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First Transmitted

13 May 2017

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Regular Cast
Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), Matt Lucas (Nardole)

Guest Cast

Kieran Bew (Ivan), Justin Salinger (Tasker), Peter Caulfield (Dahn-Ren), Mimi Ndiweni (Abby), Katie Brayben (Ellie)


Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Charles Palmer
Produced by Nikki Wilson


The Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space, and find themselves trapped on board space station Chasm Forge. All but four of the crew have been murdered – and the dead are still walking!

In a future where oxygen is sold by the breath, and space suits are valued more highly than their occupants, the TARDIS crew battle for survival against the darkest evil of all…


  • The space helmets experience an error on the Radio Com Channel.
  • The Doctor calls distress calls “[his] theme tune”, and emphasises that “You only see the true face of the universe when it’s asking for your help.”
  • Chasm Forge uses artificial gravity.
  • The Doctor is happy that the “space doors”, as Nardole calls them, are of a classic design. They have pressure seals and hinges. He and Nardole disagree on whether space doors should go”shk shk” or “nnnnn”.
  • The smartsuits employed at Chasm Forge uses gyro stabilisers, magnetic boots and gloves, and has on-board computers. According to The Doctor, it can run, jump and update one’s Facebook. They were have force fields to keep the air in, and oxygen tanks for air supply.
  • A magnetic glove on one of the active suits destroys The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, though the sonic also fries the suit.
  • The suits’ AI have “limited problem solving”.
  • The Smartsuits have unfolding helmets.
  • To send the distress call, the miners boosted a smartsuit through the dish.
  • Nardole relates the smartsuits’ nav system to “when your satnav doesn’t know a new road”.
  • The Smartsuits uses a Powercell to get into the Power Core.
  • The Doctor hacks into the Coolant System.
  • The Doctor once told Nardole that the TARDIS can’t go anywhere without the fluid link K57. However, he reveals this to be untrue (or, at least, no longer true).
  • The air shell room in the TARDIS can provide oxygen to enough of the space station for them to stroll around.
  • The Doctor is familiar enough with the layout of the console room that, despite apparently being blind, he is able to hide this and control the TARDIS as though he still had sight, including, it is implied, accurately piloting her both to Ganymede’s head office and back to the university.
  • The Doctor says that in five whole minutes, “we could boil the hell out of an egg.”
  • Bill mentions lasagna when giving examples of what a restaurant review is.
  • The Doctor sent Nardole out for crisps.
  • The Doctor tells Dahh-Ren he sent him out for a latté.
  • The Doctor says the phrase “the universe is your crustacean”.
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