximately the equivalent of one standard live-action episode, this is the format used for the DVD release.
  • The compliation adds a shot of the TARDIS flying in the vortex in episode 1 after the travellers escape Baltazar’s ship.
  • The BEHIND THE SCENES featurette on the DVD (produced forTotally Doctor Who indicates that some scenes were recorded with all the actors present in the same recording studio, while other scenes were recorded with the actors isolated in recording cubicles.
  • Anthony Headplays Baltazar, he also guest-starred as Lassar in School Reunion. Head also narrates Doctor Who Confidential and also lent his voice to a number of Big Finish Productions‘ audio productions.
  • The first part aired only two days after Martha’s first appearance in Smith and Jones.
  • The compliation episode was shown on the same day as Last of the Time Lords.
  • In the first episode, The Doctor makes mention of the greatest chefs on Earth and the Copacabana Beach.
  • Martha wonders if The Doctor’s request to call out random numbers is like a “space lottery”.
  • The Great Old Ones are also mentioned. The Infinite holds the last vestiges of the power of one of them that died.
  • The Tenth Doctor destroys Baltazar’s ship with a spoon.
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