School Reunion




Main Aliases:

Devil’s Huntsman

Biological Type:

Composite race

Notable Individuals:

Broken Wing
The Esteemed Father

First Seen In:



School Reunion
The Krillitane Storm
Code of the Krillitanes
The Gingerbread Trap
Fatherof the Daleks
Secret Agent Man

Main Actor:

Anthony Stewart Head


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The Krillitanes were an alien race who debuted in School Reunion. They had taken over the Deffry Vale comprehensive school on present day Earth, increasing the intelligence of the pupils with Krillitane oil. Using the children as part of a giant computer programme, they hoped to crack the secrets of the Skasis Paradigm, the Universal Theory that would give them control over the basic forces of the universe and turn them into gods. Their scheme was foiled by The Doctor and his companions, though not before they attempted to ask The Doctor to join them in remaking the universe. This ruse failed as miserably as the main plot of the Krillitanes.

The Krillitanes looked like a composite race who pick and choose physical traits they find useful from the species they conquer, incorporating them into their own bodies. When The Doctor last encountered them they looked like humans with very long necks, but by the time of School Reunion, they possessed a bat-like form which they obtained from the conquest of Bessan ten generations prior. However, they were able to maintain a morphic illusion of human form, which could be discarded if needed.


Krillitanes had spaceships and were capable of creating deadlock seals. (School Reunion) As the Tenth Doctorobserved, they seemed to change the design of battlecruisers every time they amalgamated a new race. (Fugitive)


  • Krillitanes were originally called Krillians, until a check revealed that this was the name of a real computer company. (DWDVDF 7)
  • Russell T Davies’ original concept for the Shadow Proclamation scene in The Stolen Earth included an appearance by several swooping Krillitanes, but his plans to feature a “rogues gallery” of alien races in the scene fell through, ultimately the
  • Judoon were the only returning race featured.
  • Krillitanes are included in the Character Options Micro Universe action figure series.
  • On the Series 2 outtakes reel, there are “bloopers” featuring animated creatures from the series getting into antics, such as the Krillitanes and the werewolf, done just for fun.
  • The Krillitane bore strong resemblance to the Malevilus from the comic story Doctor Who and the Iron Legion.


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