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Lucas Finch





Played By:

Anthony Stewart Head


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Brother Lassar was a Krillitane who, under the name Lucas Finch, took over Deffry Vale High School in order to crack the Skasis Paradigm, which would make both he and his brothers”gods”. He was a very sinister alien and liked eating children for lunch. Eventually, his plan was foiled and he was believed to have perished along with the other Krillitanes when K9 blew up a can of <Krillitanes oil, destroying both the Krillitanes and the school. (School Reunion) It was thought that Lassar had survived the blast, permanently adopted human form and the name Lucas Finch, and served as prosecutor when The Doctor was put on trial by the Shadow Proclamation. However, “Finch” was revealed to be a Gizou in disguise, hoping to use Lassar’s form to manipulate The Doctor, the Krillitanes, and the Shadow Proclamation.

Finch’s first name was not given onscreen, only on the Deffry Vale School website. According to an on-line interview with Head, Finch’s original name in the script was “Hector”, but this had to be changed when a check found a real headmaster named”Hector Finch”. However, Finch’s name is given as Hector in Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia.
Near the climax when K9 is attacking the Krillitanes, Mr.Finch orders his men to”Stop that shooty-laser dog thing” that manner of speaking was a running gag from the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Which Anthony Stewart Head starred in.


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