The Sensorites


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The Sensorites

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20 June 1964

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Regular Cast

William Hartnell (Dr Who), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara), William Russell (Ian)

Guest Cast

Stephen Dartnell (John), Ilona Rodgers (Carol), Lorne Cossette (Maitland), Ken Tyllsen (First Sensorite), Joe Greig (Second Sensorite), John Bailey (Commander), Martyn Huntley (First Human), Giles Phibbs (Second Human) , SENSORITES: Ken Tyllsen (First), Joe Greig (Second), Peter Glaze (Third), Arthur Newall (Fourth), Eric Francis (First Elder), Bartlett Mullins (Second Elder), Ken Tyllsen (First Scientist), Joe Greig (Second Scientist), Joe Greig (Warrior)


Written by Peter R Newman
Directed by Mervyn Pinfield/Frank Cox
Produced by Verity Lambert


The TARDIS lands on an Earth spaceship orbiting the Sense-Sphere in the thirtieth century. Having made contact with the Sense-Sphere’s reclusive inhabitants, the telepathic Sensorites, The Doctor must discover the source of a poison which has debilitated both Ian and most of the Sensorite race.

At the same time, he has to escape the machinations of an opportunistic Sensorite who sees the chaos as the chance to seize power for himself.


  • All episodes exist in 16mm telerecordings.
  • Negative film prints of all episodes were recovered from BBC Enterprises in 1978.
  • Jacqueline Hill does not appear in episodes 4 and 5 as she was on holiday while they were filmed.
  • This story was nearly cancelled as a result of a studio dispute.
  • Hidden Danger (Episode 4) was postponed for one week due the BBC’s sports programme Grandstand being extended on 4th July 1964, Hidden Danger was therefore postponed and shown the following week.
  • Stephen Dartnell, who appears as John, had previously appeared as Yartek in The Keys of Marinus
  • John Bailey, later to feature as Edward Waterfield in 1967’s The Evil of the Daleks, has a role here as the Commander.
  • Designer Raymond Cusick used almost all curves in his sets for the Sense Sphere, feeling that this would give a more alien look.
  • Russell T Davies has acknowledged the Sensorites as an influence on the basic concept of the Ood in The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. Computer readouts (and a mention by Davies in an episode commentary) revealed that the Ood sphere and Sense Sphere are part of the same star system..
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