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Mimi Ndiweni

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Head office. We have a complaint to make.

Abby’s smartsuit is off-line when the remaining smartsuits on Chasm Forge receive a command to ‘deactivate’ their ‘organic components’. With a similar band of unlikely survivors, Abby must fight for oxygen and evade the corpse-suits hunting her, until the arrival of the rescue ship she is convinced her employers will send.

When The Doctor, Bill and Nardole seemingly appear out of nowhere, Abby is immediately wary – who is this strange man claiming to be from a near-mythical ‘union’ and convinced that they will all make it out alive? Her suspicions are apparently confirmed when later, Nardole and Dahh-ren pick up signals from a company transponder that appears to be from a rescue ship. If a rescue mission is still on route, then how did The Doctor get here and what is his true reason for being here?

Abby grows increasingly terrified as the smartsuits adapt and appear to anticipate their every move. Delirious and confused due to the lack of breathable oxygen, she becomes convinced that The Doctor is an enemy too. He hasn’t been able to prevent the death of her friends so far!

Betting that the suits will not kill them if their deaths will result in an even bigger loss for Ganymede Systems, Abby opposes The Doctor’s audacious gamble – until he proves his genius, by saving their lives and Bill’s too! Safely ensconced in the TARDIS, Abby has to admit The Doctor was right and apologises for not having more faith in him.

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